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coffee + cre8tive [feb 16 ’06]

I think todays coffee + cre8tive reflects that I’m feeling a tad bit over-caffeinated. I seriously need to step away from the tall non-fat cafe lattes.

This photo arrived yesterday via email from my pal Marcia over at MIT. The timing could not have been better. When it arrived, I heard that familiar little email ‘ping’ and glanced up from beneath my desk to see this photo in full view on my monitor. You see, I was in the midst of a little spring cleaning project. Only a few short days ago, we had a massive snowstorm, and today, it was in the 50’s and sunny, so I figured it to be the perfect time to organize. After stepping out for a client meeting, I fueled up at the local Starbucks and jetted home to get crackin’ on my total organization project here in my tiny home office. Faced with a sea of to-do lists, inspiration clippings gone wild, and a design board that was beginning to form layers, I decided that it was horribly wrong of me to let things get so out of control that the only recognizable object on my desk was my mouse. Even he was starting to hide beneath papers, trembling in fear, with his little cord tail sticking out so I could at least find him amidst the cluttered chaos. Scampering around stacking papers on the floor, this photo appeared and made me laugh so hard I felt like I was drunk. (Marcia, if you’re reading this, thank you, girl!)

This photo gives you a pretty good perception of what the horrible reality was all about in my office yesterday. It’s not my space, but it’s how I think it looked. I’ve controlled the space siince and now it’s in good working order, but my battle scars (paper cuts) will remind me for, at least a few days, to never ever let it get this bad again.

I don’t think Real Simple magazine would have approved.

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IKEA Rug Sale

Just a quickie…

Spotted this and wanted to share – great buys for rugs. All under $99! The Arden Ruda felt rug looks nice for only $79.99. The Brattby goatskin rug looks very nice for a modern space – I’m envisioning it near a swanky chaise longue in black leather from DWR, perhaps? Visit IKEA for more details!

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I recently discovered a fun little store called Foster’s that I think you’ll fancy. With a retail space in Philly, and online shopping for the rest of us, I’ve selected a few fresh finds that made me smile, like the beer bands (forget wine tags!) and the voodoo doll toothpick holder (ouch!). Surf Foster’s and see if you can find any others that appeal to you!

I’m off for a meeting until 2 p.m. EST, so I won’t be posting again until late afternoon. I’ll be back with a few more fresh finds later today, so stay tuned, design addicts!

beer bands, $6.50

hotheads silicon pot holders in dog or frog styles, $10.50

what a dish quilt in ecru (shown in top photo) or red (below), $42 + up

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Bev Hisey

Bev Hisey, fashion designer turned textile designer, is a notable Canadian designer who specializes in modern home accessories. Modern, but not stiff. Playful, but not over-the-top. Her line is best known for combining unexpected colors + textures resulting in a whimsical touch for your modern space. Rectiliear or curvaceous interlocking patterns. Hand-screened. Die-cut botanical pattern leather. 3-D flower lumbar cushions. See what I mean?

You can shop for Bev Hisey online at UMA, or refer to her website for store locations nearest to you.

Some of my favorites include her wool runners, panels, pillows, and lighting shown below. Splendid!

(photos from bev hisey website.)

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