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Super Fresh Find: Brent Myers takes on quilting!

Brent Myers, decor8 reader from Minneapolis, sent in a photo to share with all of us. Inspired by a quilting post from Christine earlier this week, Brent decided it was time to showcase his stylish quilt since so many of us have quilting on the brain. I’ve added some notes from Brent below along with a photo of his ahhh-inspiring block quilt. Tres chic, Brent!

“I’ve been trying for like, three years, to find a quilt or bedspread made of pinstripe fabric or fabric from men’s suits. I couldn’t find what I wanted, so I spent $100 on a sewing machine, $60 on fabric at a discount fabric store here in Minneapolis, and the rest is history. It’s made from men’s wool suiting fabrics, and is backed with a gray cotton so it wouldn’t be itchy, even though wool doesn’t bother me, I had to think of guests.”

“I’m really proud of it. And it is beyond perfect. It reminded me of your modern quilt post. I need to get out of Minneapolis and meet these cool people on the east coast since all of my friends think I am crazy…”

Next Project…..

“I am trying to figure out a way to make a quilted pillow sham out of ties to use as an accent.”

I hope this inspires you to pull out your DIY projects currently collecting dust in the back of your closet! C’mon – get those singers on the table and start crankin’ out some goodies for your space, like Brent did. I think he did an excellent job. What are your thoughts?

(photograph taken by Brent Myers)

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Plum Party

Somewhere between the hipster melamine cake platter and the French Bull tableware, your guests know that they’re not dealing with the average chip ‘n dip tupperware party planner.
Show your guests what a trendy hipster you are with a little help from your friends at Plum Party. From 70’s-era grooviness to contemporary charm, Plum Party makes planning for your next bash easy and affordable. Looking to host a little Spring soiree? Start planning and click here for fun party tips + ideas. I love the “movie awards show” party tips. Sounds like fun!

melamine grace salad servers set of 2 for $15, gold, orange and red twinkle fun fringe 25 feet for $5.50, kiss coasters set of 4 on sale for $10.50.
crepe paper in robin’s egg blue $4.75 per roll, just us girls coaster invitations set of 6 for $15, melamine monster plates set of 4 only $29.
retro dark disposable picks 30 for $10, french bull scene party platter priced right at $18.

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Target Ceramic Vases – Budget Finds!

I’ve got a bad case of Spring fever…do you?

I was romanced by a single 65-degree sunny glimpse of Spring last week, I think it was Wednesday, and I’m already mentally prepping my window box and deciding how I should springify my space… (springify, word of the day. Don’t ya just love my holly-words. I swear, I speak a whole new English sometimes.) Springing up your home is easily accomplished on a budget, from simply swapping out throw pillows and exchanging current drapes for sheers or bamboo roll shades, to locating must-have home accessories with a ‘springy’ vibe. Exchange felt and flannel for linens, cottons, and bright bold hues or cool pastels. For the ultimate home, you must engage in a little elbow grease. Don’t ever forsake the gathering together of your mop and method products. You can’t even begin to think Spring without a thorough scrubbing down of your entire space, along with reorganizing closets and drawers. Better get started, packrat. I’m willing to bet you have about two months worth of magazines stacked next to your bed. Personally, from my attic to my coat closet, I’m ready to take it all on! Prepping for spring is an exciting time of year for me, which sounds so Martha Stewart, but it’s true. I’m excited to prepare my space so I can soon open the windows, invite friends, and fill my space with fresh daffodils, plump tulips, and the sounds of birds-a-singin’.

First stop for me, Target. That’s where I’ll shop for cleaning supplies and such. After I’ve removed the dust bunnies (or dust monsters, depending on how often you clean), I’ll then head back to Target for home accessories. I’ll beeline my way over to their mini fresh plant section for some foliage, and then, I’ll definitely scoop up some inexpensive ceramic vases. They have some lovely ones this season, too. All eyes on the Panek Tobin vases, I’m craving these! Aren’t they positively fresh? For $17.99, I imagine them on my living room windowsill or on my desk.

I know I sound like your mother, but If you’ve got spring fever like I do, get a jump start on your spring cleaning while the weather is still painful. Then, on the next 65-degree day, you can play outdoors vs. cleaning your space.

I’d much rather spend beautiful spring days shopping in the city for fresh finds and people watching while dining al fresco.

Here are some of my fresh finds from the Target ceramic vase collection. You can browse their website for these vases by clicking here.

1.23.06 COMMENT: Readers, Brent just wrote in to say that the global home stuff at Target is 75% off in Minneapolis, which means it should be that way around the country by the weekend. YEAH!

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Gap Bags

Okay design police, please don’t whack me over the head for this, but I had to veer off a little today and post some fresh finds from the new travel collection from the Gap. I’m certainly not the authority on Gap bags since I’ve never owned one, but I simply adore the floral pattern, shown here in blue (also available in pink). I wouldn’t trust a $98 suitcase simply because I’m not sure how sturdy it would be for the entire wardrobe that I roll with on vacation, I wouldn’t know what it means to pack light. I may really need those shimmer sparkle pants in case we go see this amazing opera or something… I’d have to say ‘no’ to the suitcase, but the tote…ah how sweet it is, I can totally see myself swiping my visa for that. I think it would be useful for those quick trips you make to your parents’ place on the weekends, or the ‘trunk driving bag’ you always keep packed with the basics in the trunk of your car just in case you end up staying out a little too late, drinking a little too much, and you can’t drive home. Your ‘trunk driving bag’ makes it that much easier to just crash at your b/f’s pad.

Check out their sassy little passport holder for $12, travel cosmetic bags for $12.50, floral canvas luggage tags for $9.50, and of course, their large floral duffle bag for $68 and wheeled luggage priced at $98.

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