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Having a less-than-creative day? Need a little design inspiration? Perk up! Your friends over at 2Modern can show you how to style your space right here. Make time to read their blog, too.

Not to miss…hot new 2Modern product must-sees include their new X-Rug Collection designed by Calle Henzel for HZL. These sizzlers are constructed of 100% New Zealand wool in funky patterns like Soho, Friday, Monday, Mood Discotheque, and my personal favorite for obvious reasons, Hollywood. Perfect for urban hipsters who want to stand out from the crowd, these rugs will spark many a conversation in your swank space.

Now that you’ve spruced up that floor of yours, your bed could use a little bang, too (no pun intended). 2Modern carries the new Inhabit bedding for Spring – fresh fresh fresh! Delicious mix of colors, I’m crazy about the lush cantaloupe orange with the cocoa shown below. Inhabit bedding is completely perfect for couples who like a mix of feminine and manly man, the best of both worlds! Clicky clicky!

psst… 2Modern offers free shipping on orders $50+

(photos from 2Modern)

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The Black Apple

Emily Martin from Athens Georgia is the girl behind The Black Apple, the same girl that obsessively buys domino, readymade, and any magazine that could potentially feature lovely wall decals (a disease for her!). She recently started reading decor8 and told me about her wares on etsy.

Emily has the cutest etsy store ever, almost exclusively painting + prints. I love the colors, the faces, it’s like peering into a story book. As she describes it, “it is a bit in the low-brow illustration realm, children’s books, 60’s & 70’s pop art…it’s a mishmash!”

I think it’s pretty cute and thought you’d like to check it out. Love the big green eyes below!

(photos: all art produced by emily martin. photos from emily’s website, the black apple)

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coffee + cre8tive [mar 7 ’06]

Not that this inspired me, but it gave me a morning jolt as I flipped through the contents of the Academy Awards gift bags on a slide show. A jolt worth sharing! From a BlackBerry 8700c and a Krups XP4050 Premium Pump Espresso Machine to a complimentary two-night stay at The Carlyle Hotel (rooms start at $500), the gift bag has ramped up quite a bit over the years.

Love these! Presenters and performers received the Pistoletto Foundation collection from illy: four saucers and cups priced between $80-110. Each cup is the work of a student at Michelangelo Pistoletto’s University of Ideas. The four artists, Alfredo Luis Vasquez (Colombia), Natasha Jankovic (Serbia), Tatiana Goloviznina (Russia) and Fratelli Fortuna (a group of artists from Italy) address a range of social issues in their cup design?from making those who live on the streets visible to society to describing conditions of the environment. Michelangelo Pistoletto, a leader of the Arte Povera movement, has collaborated with illy caffe on various projects over the last five years. Own yours by clicking here.

(part of the text above from the illy site.)

P.S. Aren’t you so happy for Reese Witherspoon?

(photo from illy usa)

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Hable Construction

The girls at hable are at it again with some fresh patterns for spring! Love their leaf jonquil pattern and the pretty navy shells. Fancy the caladium wool felt pillow?

Mary, dear Mary…how does your garden grow? Go gardening in style with these adorable garden gloves and chic garden belt. My favorites are the hable doormats, what a welcome for guests!

Is paper what you crave? Yummy grommetted gift tags may be your next new obsession.

A mitt for the chef with style? You’ll be grabbing your next batch of cookies with your very own sky bead oven mitt that will have the guests begging for more (mitts, not cookies!)

Don’t you just love the freshness of Spring?

psst… on a budget but love hable? Don’t get the blues, hit their online tag sale for deep discounts on hable goodies that never go out of style. Here’s a great hable chopsticks pillow on ebay too – hurry, ends March 11th!

(all photos from hable construction)

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