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Fresh Finds from Lotta Jansdotter

Did you see some of the lovely new things from Lotta Jansdotter? Oh they are really pretty… Try to control yourself. Or not. :) I love her new coasters, potholders, and the little owl bag.

Speaking of bags, I really like her collection of them, in all shapes and sizes. I own several and they not only look great, but they last forever and seem to go with my usual spring/summer attire, which is mostly casual – skirts, flats, jeans, tees, and lots of natural fibers like cotton and linen. The muted colors, soft patterns, and great big handles on her shoulder bags really appeal to me. Then, there’s the mini ones that she creates. Isn’t that little elephant above so adorable? The little bags are perfect for tucking in some gorgeous letterpress stationery and a box of chocolates or tea for gifting a dear friend. They’re also handy to stash things in around the house, from clothespins to makeup, extra silverware (keep them inside on a peg in your pantry), etc. I can’t wait to see if she adds more to her collection this year – fingers crossed, she’ll expand her ceramics line. I’d love to see mugs, plates, and serving dishes!

(images from lotta jansdotter)

Posted in fashion + accessories, kitchen on January 04, 2007

DIY: IKEA ALANG Table Lamp Transformation

Eric wrote in today to tell me about his IKEA hack DIY project, well at least he called it a hack, I call it genius. Great budget DIY job, Eric. Click here to see how Eric transformed the IKEA ALANG Table Lamp into a perky pendant (or two!).

Thanks for the tip, Eric. Great blog!

psst: If you like the pendants, but LOVE the wall in the background (I did!), then you’ll love what I discovered after digging around Eric’s blog. Check THIS out. It’s another DIY.

(image from modern self)

Posted in diy, lighting on January 03, 2007

Lotus Bleu – Punchy Fun!

With unseasonably warm weather here in New England (it’s in the 50’s today and Saturday may bring us up to 60), I’m already in high gear for Spring. We’ve had zero snow, and given that we usually start seeing it in November, we’re having quite THE dreamy winter weather. It’s January and there’s not a flake to be found (at least for snow, that is). Call me optimistic, but I’m already planning my wardrobe, thinking about peep toes without tights, and finalizing vacation plans. I’m ready people! It’s a new year, and with all this sunshine and warmth, it’s hard not to think about springtime in March. In fact, when I think of Spring, I think of playful patterns and punchy colors, lots of lime and yellow, plenty of fuschia, and bold, bold, bold! That is why I’m drawn towards the lovely Lotus Bleu of San Francisco, a store that oozes with vibrant colors, layered patterns upon patterns, mountains of gorgeous textiles to create an environment that is part Asian chic, other part French lady. They even cover vintage furniture (mostly mid century modern) with the textiles they sell, making this a true San Francisco treat.

Dreaming of Springtime, anyone?

Psst: They also offer art collected from around the globe, and interior design services. This is one to bookmark!

(photos from lotus bleu)

Posted in shopping, textiles, travel on January 03, 2007

What Do You Think?

I love the bones of this space, and relish the thought of actually having a bedroom with such a dramatic ‘headboard’ such as the one shown here. I do think though that this arch isn’t being used in the best manner – there’s so much more that could be done to really enhance it. Add wallpaper or stencils or decals perhaps, or install impressive lighting, or simply add paint. What would you do to give this arch the respect and attention that it deserves? Or do you prefer it ‘as is’?

(image from marie claire maison)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, inspiration, small business, walls on January 03, 2007


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