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12 Creative Things To Make & Do – Sei kreativ

I’m working with the new Pinterest headquarters in Berlin (weee!) on an amazing campaign and it includes putting together some pinboards for them. One is all about Creativity and it’s called Sei kreativ. You can see it here but I want to share 12 creative things to make and do below. These are definitely some creative and inspiring ideas. I really love the twinkle twinkle hand lettering on the glass cabinet. I have some white glass markers and a glass cabinet so I’m going to totally try that this week and Instagram it for ya (Follow me if you’d like @decor8).

1. Writing on cabinet doors with white glass markers – Dutch photographer Ernie Enkelaar

Mari Eriksson Fotografi99
2. Installing a wall of empty frames and vintage mirrors. This is photographer Mari Eriksson’s home.

3. Make some colorful trivets. Sugar & Cloth and their super awesome DIY Colorblock Trivet diy.

4. String some ornaments grouped by color. Sugar & Cloth *I love her blog*


5. Use a wall-mounted kraft paper holder. So good for busy families or a cafe seen on Design Milk. You can buy this beauty by George & Willy here.

6. Make your own gift wrap using photos you’ve taken. Fall for DIY *awesome blog, must read* I love this photo gift wrap.


7. Get craftin’ and make some candlestick holdersDIY candlesticks from Design For Mankind by Laura Parke.


8. Make some cardboard playhouses for your kids. I saw this on BKids and went bonkers. So sweet.


9. Think of a word and put it on your cozy sweatshirt. This sequin sweatshirt diy is from A Beautiful Mess. Oh yeah.


10. For your next party, make up some glittery ice cubes with edible glitter. A Subtle Revelry has a great diy up so check it out.


11. Make some massive tissue paper flowers for a celebration. These are from Mokkasin *the world’s most amazing mother of a small tribe and small biz owner to boot*.


12. Create a lovely jewelry display above a dresser in your bedroom. This is a mere branch cleaned down to the bones, photographed by Garance Dore.

Aren’t these great ideas? I thought so too. Tomorrow I have a lovely share for you from a student that my friend met in one of her classes recently far, far away. I can’t wait to introduce you to this very creative, amazing woman and her photos and a short interview, too. See you tomorrow.

(images: linked to their sources above.)

Posted in inspiration on December 16, 2014

Become Your Own Blog Star

Hello friends! Last Monday I kicked off a new 20 week series (#20blogtrends) to run on decor8 where I talk about some of the blog trends I’m seeing. My first column was all about Slow Blogging – quality over quantity. What did you think about that topic? I really enjoyed reading the comments, it was an interesting discussion! This week, let’s talk about another trend – becoming your very own blog star or web celeb.


This is the exact flip side of last week’s slow blogging trend discussion, but pushing for fame is very alive and well and for those who aren’t interested in the slow movement, and you want to hustle like hell, you could jump on the extremely fast track and go from zero to hero pretty fast thanks to your talent, some good ideas, follow through and a ton of hard work.

I see lots of bloggers who have and are currently becoming web celebs, i.e. their own version of reality stars by simply using their blog, social media platforms and/or other services like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. These ambitious folks aren’t satisfied with merely writing a blog post. OH NO. They want to become a pretty big deal (good for them!) and are willing to put in the time for it at any cost, even sometimes to their health, family life, social life and LIFE in general (many I’ve talked to say that outside of their web life they don’t have much else going on). BUT still. For some this is totally worth it and they are pushing because they want to accomplish certain goals for themselves. Some are producing their own photo shoots, hiring props and teams of people to produce videos for their blogs, opening up studio spaces and getting staff, partnering with companies for products to include in their posts to pay for their more elaborately produced content, starting their own product lines, pumping out fancy classes that they can then turn into even fancier blog content, doing amazing things on their YouTube channel… the magic goes on and on.

When it comes to becoming your own blog star, the key thing is that EVERYTHING BECOMES CONTENT. Your lunch with a friend. Your calligraphy class. Your mani pedi visit. Your dressing room try-ons. It’s all one big blog post, video, selfie, Instagram moment. For some people, particularly those who have a bit of a reality star trapped inside of them, this really works. I see some become pretty influential and cranking in 6 figures each year. If they are continuously providing value to their audience and can keep the pace, or even increase it, their fame quota and earnings become a byproduct of all of those amazing selfie shots, how-to vids and photos of their cute kids.

If you think you’d like to be your very own blog reality star or web celeb, I advise to look at the bloggers out there who are doing it already and see what you could add that would make your approach unique and fun. What do you want to share? I also advise to not over think things. Then fear takes away what could be a really beautiful spontaneous moment of enjoying that “I have nothing to lose” approach. You may want to think of a few ideas and just start doing one of them and see where that takes you, right?

So what bloggers do you think have done this very well and what do you like about what they are doing? Or do you have questions on this topic? What are some problems with blogging with a goal to really become a big name? Remember, you can comment below and also keep the discussion going online elsewhere by simply using hashtag #20blogtrends.

(image and lettering: Hannah at Pommel Lane)

Posted in Blogging on December 15, 2014

Organize Your Life in 2015 With Mi Goals

Being organized is a battle! I know it’s not entirely possible to  be perfectly organized, especially with so many curve balls photo bombing our life at any given moment, but having some type of system in place is helpful and the only way I get anything done. Sometimes I flop though. And other days I’m crazy insane productive. And while I risk sounding like teenager admitting this, aside from just being more productive, the single most motivating thing that gets me to even buy or use organizational products, like planners, is cuteness factor. That’s why I love Mi Goals (or click her for MiGoals on etsy). Clean, modern, cute. I’d totally use these.


Have you already begun planning your resolutions for 2015? I have and I feel really good about them. Let’s exchange them at the end of this month okay? I can’t think about them yet, I need to take a winter pause soon and relax for a few weeks and not think about anything related to DOING much of anything outside of caring for my baby and family stuff. B

ut I know come January 1, I’ll be ready to take on a new year. I always feel so hopeful and pumped after the holidays and NYE. It’s like I want to wear my Beyonce Wasn’t Build In One Day t-shirt and knock out every goal ka-pow style! By end of January, I’m usually feeling less girl power-y, I am going to still work towards my goal with zeal next year. I didn’t make resolutons for 2014, the only thing I wanted was my baby to be born healthy and beautiful and that totally happened so I’m just basking in gratefulness.

But next year, I’m ready to get into gear and do some great things for myself, my family and my business. Are you feeling ready to bring it too?

(images: mi goals)

Posted in stationery on December 12, 2014

Giveaway: Pink Olive / Olive Box $100 Gift Cards

This is a great giveaway from my friend Grace in New York and her two companies, Pink Olive (her 3 shops based in the East Village, Park Slope and Williamsburg) and Olive Box (an online box service that you can have delivered to you monthly filled with inspirational surprises). Two of you will win $100 to spend in the Pink Olive online shop OR on Olive Box goodies (or towards a membership). Weeee! So many ways to stuff your stockings. And like all of our #12daysofgiveaways, shipping is free so you are REALLY getting $100 worth of free product.



Here’s how to enter:

  • Visit Pink Olive and/or Olive Box.
  • Return to this post and comment below telling us what some of your favorite things are.
  • Visit the Pink Olive Facebook page and also post there what you would like from her shop if you win and use hashtag #decor8 #12daysofgiveaways in your post on her wall. You can LIKE her page too if you really do like her things and want to follow her, of course.


You must be 18 years old or older to enter this giveaway. Winners receive one $100 gift voucher to be used one time only. No exchanges or special requests. You may enter once daily until December 15th. Our two winners will be chosen on December 16th and announced on December 17th on decor8 and contacted via email, so please use a valid email when you comment below but do not put your email address in the comment – use the appropriate boxes please. This contest is open to readers worldwide. You need to complete at least two steps above in order to qualify. You can enter some or all of the giveaways during the #12daysofgiveaways, no limit – except that you can only enter each giveaway once daily.


Thank you Grace and Pink Olive, and good luck to all of you!

12/23 Giveaway Closed. Winners Are: #25 Ioana-Ionela Pascu and #93 Jenn Hlookoff.

(images: Pink Olive)

Posted in contests on December 12, 2014


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