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There’s so much in life to be thankful for. The best friend who holds your hand as you tell her your break up story for the 100th time. The officer who only gives you a verbal warning for going 90 MPH in a 20 MPH zone (maybe it’s the effect you have on men in uniform?). Muscle cars. Audrey Hepburn. Chocolate. Random trees to toss your coat on.


I know, just when you think there wasn’t enough to be thankful for, this tree coat rack walks into your life begging you not to resist. And how can you, with limbs like that?

I’m crazy for this coat rack, and wanted to show him off to all of you. He’s available at twentytwentyone if you’re interested, in three color choices, birch veneer stained black $460, natural birch veneer $395, and white lacquer $340 (my favorite!).

(photo from twentytwentyone.)

Don’t tell the birds!

Posted in uncategorized on February 07, 2006
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coffee + cre8tive

Here’s a pattern to get your cre8tive juices flowing over your morning coffee!

This pattern calls to mind one word: LIFE. It makes me think about cells. The color yellow gives me energy. I also see tree stumps – and all the rings of the tree showing how long it’s been alive. I also see a wall in this pattern in a home office.

What do you see?

Posted in uncategorized on February 07, 2006

Introducing: coffee + cre8tive


I suddenly had this idea over my morning starbucks when my ‘quote of the day’, ‘daily candy’, and ‘word of the day’ emails arrived, almost simultaneously. What about a visual treat of the day, you know, one inspiring pattern, delivered to my inbox, each morning. Something to shake the brain from design ruts. We all have them, always picking stripes or solids or florals. Seeing something that you may not usually pick out on your own is often extraordinarily inspiring.

On that note, to inspire all of you, I plan to pull a pattern that inspires me each morning and post it right here to stimulate all of you – rev up those cre8tive juices.

You can comment on the pattern – tell everyone what you think of when you see it, the emotions it evokes, whether you love it or hate it, etc.

Look for posts with the title “coffee + cre8tive” going forward. ;)

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Lena Corwin [house call]

Welcome to a decor8 house call, a new addition to the decor8 website where readers and friends send in shots of their posh pads for our site. Our house calls are random so you never know when they’ll pop up! But, when they do, you’ll see the words [house call] in brackets next to the post title.

When I saw Lena’s pillows and read the article, “25 Shockingly Simple Ways to Makeover Your Home”, in the March 2006 issue of Glamour, I was all over it – her space totally spoke to me and I thought it would speak to all of you too. For one, the fab redo that the Glamour SWAT team did for Lena and Josh’s Brooklyn vintage modern townhouse was just terrific. Glamour offered tips on where to find special items that won’t throw you into the debt doghouse, which we’re all interested in! It was the one month that I read Glamour and found something design related that I could relate too. It was nearly a Domino magazine moment!

If the painting above Lena’s sofa looks familiar…I loved it so much when I saw the article that I instantly contacted the artist over the weekend, whom I featured earlier today (Elizabeth Schuppe). Then, I kept drooling over Lena’s pillows, and so I featured those, too. Lena and I were in contact a few days ago and today, she sent some amazing photos of her apartment and of her amazing art collection, too! I just had to share them with all of you.

Thank you so much Lena and Josh for allowing decor8 into your most amazing space. Your place is fabulous!

Here’s your visual candy for the week, design gang! You can also purchase Lena’s ties, plates, and pillows on her website, so knock yourself out!

(photos from lena corwin.)

Posted in Home Tours on February 06, 2006


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