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Vincenzoni de Jager: Dutch Design Week

I’m back from Hamburg after a quick getaway, so watch for a few posts today and tomorrow highlighting some finds – interesting shops, photos, and I met a popular German designer that you may really enjoy meeting too. So stick around, I hope you’ll enjoy what I found there. [FYI: Since some of you asked... I'm a guest blogger over at Apartment Therapy for a week, wrapping up next Tuesday or Wednesday, blogging (of course) about DDW.]

To continue with my finds from DDW… Here’s another talent from the Dutch Living Room, Vincenzoni de Jager, who designed this table, which appears to be a more modern take on a picnic bench, at least that’s how I interpret it. (I really have no clue since I didn’t speak with him directly). I could be reading into it a bit too much, it may have been designed merely to save space – no chairs required as the seats folded down for sitting only to close again when not in use. (I like this feature very much, although I wonder how much of a pain it would be to sit down if you’re wearing a long fitted skirt!!)

The ivy pattern, again the familiar cut out design that is still quite the rage, gives the table a bit of lightness (visual) that appeals to me, and I appreciate the idea of built-in seating. Fingers crossed, Vincenzoni will reply to me with details on the materials used, price, inspiration, etc. so I can include that information in my post over at AT either tomorrow or Monday.

Do you like it? Do you like the pattern – ivy? I have mixed feelings about ivy… Wonder if you do as well?

(images from holly becker for decor8)

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Heading off to Hamburg…

I’m heading off to Hamburg now (last minute decision since I’ve been dying to get up there), so I won’t be around to post tomorrow. I’ll return on Thursday with more from Dutch Design Week along with some photos from Hamburg and shots of all the cool design stores I’m hoping to find there (fingers crossed anyway!).

See you Thursday, November 9th!

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We Interrupt This Program…

For a super cute design bulletin (not from Dutch Design Week, from Marilyn, baby!).

Just look at what Marilyn Patrizio found at a local Japanese market near her home, designed by Masahiro Mori (whom I just love, I have one of his porcelain cups on a shelf in my home). She was nice enough to surf the web and find more for all of us bird lovers – right here at Unica Home. Aren’t these the cutest? Great find, Marilyn!

Now back to design week!

(photo from marilyn patrizio)

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Dala By Teun Fleskens and Ramon van den Heuvel: Dutch Design Week

This table was a real beauty in person, the photos (in my opinion) do it NO justice. It’s called the “Dala” and was designed by Teun Fleskens (pictured below) and Ramon van den Heuvel. The inside is black which represents “the creativity that comes from within and lies in the dark. This comes to the suface through the mandalas, which stand for development. Each side of the table is different. The table is in motion, just like creativity,” Teun says. It can also be customized to fit the dimensions of your space, from a large dining room to a tiny kitchen.

Meet Teun Fleskens… Oh, and if you’re interested in this table, you can contact him directly at teun[at]nannanatural[dot]nl. I couldn’t locate a website, sorry.

Psst: Teun designs faux bois nail tips, also on display in the Dutch Living Room. You can select from a complete range of wood types – they are called Nanna Natural. See…

(images from holly becker for decor8)

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