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Cherry Blossoms a Bloomin’

Life is a bowl of cherries, and I’m completely thrilled to see delicate pink and white cherry blossoms influencing design. From bedding to dishware, they’re popping up all over! Maybe it’s not just a coincidence, given that cherry blossom festivals are in bloom worldwide. In fact, the national cherry blossom festival kicks off in Washington D.C. in just a few days. (Learn more about these graceful trees here.)

“The blossoms usually only last about a week, and that’s what we as Japanese find so beautiful,” said Reiko Hirai, special events coordinator at the Japan-American Society of Washington, which is involved in organizing the National Cherry Blossom Festival (also called Sakura Matsuri) in Washington, D.C., starting March 25. “Our tradition is to go underneath the tree and sing and dance and drink and eat. In this country, it’s more cultural.” – Quote from this article.

Enjoy hints of cherry blossoms in your home this season with these delicate accents.

branch bedspread at urbans, $32. jardin celeste sugar bowl from devine, $125. hand painted bone china from Big Pagoda, $45-255.

paper source album, $36. blue plum blossom bowl from big pagoda, $90. custom wedding invitations from hello lucky, prices range.

aviary cards from jack + lulu.

birdcage panel, $28. martini glasses, $7.99. panel, $28. sheet set, $36-50.
All items below from urban outfitters.

cherry blossom stem from crate + barrel, $7.95. Aunt Sadie’s candle, $19. crochet pillow by etsy seller lindamade, $100. ring by etsy seller tigerlillyshop, $5.

(all photos from companies linked above. Top photo from bath + body works)

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coffee + cre8tive [mar 22 06]

Have you ever visited cuteoverload? For all you dog lovers out there, this photo is for you. I love the innocent look on this almost, holly golightly, puppy. If this doesn’t make you smile today, I fear your day is doomed. :)

psst: They also have the cutest t-shirts right here.

(photo from cuteoverload)

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Crate + Barrel

Punchy items at Crate + Barrel, where they say that coral is the new red. View the punch collection and see what you think. Your thoughts?

For me, it’s cool pink all the way. It reminds me of ribbons and bows, hello kitty, weddings, noses on kittens, first love, pink lemonade mixed with gingerale topped with a juicy marciano cherry. Icy pink accents in a completely white room with a huge crystal chandelier. Even though I don’t have a trace of pink in my house, I really enjoy C+Bs blush collection, especially the magnolia cake platter and the joy vase. When I was single, pink was a big part of my decor. I had my own apartment back then, 5 huge rooms with a pink kitchen that boasted my 1950s bubble gum pink refridgerator. (Marcia, if you’re reading this, to you remember it? It was from Lotti and Greg?) Once I got married, the pink packed its cute little bags and hit the road. But, I still lust for it. It’s so wedding cake yummy!

By the way, flipping through their site, I came across the optic punch set and wondered, does anyone own this piece? I’m looking to purchase one and would like to know how it’s working out for you.

(photos from crate + barrel)


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Soft Surroundings

Gorgeously fluffy flokati rugs from Greece. Exotic gold fulani earrings. Afternoon cat naps in a lush repos? chaise. Decadent soie de lyons silk dupioni window treatments. Sink into your bed wrapped in dreamy bedding.
Soft Surroundings may not be modern or contemporary (except maybe that stunning flokai rug – yum!), yet the old world charm seems to call to me. This cozy online store is a peaceful feminine retreat. Soul-satisfying! You can shop their online store, of if you are in the St. Louis area, you can visit them at The Boulevard shops. View there storefront here. A special thank you to Sondi in Maine for suggesting Soft Surroundings. :)

(photos: photos from soft surroundings)

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