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Architectural Digest, Hollywood at Home, March 2006

Don’t miss the opportunity to feast your eyes on this stunning edition of Architectual Digest containing the homes of Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer, Cary Grant, Robert Mitchum, and Lana Turner and Artie’s ranch in Coldwater Canyon.

With barefaced and lovely Ms. Hepburn gracing the cover in her Beverly Hills home, she beckons you to resist temptation and have a peek inside Hollywood living Hepburn style. It’s the perfect issue for design addicts and when you’re finished reading it, a great garnish for your coffee table.

It’s available at newstands everywhere, at least here in the USA. If live outside of the USA and have a paypal account, I can pick up a copy and mail it to your address if you can’t find a way to purchase it elsewhere online. You can email me at decor8blog[at]yahoo[dot]com. I’d do anything in the name of helping fellow design addicts get their fix on. :)

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Split Design

Mario Stipinovich, Broadcast Designer from Split Design in NYC, wrote to me today about his modern designs. After checking out his impressive website, and his online store, I had to immediately share him with all of you. He has a small studio in NYC where he churns out modern posters, housewares, t-shirts, paper goods, and tote bags. Fresh and clean design for modern living. Nice.

YOYO tile coaster, 2 of 4 in the YOYO coaster series. $7.95 eachwind poster, limited edition, $29.95
maps of war limited edition print, $24.95
italy m. limited edition print, $24.95
i love this!

Great goods and terrific design, Mario! Thanks for writing in! :)

(photos from split design via cafe press.)

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Here’s a fresh find that you may like, especially with all the fantastic lacey doily goodies hitting stores everywhere. When I laid eyes on the IKEA PS Ekekull stool for only $13, my brain went into overdrive, considering possible ways to use it in my space since I don’t need additional seating. One idea I had on a budget is to place a large vase on top with a beautiful branch extending out, something you can find at your local park. Look for a naked branch with extending arms for hanging little photos or small images using metal clip hooks (remove the clip with the little hook from the large ring and use the small hook to hang the clip from the branch). You can even purchase felt leaves from the craft store, the tiny ones used for scrapbooking, and clip them onto your special tree art. Clip on anything that is small and light to inspire you. Feathers, tiny squares of fabric, small collaged images, let your imagination soar!

The PS Jonsberg vase, shown above, is the perfect budget option without looking cheap. This exclusive line of vases from Dutch designer, Hella Jongerius, are now available at IKEA. Her stunning vessels can retail for as much as $7,000, so paying $39.99 for a Jonsberg vase is a steal. Pretty finds that fit your budget. How sweet it is.

(photo from ikea usa.)

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I should’ve stayed in bed today. Perhaps, I should just hang out at the theatre, seeing one matinee show after another, munching popcorn and enjoying a good action flick. Blogger has been totally kicking my butt with errors and such, driving me a bit insane, but I’m determined to still get some fresh posts up for today! Please bear with me. :)

The spring Grandinroad catalog arrived a few days ago, and I finally had a moment to flip through it. I pulled a few random things that I’d enjoy using in my own space, hoping you’ll spot something that strikes your fancy, too. The magnetic wall strip organizer, shown above, is a durable alternative to cork – each magnet holds up to 36 pieces of paper. It comes in mint or white and is a decent value at $24. All items shown are available online at Grandinroad.

set of 8 magnets, 4 hooks and 4 engraved words, $24 for all.
organization never looked so good!
leather file totes. $169.
i love these for my workspace at home since i gave up corporate life and all the files cabinets that went with it. these are great and i can carry them from room to room.
rosebud lights. $29
romantic roses will light your way.
reminds me of what you’d see in british or german design magazines.
set of 3 paint touch up kits, $19
touch up your walls without dragging out the big nasty paint can and those stiff brushes.
birch twig nest, $15.
set of 12 glass eggs, $45

creating the sweetest centerpiece for spring, priceless.
create ice centerpieces with impressive do-it-yourself ice molds.
add flowers, beads, food coloring, go crazy!
tip: fill it with ice cream instead of a tealight.

(photos from Grandinroad)

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