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Blueprint Mag

I heard about this on Apartment Therapy earlier this year, and then Miss Lena mentioned it on her blog today and I went nutty because it seems to be more official now. Blueprint is said to be a shelter mag for thirtysomethings looking to buy their first homes, scheduled to launch in May by Martha Stewart. It will also feature a lifestyle component plus fashion tips.

Martha, Martha, Martha…she’s done it again. I can’t wait to check out Blueprint and for those of you outside of the US, don’t worry because I’ll be reviewing it here for you. At least, I’ll do my best to paint you a picture of what it’s like by posting a ‘best of’ piece highlighting my faves and including links when I can. Fair deal?

Here’s Blueprint featuring a free issue offer and a great meet the team page, so enjoy!

(photos from Blueprint)

Posted in uncategorized on March 17, 2006

[NYC] Trunkt Stop

Trunkt is a store that I can’t wait to visit in person, it’s operated by really great people who have a lot of pride and passion for what they do and look at these photos, they can totally rock out a retail space – this place is stellar! Maybe you spotted them in a recent Daily Candy feature? With their online store, and their brand new flagship space in NYC (Tribeca), Trunkt is a unique place that celebrates the indie artist, and that’s just great in my book because everyone enjoys owning something exquisite and special from a person that designs from the heart. I think you’ll really like the store profile below along with photos of their retail space that Trunkt passed on to all of us. The party photos were shot last night at their launch party – looks like so much fun!

Dev, from Trunkt, wrote to me a few days ago. Here’s what he said: (thanks, Dev!)

“Imagine my surprise when we started getting traffic from one of our favorite blogs! Thank you for the mention of our online store in your 1201AM post. She really does have beautiful cards. They’ve been flying off the shelves of our online store as well as our store in Tribeca, New York City.

Trunkt was founded in 2005 by home accessories designer Ayesha Ahmad (her line is Samaan – sold exclusively in the Trunkt Store in Tribeca now) as a way to get her designs directly to customers. She had been selling wholesale but it was more of a hassle than anything else. I’m a photographer/admin and do most of the marketing and operations for Trunkt while Ayesha is off designing…

Trunkt now features the works of over 100 small, independent designers. Some accessories (men and women), some home accents (pillows, bedding, ceramics etc.), some paper and art (paintings,tiles, prints, stationery) but all vibrant, unique and very cool.

We sell our member designer’s products online and at our Tribeca Store which opened 3 weeks ago after 2 temporary stores in a garage in another part of Tribeca. We’re now in the beautiful Fischer Mills building which one of our customers helped us get.

Couple of exciting new designers joined us in the last week that I think you would love. They’re both graphic designers: Atlanta-based Tobi Wood makes the most eye-popping stationery and journals. We’re the first to feature her new spring collection online and in our store. NYC-based Laura Loving makes gorgeous decorative tiles.”



Launch Party, March 15, 2006

(photos by Trunkt)

Posted in uncategorized on March 16, 2006

[SAN DIEGO] Get Grounded

Here’s a lovely store in San Diego to enjoy both online and in person. Grounded wrote to me when they read my call for help the other day, including a great interior shot and a fab description. It is so good that I felt there was no need to alter what they sent to me, so… Take it away, Juli!

“Grounded specializes in modern, hip design for indoor/outdoor living. The store is located in an old industrial building and we’ve tried to keep some of the rustic flair of old metal and concrete floors, while offering clean-lined products. The shop is located in Encinitas, California, a little beach town just north of San Diego. Recently, we were voted best garden shop in San Diego by the readers of Ranch and Coast magazine. Here’s a link to a recent article about the shop in one of the papers. And, finally, here’s our website. We just launched it as of the first of the year, so new products are going up as quickly as possible but it gives you a basic overview of our product assortment. Thanks so much for your consideration. I love your blog. Keep up the good work.” – Juli @ Grounded

I just took a peek at their online store, and wow! New favorite place! I love the art by Beth Weintraub, their sea urchin tealight, elum lips notecards and the fx planter + stand. I was out in Encinitas last summer when we drove from San Diego to Santa Monica, but I missed this gem. Too bad, this store screams west coast charm, doesn’t it? I’m happy they’ve added e-commerce to their site for those of us that aren’t based in Southern California.

Wow, talk about California dreamin’…

(photos courtesy of Grounded)

Posted in uncategorized on March 16, 2006

[ATLANTA] Step Inside Pollen

Ahhh Pollen!

From the website at least, it looks simply amazing, doesn’t it? It appears to contain all of the elements that make a good garden shop/home store in my opinion. Showcasing the beauty found in nature, combining this organic beauty with objects and colors that mimic nature. I’m thrilled that they offer floral design. I’ve always dreamt of owning a store like this, a home store that sells fresh beautiful flowers where I could employ my wonderful mother to handle the floral side of the business. My mother is a floral designer and landscape artist, my wedding bursted with flowers thanks to my talented mother. Thanks, Mom. My store would also have a courtyard with a beautiful water feature of fountains and a small pond loaded with vibrant orange and red coi. You could enjoy the warmth of the sun, dessert and expresso with friends, al fresco style. I digress…one can dream can’t she? :)

Back to beautiful Pollen. I found a review about them on citysearch cited below:

“At this rustic Buckhead boutique, garden lovers can find everything from pots and vases to garden hardware, vintage vessels, bags, pillows, furniture and unique floral arrangements. Also available are outdoor containers, artwork, wicker chairs and painted rockers. Gardening types who find their way here become loyal customers. Pollen’s experts can be called upon to arrange flowers for themed parties and events ranging from swamp-inspired bayou bashes to gatherings with a vintage picnic vibe.”

Doesn’t this sound great?

Looks like they sell Hable Construction, Judy Ross, Lotta Jansdotter and John Derian goodies, too. Fresh flowers and home accessories from these designers? Catch me, I’m falling!

Thanks, Michelle, for linking us to this great store!

Is anyone reading that has visited Pollen? Care to comment?

(photos by Pollen)


Posted in uncategorized on March 16, 2006


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