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Jocelyn Warner Wallpaper

Jocelyn Warner is a textile designer from London who launched her own wallpaper line that have been featured all over the world, even at the prestigious Cooper Hewitt wallpaper collections at the Smithsonian in New York.
Her patterns are contemporary and her style, distinctive and chic. Wallpapers inspired by eucalyptus, lilies, large scale botanical ink drawings, and my favorite, scribbles. Pendant, large drum and tall cylinder drum lighting is also available. While visiting her website, click on ordering if you are interested in making a purchase.

(photos from Jocelyn Warner)

Posted in walls on March 27, 2006

Joanna Hartrup at Mirror Mirror

Let us eat cake on this collection of lovely tart inspired dishware created by British designer, Joanna Hartrup. She uses fine bone china and applies each little tart by hand to make all her items slightly unique. Available online at Mirror Mirror, an exquisitely sweet shop with the owner, Paola Thomas, being based in Notting Hill London. Paola is just as sweet as the wares she sells and has an eye for the most beautiful things.

Fancy a spot of tea?

(Photos from Mirror Mirror andd Joanna Hartrup)

Posted in uncategorized on March 27, 2006

coffee + cre8tive [mar 27 06]

I enjoy this ‘electric’ painting by Minnesota artist Jennifer Davis. I thought it was a nice way to begin the week because it evokes feelings of wild abandon, joy, even relaxation, something we all need on a Monday morning yet rarely feel.

It also makes me think about how much I love to dance, to be caught up in the feeling, to experience total freedom on the dance floor. When you look at this painting, what thoughts come to mind?

Creative freedom perhaps? Energy?

(photo: Jennifer Davis)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on March 27, 2006

Sunday Poll – What influences you to purchase things for the home?

What influences you to purchase home stuff?
What influences you to purchase home stuff?
Select up to 4 of the following:
I truly need the item, duh!
current trends influence me
I have to gift someone
to freshen up my space
a teriffic sale
websites, magazines, TV, blogs like decor8
my friends: they have it or influenced me to buy it
emotional makes me feel good
one upping the jones’
I don’t – I browse for ideas and then make it myself
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Posted in uncategorized on March 26, 2006


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