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I’ve been obsessing a little too much over wood lately, I’m starting to scare myself. You know how we all go through these phases. Thread count. Wall decals. Pillows. My latest obsession is wood. Lately, I’ve been a huge teak and bamboo fan. I’m trying to outfit a three-season porch that we recently turned into a modern new work space in our 1875 carriage house. We still have to work on the electrical and finish the cathedral ceiling, but overall, it’s heading towards completion. Finding the right furnishings is tricky, especially for me because there’s so much out there. The world of furnishings is like the cereal aisle at the grocery store, more than you’ll ever need or eat, but fun to browse. Like cereal, I always tend to go back to my favorites when it comes to design. Clean. Cheery colors. Modern. Functional.

I spotted 54Dean in Dwell magazine recently and wanted to show off their sexy georgie table. Slat wood tables are popping up all over, I think design savvy peeps enjoy the visual lightness of it all. The curves and the way the light falls through the little georgie, I don’t know…it just does something to me. Yes, agreed. I need help. :)

I’m hoping 54Dean will be at the Brooklyn Designs show again this year. Not sure if I’ll be in the states then but I’d like to attend. Drool.

(photos from 54Dean)

UPDATE 3/8: Just heard from Todd over at 54Dean – they won’t be at the Brooklyn Design show this year. Just an FYI…

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Crate and Barrel

I’m really liking the new leaf botanical collection at Crate and Barrel, very fresh and modern, just in time for spring! The palm leaf plates, green leaf platter, and ashton chair are some of my picks from this collection. I really like the tuck-arm chair style with the hardwood legs with classis turnings and brass casters. Traditional yet modern with the fresh cotton-weave bontanical print.

Have you shopped their ready to assemble collection yet? If you have, I’d be interested in some feedback. I really like the puzzle bookcase. For $349, it’s quite a bargain!

The kelli dinnerware and the lucky glassware are wayyy cute, too. Love the funky graphics on the tumbler and the clean green and white dinnerware that has a very kate spade vibe to it. Fun!
Have children? Pop on over to Crate and Barrel’s site for kids called The Land of Nod.

(photos from crate and barrel)

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Alicia Bock

Looking to dress your space with affordable + beautiful photography? Alicia Bock is your girl.

You can also shop her lovely selection of prints, vintage inspired glass magnets and jewelry with inspirational words like fly, live, and hope. etsy store. She has a great eye for color and design; I’m sure you’ll really like her work. Here’s her bio:

“I left my job in the non-profit health arena in 2003 to stay at home full time with my children, and to pursue my creative interests. My art is inspired by my daughter, Nehalem, and son, Jasper, who notice every bit of life. We spend our days daydreaming about the Oregon Coast, taking pictures and enjoying the wind on our faces. We have big plans for this next year and are excited to see what adventures the year brings!”

The coi print is a favorite of mine – love the dreamy colors!

(these photos are from alicia bock)

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W Hotel Shop!

The uber posh W Hotel now has an online shop so you can recreate the whole W experience at home. You don’t have to steal the towels anymore, come clean with these! I highly suggest their online music, although a modest selection, I give an experienced thumbs up since I own half of it in my own collection (tip: you’ll really enjoy the ultra chilled for nights when you’re entertaining and want to transform your home into an ultra chic lounge). More than music, you can shop for bedding and yummy accessories at the W store, too. You can never turn away cute boys for dinner, invite the salt and pepper men for only $15!

(all photos from the W Hotel Store online)

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