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Plush Living

Fresh Finds! Mod stylish shower curtains for $36 each at Plush Living. They’ve just added 3 new styles, links (my favorite), blocks and monogram. My all-time PL favorite will always be the kaleidoscope, black and white with an orange band, it looks so rich, like one of those dark chocolate oranges that you hit on the table to break apart, opening the shimmery foil to reveal the perfect treat. Enjoying each creamy rich slice… oops! back to showering!

Shop online for Plush Living shower curtains, pillows, wall art, message stickers and journals. Everything on this website pops, so if you’re currently afraid of color but really want to introduce some to your home without painting your walls fuschia, then experiment slowly with some wall art or a few pillows. Once you start adding color to your space, you’ll be surprised at how soon your eye starts to adjust to it and soon, you’ll be color whipped. :)

(photo credit: links shower curtain from plush living.)

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coffee + cre8tive [mar 21 06]

Lovely poem along with lush linens from French General – my inspiration for the day as I listen to the birds outside my window, the morning sun resting gently upon my desk…

“Hear the birds stirring in thier nest. Reflected stars are in the garden pool. The breeze is kind and cool. The silence seems to speak, head bowed. Then ramblers that had grown into a cloud, lifted, tear-washed, now could see the beauty that today was lost and nearer still to flowers and the birds.”

(poem and photo from french general. You’ll want to explore french general for paper products, textiles, jewelry and notions.)


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Creative Blog: JuJu Loves Polka Dots

I discovered a deep pocket apron today at Hannah Lamb and had to share it with all the cooking girls (and guys!) out there that must maintain the cuteness factor at all times [grin], even while wielding a greasy spoon. You can view it online here.

The Hannah Lamb link was mentioned on an alluring blog called JuJu Loves Polka Dots in London, featuring whimsical knitting, sewing, painting and crocheting projects along with a heap of great links, including one to her online gallery. I really like her style, and the fact that she has hot pink streaks in her hair despite that she’s not twentysomething, scores *big* points with me because I personally adore and respect woman that allow their design flair to shine through well into their 30s, 40s, and beyond. I love it when women do not allow age to dictate how they dress. I mean, there are exceptions to this (skirts that are to short, hair that is to long)…
I guess that’s why I will always love Betsey Johnson. Not to mention that Betsey can still do cartwheels after each of her runway shows at 60+ years old.

The artwork above if from JuJu, aren’t the colors spine-tingling pretty?


(photo credit: easter painting by juju.)

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HGTV Seeking ?Small Space, Big Style? Homes

This just came to me via ASID Boston. Do you qualify?

The new HGTV series Small Space, BIG STYLE showcases some of the smallest and
most stylish homes across the U.S. and Canada. If you have created a tiny but
fabulous pad with lots of ingenuity, multifunctional ideas, or just great
color and design, HGTV would love to hear about it. Please note the following
three requirements: The homes can be ANY type of living space?homes,
apartments, condos, lofts, bungalows, yurts, yachts, dorm rooms, houseboats,
trailers?but they must be under 1,000 square feet! The homes must have a
unique and/or interesting design style, and should creatively make the most
of the limited space. The space must be within a one-hour drive of a major
metropolitan area.

Show producers are also looking for tiny, multifunctional rooms within larger
homes?such as a tiny professional cook?s kitchens, libraries that use movable
shelves to fit hundreds of books in a small space, or home offices that used
to be closets.

To learn more about Small Space, BIG STYLE and how your design projects could
be featured in an episode, please visit to
sign up.

(photo and text from brain box talent)

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