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Domino Shop at H.D. Buttercup

Okay, this is going to sound really braggy, but I did some cool stuff last summer in LA that I just totally fell upon. Well sorta. My husband and I attended the red carpet premiere of Batman Begins (Katie Holmes is stunning!) and I even met designer, Rachel Ashwell and had a chat with her, complete with photo and autograph thanks to my husband who nudged me to JUST ASK. I went up to the Getty and drooled for hours at the stunning architecture. I stayed on the beach in Santa Monica watching the designer wheels cruise by. Shopped Montana Ave, too. Then, as I flew home, I had one major regret. I didn’t go to H.D. Buttercup. I totally forgot. What a moron. All the hollywood bling blinded the holly, I guess.

H.D. Buttercup is a hot bed for home accessories and furnishings in LA. (I guess it’s like a Fred Segal for interior design freaks, maybe?) Now, they just added more coals to the fire making them hotter than ever. They’ve added a Domino Shop, a new space to debut brands, products, and events, complements of Domino magazine.

Yup. I won’t miss Buttercup on my next LA adventure. Not a chance.

Are any of you in LA? Have you been? Share!

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Cookie mag

While we’re on the topic of hip parenting…have you heard of the new Cookie magazine? It’s a modern inspirational lifestyle magazine that celebrates parenthood, showcasing the hottest trends in fashion, FURNISHINGS, toys, books, travel, etc. Published by Conde Nast (Domino, for instance), I’m sure it will be a good read. Parents SO needed a magazine like this. This was long overdue.

To learn more and to subscribe, click here.

C is for Cookie, that’s good enough for me!

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Thanks to Drew and the design savvy team at Design Public, parents can now have some posh rockers in their home for reading to the little ones. Moms and dads everywhere needed options outside of the typical wooden rockers and gliders you see at all the big baby superstores. Finally, you don’t have to trade in style for child-bearing.

I love the Nurseryworks line being offered exclusively at Design Public. Although not a good reason to procreate, it definately makes even the scared DINKS* want to light the candles and plan some babies of their own. I know, it’s snobby, but you guys have to agree – most of what you see in the major department stores are not going to blend with a hip urban environment. Why sacrifice when you can own a cool crib to put into your even cooler crib – your home?

*DINKS=double income no kids

nurseryworks storytime rocker – rock on little bambino!
$750-830, free shipping, in cotton, felt and microsuede in many colors, and your choice of dark birch or light birch legs. (if only you could select your child so easily!)
nurseryworks 2-wide changing station $1,100, free shipping
available in several color, carving, and platform options
nurseryworks aerial cribs $165-920, free shipping
available in several carving, rail, color, and slat options

(photos from design public.)

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Jelly and Anchovy

Although I wouldn’t make a sandwich out of them, I’d certainly send a card created by them. Jelly and Anchovy. Makes me think of sweet + salty, which is what this little rockin’ stationary company delivers – sassy handcut papergoods with quick wit and a simple clean format. Punchy and sweet.

It’s okay to email your honey with times new roman fonts of endearment, but never forget the power of the handwritten love letter tucked inside the perfect card. That’s amore.

Here are some of my favorites from Jelly and Anchovy.

me love you long time (my favorite from the bunch)

you rock

i was such a moron

you studmuffin!
see jane drink. chug, jane, chug!

(images from jelly and anchovy.)

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Some of my books...

Further editions available: Decorate published by Murdoch Books for AU/NZ, Decorar BR, Alt om indretning DK, Inspirace pro váš byt CZ, Dekorácie SK, La décoration FR, Lust auf Wohnen DE, Sisusta tyylillä FI and Sztuka aranżacji wnętrz PL.


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