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Flight 001

If you’re an international man of mystery, or woman, you’ll want to check out Flight 001. Maybe some people aren’t concerned about how they look when they travel, but I actually plan my outfit days in advance and make sure everything I wear coordinates with my carry-on bag and luggage. I know, a bit over the top, but it’s just how I roll.

If you’re a tad bit OCD when it comes to looking chic as your plane lifts you off to exciting destinations (your parents house in Nebraska counts too), then check out these nifty products and see if any of them would improve your overall cuteness. Flight 001 carries everything from passport holders to laundry sets by Tocca and tech gadgets, in flight goodies, luggage, and everything else needed to make that 9 hour flight a little bit sweeter. Sorry, they don’t carry chairs with more leg room, and muzzles for those brats sitting in front of you, but with plenty of vodka and an iPod, you’ll get through it.

“Our final passenger just boarded the plane and girllll look at that – the cutest passport we ever did see. (two snaps up and a twist) Passengers, now we are ready for lift-off, baby. Mmm hmmm”

T Jackson Tag, $12

Tusk Leather Passport Cover, $38 (purple, yellow, red, grass, chocolate or orange.)

Ticket Holder, $50 (lime or floss.)

Rubber Tag Set of 4, $18

Toile Passport Cover, $15

(Photos: All photos from Flight 001.)

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decor8 shop

Welcome February

Alright! It’s February gang! One month closer to springtime. Today has been a hectic one for me, as I’m nearing deadline on a article and need to send it to my editor asap. Daily Candy also contacted me; they’ll be featuring a client of mine that I pitched to them last month. They’ll run an article next week, so we’re gearing up for that. My client is thrilled, and I’m happy because pitching is a lot of work and you don’t get a second chance if you screw up the first time. Happy that wasn’t the case here for my client.

Tomorrow evening, I’ll be covering a gallery show in the South End; so I’ll share that experience with you on Friday and I’ll try to share some photos if the gallery permits. For those of you who love art, I’m sure you’ll really enjoy it.

See you tomorrow!

[I had to add: Daily Candy Boston was GREAT to deal with, I was very impressed, and if you've never heard of Daily Candy (where have you been, man?), then by all means, sign up here.


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Mid Century Modern

Put a cork in it, will ya?

Put a cork in your living room, that is. This playful cork stool is a real eye catcher at $415. I’ve often dreamt of having a bottle of merlot big enough to hold a cork this size. Jasper Morrisson designed three variations of it, but I like this one the best. It could also double as an end table if you place a piece of circular glass on top.Mid Century Modern carries more than cork stools though, they offer furnishings that fit the modernist environment at prices that range from maybe baby to not in this lifetime. They also offer free shipping on all orders. Not too shabby.

I found a few semi-affordable items, a chic office chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames called the modernica for $395 that’s available in 12 very hip colors.
Another favorite find is the Danish inspired maple veneer bookcase, also available in walnut, designed by Daniel Donnelly. At first glance, I thought the entire bookcase was $475. Dream on. It is actually sold in 3 pieces, so the total cost is somewhere around $1375 as shown.
My final pick is the yanagi butterfly stool designed by Sori Yanagi for $550 in maple. It’s so elegant and sculptural, yet entirely functional as a stool. Also comes in rosewood for $595 and cherry for $700. Dainty, but strong, you know?

(Photos: All from Mid Century Modern.)

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Vogue Home?

It’s rumored that Vogue Home may be the next big home design glossy to hit the stands. Read more at Woman’s Wear Daily and pray that it’s true! How positively exciting!

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Available now on Amazon

Further editions available include: Portuguese, Danish, Czech, Slovak, French


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