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Deadly Squire

Tim is a punk rocker. Anna, a painter. Together, husband and wife duo, Tim and Anna Harrington, launched Deadly Squire, a distinctive collection of products for the home that you can purchase online at the ever-fabulous Design Public.

Interesting crossover, from punk rock and painting to home accessories, but hey, it works for me! Whoever said you had to grow up and follow one path in life was completely bored – why limit yourself! Some of my favorites from Deadly Squire include…well everything! The pet beds (I want that cutie dog!), tote bags, table linens, pillows… Enough from moi, just enjoy, already!

(photos above from deadly squire)

Posted in uncategorized on February 28, 2006

Gift Shopping…

Museums and art schools often have the best gift shops. I found a few below that I enjoyed and hope you will, too!

Located in Bloomfield Hills, MI, the The Store@Cranbrook Art Museum, features products designed by Cranbrook Academy Alumni or Artists in Residence (look for the (*) symbol while shopping), Carl Milles‘ sculptures, Eliel Saarinen’s architecture, paper products, books, items for children, prints and clothing. All proceeds support the Cranbrook Art Museum. Cranbrook alumni include Ray and Charles Eames and Ruth Adler Schnee. The store also accepts international orders for those of you that aren’t located here in the states. Pick up the Eames Poster Print ‘Wire Chairs with Bird’ or the ‘Built NY Wine Tote’ designed by alums John Swartz and Aaron Lown. The ‘Shuey Postcard Collection’ is great for framing and the ‘bla bla Vegetable Rattle Set’ will help keep the kiddies occupied (we hope) while you’re cooking up dinner.
At the MFA store in Boston, look for Pantone dinnerware, French Fashion thank you notes, Mr. and Mrs. Clark and Percy magnents and glass from Boston area artist Josh Simpson. Then, there’s the not-to-miss SCAD online with Working Class Concepts trivet trays, Pamela Wiley pillows, Irene McCollam ceramics, Tiffani Taylor’s pottery (cute drawer pulls, pitcher and vase), along with fine art like this lovely mixed media painting on a wood panel by Carrie Christian and Woodie Webber. I *heart* SCAD!
More great gift stores to shop online:

Design Museum London
MoMA – Don’t miss their CC+ collection!
MET Museum Store
Smithsonian Store
RISD Store
The Museum Shop at the Art Institute of Chicago

(photo credits: top grouping from The Store@Cranbrook Art Museum, next grouping from the MFA store in Boston, followed by photos from SCAD online)

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coffee + cre8tive [feb 28 ’06]

Hornbill loved his green-vine house in the top of the mango tree. “The jungle is peaceful here”, said Hornbill, biting on a mango seed. “We all live together quietly, as friends should.”

Those words, written on the first page of my favorite childrens book,’The Lion’s Bed’, were ones that my mother read to me over and over again for many years, ones that I’ve memorized and connect to very exciting times – hearing a favorite story. Back then, it was like that fresh issue of Elle Decor arriving in the mail. It was your time to sit down, be still, and enjoy every single page.

Today, I’m inpsired by this wallpaper print from Wook Kim, because it reminds me of Hornbill in his jungle, how I imagined him back then, living amongst the lush vines in tropical serenity. Sometimes, that’s the life we all crave, to escape, to be alone, breathe in the natural world around us, live together quietly with others, just as friends should. Then, reality hits. We have bills to pay, people to please, and deadlines to meet. Sometimes, we need to simply ‘step away from the drama’ and reflect on the simpler times. Times when our lives were less complicated, when our only concern was whether we’d arrive at the bus stop late, unable to grab a seat in the back with our friends.

I enjoy sprinkling inspiration around my space, little things that I relate to, seasoning my home with items that ground me again, pull me back to center. You must relate to this. It can be a print, a book, a cherished present from a friend.

Pause for a moment, take 5 minutes, turn down the news, shut off the ‘noise’ and just think about one place in your life when you recall feeling completely uncomplicated.

Doesn’t that feel nice?

Sitting atop my mothers lap, wearing my favorite shiny black patent leather shoes and pink gingham dress, my warm brown banana curls cascading around my face… listening intently for the thousandth time as she retold the tale of Hornbill. That’s completely uncomplicated.

(photo above from wook kim)

Posted in Rooms on February 28, 2006

Hold Everything Sale

Stop right there. Hold Everything.

Wave goodbye to high priced storage solutions and cha-ching! Ring in these accessories on sale now Hold Everything. This is a sale worth pausing for.

gilroy coffee table
was $245 sale price $169.99
an affordable alternative to the moebius table
alexis table lamp
was $150 sale price $99.99
oh-la-la! what a shade, what a base, oh what a light!
book-cloth two-drawer media box
was $54 sale price $40
can’t touch this green would rock your office right
carmen compact tv cabinet
was $795 sale price $399.99
snappy storage for your other lover (the tv)
linen throw pillow
was $38 sale price $17.99
preppy and fresh for spring!stitched remote control box
was $38 sale price $24.99
this has a total kate spade vibe going on, agree?
canvas office storage
was $28-78 sale price $22-60
audrey hepburn eat your heart out
swivel chair
was $225 sale price $160
twirl around in this mod chair

printed canvas office collection
was $24-64 sale price $19-52

(photo credits: all photos are from hold everything)

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