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Reader Question from Montreal

Before giving my two cents, I’d like to see what decor8 readers have for advice to Karen up in Montreal. Here’s her letter below. Any ideas? Email me or comment below.

Hey Holly,

Maybe you could help me out with some space in my new apartment? I?ll try to draw you a picture and scan it.

The problem:

We have a small entrance. The entrance opens into the living room, which is actually being lived in as a bedroom. And we are 3 girls with 3 different opinions on how the space should be used…

Carly: says that we should keep her white whicker dresser and armoire in the entrance as storage and a table to put keys on and a lamp etc. the drawers would hold mitts, scarves, hats etc.

Liz: says that the dresser and armoire is just too much for the entrance and that we should use her smaller night table stand to put keys on and a lamp etc. Even though the stand doesn?t match (not that the white whicker does either) it is wooden like something from the 70?s ? but not in a cool way ? with gold metal handles on the drawers.

Karen: says that for a small space less is more ? we should have a mirror on the wall 1- to check ourselves 2 ? to open up the space. And maybe a chair or a plant and that?s it?

What does Holly say??

Love ya babe!!

Posted in reader questions on March 20, 2006

coffee + cre8tive [mar 20 06]

Happy Spring!

This year, Spring actually falls on the 20th of March (today), although here in the northeast we’re experiencing a bit of a frosty welcome.

Over the weekend, we spent time in the new Barneys in Boston, which I affectionately refer to as the new fashion museum, it’s simply exquisite! Browsing through the designer collections, envisioning myself dining in this blouse, wearing those shoes… it was a real magical escape. You must know the feeling, when clothes call your name and visions of evening gowns dance in your head. Afterwards, we popped over to Prudential Center, and finally, Newbury Street with hopes of catching some more Spring fever, and we certainly did — stores were stocked with springy new merchandise. We wrapped up our day with a glass of California 2002 cabernet sauvignon and fine north african cuisine at The Jewel of Newbury. Mouldi, the owner, treated us to a special private tour of his 5 star boutique hotel with 18th and 19th century antiques, just upstairs from the restaurant. You can tour it online here. However, the experience simply isn’t the same as in person, it put me in awe. If you’re ever in Boston, you should consider either dining or resting your head at this very fine establishment. The food, the wine, the ambiance – tres chic!

Today I’m inspired by the beautiful paper goods at Dewey Howard Designs. You simply must visit their website. So many pretty things, including the website itself. Do you need to send a sweet note to someone you love?

Spring has sprung!

(Both photos from Dewey Howard Designs)

Posted in uncategorized on March 20, 2006

Daisy Dog Studio

I recently discovered Emily McCoy’s playful porcelin tableware at Daisy Dog Studio, her company named after her pit bull Daisy. Items all have sweet little Daisy on the bottom, a once abused and abandoned pit bull that Emily rescued and simply adores. Emily, a New Hampshire native, was trained in textile design but turned to pottery when she was pregnant. She got her start at paint-your-own ceramics studios, purchasing items and letting her creative imagination run wild. Fond of the craft, she invested in a kiln and progressed from there. Now, she has her own business in New York’s Tribeca, complete with a retail space and online shopping available via her website. I love the colors, the country charm and the energy of the pieces. Do you?

I’m signing off for the weekend, still awaiting some photos of the Houston “mystery” retail space so we can all tour it together next week… I hope you have a great weekend! I’ll see you on Monday with more Fresh Finds – including a surprise!

(photos credit of Daisy Dog Studio)

Posted in uncategorized on March 17, 2006

Wishing Fish

A tad bit childish of me, I know, but you’re talking to a girl here who loves Hello Kitty toasters and childrens books (they have some of the best illustrations ever!). I spotted these playful animal rubber bands and thought I’d zip them your way. You can purchase a box for $7.95 at wishing fish. I actually remember flicking rubber bands over cubicle walls not so long ago when I worked in the corporate world. I can’t have nearly as much fun working from home, but you can. Flick them in the office, go ahead. It’s Friday.

(photos credit of wishing fish)

Posted in uncategorized on March 17, 2006


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