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I’m So Popular!

This is the perfect gift for the friend who never seems to tire of her constantly ringing cell phone. The I’m So Popular phone book from Pamela Barsky is the cutest, and if you think we’ve put this behavior in the past just because we’re out of high school… Well ladies, you’re wrong. I know lots of high school students running around and they graduated light years ago… Pick up yours here at See Jane Work for $25 and let the popularity contest begin.

(image from see jane work)

Posted in Rooms on January 23, 2007

Chalkboard Vase

Show of hands… All in favor of this chalkboard vase say, “buy!” I think it’s darling… Found at Contemporary Living in the UK. Great DIY idea for that vase you’re totally sick of in your bottom drawer (collecting dust). Add a little chalkboard paint and viola! A fresh new look just in time for Spring. Your choice – buy it or DIY it!

(image from contemporary living)

Posted in DIY, Handmade on January 23, 2007

Tikoli Textiles

These tea towels from Tikoli are so pretty, I just love how fresh and modern they are with punchy colors and bold patterns. I’m also liking their free desktop patterns to match, fun to use if your computer is in the kitchen – a splash of pattern on the screen, and a few tea towels on the counter to coordinate. Remember: If you don’t have an immediate need for tea towels, think fabric – i.e. sewing projects or to wrap gifts in (instead of gift wrap). Thanks for the tip, Maja!

(images from tikoli)

Posted in Rooms on January 23, 2007

Fainting Sofa

I sure could use a fainting sofa… I’d prefer Apple Green Velvet if you happen to find one. Being from the south, a southern belle needs one of these in her bedroom, don’t ya’ll think? Oh, you know of something? Urbans, you say, for $550? Yes, I’ll take one of these. Catch me, I’m falling!

(image from urban outfitters)

Posted in Objects, shopping on January 23, 2007


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