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Festive! Fun bowls and serving platters from Tradewinds, modern with a twist of whimsy. It’s hard to envision summer, but these bright and cheery platters will inspire images of warm summer nights spent sipping a raspberry margarita, afterdark madrid filling the air, entertaining friends with your latest tapas recipe. Fiesta!

I love the colors and textures of these bright pieces; but the mixed black ones are nice too. They’re quite classic meets whimsical charm – they remind me of a naughty secretary or something. When you’re not entertaining, you can display them – double duty!

The platters, not the secretary.

boudoir salad bowls, $36 for set of 3
in mixed black below or starburst above

classic rectangular tray set by magenta, $165 for set of 3
in starburst
or mixed black

(photos from tradewinds)

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decor8 shop


I simply can’t get enough of the HANNSspree line of electronics. Hard to believe that I said “can’t get enough” and “electronics” in the same sentence. My husband would be so proud. These cuties look like a new breed of Macs or something; I did a double take when I first spotted one. HANNSpree has dozens of styles to fit the mood of you room, including TVs for kids, remote contols, and speaker systems. Finally, a TV that doesn’t need to hide in a monster size cabinet, concealed by doors, unattractive and alone.

HANNSwood 10″ LCD TV, on sale $299.99
front shown above. here’s the back view. bootylicious!
I’m giddy over this wood and floral pattern. don’t you just love the little ears?

HANNspreeflora 12″LCD TV, $499.99
pretty muted tone with a floral base. spring time fashion tv!

HANNSberlin 15″ LCD TV, $549.99
when the TV is off, use the smooth black leather belt to conceal the screen.
Bond. James Bond.

HANNSvaas 15″ LCD TV, $599.99
when only the best will do.

HANNSpearl 15″ LCD TV, ON SALE $399.99.
i’d trade snow days for beach days!

back: shell shaped
more like shell shocked, how luminous!

remote control included with HANNSpearl TV.
i’ve died and gone to heaven. as a mermaid.

HANNSstarlight 15″ LCD TV, $599.99 front.
beam me up scotty.

HANNS.A Green 10″ LCD TV $399.99
another big apple. take a bite out of this!
HANNSsnail 10″ LCD TV, $449.99
Escargot never looked so appealing.

HANNSz.crab 10″ LCD TV, on sale $249.00
when crabby is a good thing.

(all photos from HANNSpree.)

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coffee + cre8tive [thurs feb 09 06]

here’s some visual candy for the day. I left some white space around this image so you can really focus on the colors.
*out of these postcards, which one appeals to you most, and why?

*how would you use this in your space? wallpaper? pillows? art? other?

*other random thoughts?

answer below by clicking on the comments link.

(photo from Finn Style.)

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Pop ink dinnerware. Silkscreened linen pillows. Artist-made panels. They’re all crafted by independant artists and sold at Elsewares. I love seeing all these talented people gain exposure (and business!) through websites like Elsewares. Take a glance on some favorites of mine. Maybe they’ll soon be favorites of yours!

12″ handmade art by three sheets, $45 available in several modern color choices.
star coasters, $25. set of 4
the alcohol won’t be the only thing causing you to see stars.
fashion plates, set of 2, $40. chocolate plate shown, other plate is in pear
cocoa meets coco chanel
wallpaper plate set, $40. blue shown, other plate is red
cupid rocks this design
lumen oil lamp, $48
see the forest through the little tree
by night
or by day…

(photos: top photo flower outline pillow from three sheets, $65. all photos from elsewares)

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