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Seraph Stationery – Save 10% + Free Shipping!

With letterpress stationery, few words need to be said to touch the heart. Presentation alone speaks volumes. I love to see it, touch it, sometimes even frame it, but always send or receive it. A fine letterpress card tells a bit about the sender, they appreciate the handmade, tactile, and exquisite design of a ‘mere’ card and took the time to select something so lovely. Seraph Stationery has some of the best letterpress out there, ranging from cards to invitations, and to my surprise, even these oversized corrugated tin letters to decorate your art studio or home office. What character these have! I’ll leave you with some beautiful images to swoon over… And of course, this special discount. Enjoy.

Who: Seraph Stationery
What: 10% off all merchandise for decor8 readers.
When: Valid until January 19, 2007
How: Use code ‘SERAPH’ when you check out.

(images from seraph stationery)

Posted in discounts, stationery on December 13, 2006

Follow Function – Save 10%

Follow Function is a unique online store because they do not carry tons of product, but what they do carry has its unique story explained in the product description, which I think is so cool – it’s like merging a store with a blog or something – super! I’ve been in touch with Jeff from Follow Function for awhile now, and we thought it would be fun to tell decor8 readers about their new mirrors, from Jeff’s perspective. So, take it away, Jeff!

Let’s get it kicked off with The Design Can’s line of Self-Portrait Mirrors. The Design Can consists of Jeannie Choe and Steven Tomlinson, two product design graduates from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. They’re still a couple of youngsters by most peoples standards, having graduated a mere three years ago. The Self-Portrait collection is a series of mirrors designed to put a self-deprecating twist on the concept of vanity. Holes are laser-cut through the acrylic leaving surprising shapes that make you double take. Have I recently grown antlers? Is that a bird on my shoulder singing to me? Did a flock of seagulls just fly past? And what is this on my forehead?! These are all questions you may be asking yourself while standing in front of a Self-Portrait Mirror. My big plan is to someday buy a house large enough where I can line up the entire collection on one wall. Because at Follow Function we’re all about conversation pieces, which is why we like to post the stories behind each of our designers. The Self-Portrait Mirrors, however, require no background info to be an immediate conversation piece. One cannot help but to position their face so as to line it up precisely with the eye patch and parrot of the Arrr Mirror. And then, one must make the person standing next to them do the same. Of course.

Thanks for that, Jeff! And readers, Jeff would like to offer you a special savings on all purchases, including these snazzy mirrors. Here’s the skinny…

Who: Follow Function
What: 10% off all merchandise for decor8 readers.
When: Valid until January, 31, 2007
How: Use code ‘FFdecor8′ when you check out.

Thanks to Follow Function for this offer!

(images from follow function)

Posted in discounts, furniture on December 13, 2006

Rag + Bone Bindery – Save 20%

While visting the RISD alum show this past weekend, I had to stop by the booth of Rag + Bone Bindery to check out their handbound books. Located just outside of Providence, this bindery creates gorgeous albums, journals, baby books, guest books, and many additional bindings that you’ll love. While examining them at the show, I was deeply impressed by their craftsmanship and beauty because it’s not often you find books like this from a good old fashioned bindery! They truly take pride in their work, and based upon their success and experience in the business (circa 1991), customers appreciate it and share their respect for the handcrafted book, too. Would you like to get your hands on a few? My favorites: the accordion books, photo binders, and the digital photo albums. When you find something you like, remember to take 20% off because that’s the Rag + Bone Bindery gift from them to you!

Who: Rag + Bone Bindery
What: 20% off all merchandise for decor8 readers.
When: Valid until December 31st, 2006
How: Use code ‘decor8save20′ when you check out.

Thank you for this special offer, Rag + Bone!

Psst: Speaking of the RISD alum show, I’ll be back later this week to showcase a few of my favorites from the exhibit with links – so stick around!

(images from rag + bone bindery)

Posted in discounts, stationery on December 13, 2006

Michelle Caplan – Save 10%

Mixed media collage artist Michelle Caplan is on fire! Not only does she seem to exhibit at every craft show known to man in LA, but she was invited to show her work at the Apartment Therapy party in LA (she was a featured artist alongside Henry Road at Vanessa De Vargas’ showroom Turquoise. View photos here.) and had a two page spread in the November issue of Real Simple magazine (here’s one page of the feature). Oh, and while scouring the web to dig some more information about Michelle for you, I found a satisfied customer of hers from Brooklyn, check this out.

Michelle and I are actually friends, forming our bond through her art, which I started collecting in 2005 while searching for many years for collage art that spoke to me that I could also afford. Ever since finding Michelle, not only do my walls look fabulous (thanks!), but I’ve gained a good friend. From badges to bookplates, and of course, collage art in all sizes, visit her etsy store to give the gift of art (or to keep it for yourself!)

Who: Michelle Caplan
What: 10% off all merchandise for decor8 readers
When: Valid until December 20th, 2006
How: Enter ‘DECOR8′ at check out in the message to seller box, and wait for a revised invoice.

psst: If there are any Smiths/Morrissey fans reading this, doesn’t the top left image look exactly like something you would’ve seen on a Smiths cover?? Totally!

A very special thanks to Michelle for this great offer!

(images from michelle caplan)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, discounts, etsy on December 13, 2006


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