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Watch for upcoming post from Christine featuring Estonian artist Annike Laigo!

Posted in uncategorized on February 27, 2006


If you’re anything like me, you love spending an afternoon roaming the halls of your local art museum, lingering amidst the masters. Perhaps you enjoy lunching there, and afterwards, browsing the gift shop for paper products, calendars, mugs, and books. While at the museum, do you ever wonder what becomes of the radiant museum advertising banners featured throughout the city when the exhibition ends? I certainly have…
In the past, and I cringe as I write this, they were deposited into landfills where the vinyl leached into the soil for many years and no one was ever able to enjoy their beauty again. Thankfully, BetterWall took initiative to reclaim these splendid banners and offer them to the public, to design aficionados like us who truly appreciate them. BetterWall, based in Denver, offers limited edition wall hangings sold on behalf of their 18 museum partners, including the the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of
Modern Art in New York, Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver and more. A portion
of the proceeds are denoted to support the museums’ collections, programs, exhibitions and operations. Only in tact, beautiful banners are sold; damaged banners are recycled to keep the vinyl out of landfills. In the past year, BetterWall saved over 10 tons of vinyl from being deposited into landfills.

Eco-Friendly BetterWall not only brings unique, dramatic works of art to your home, they help preserve our environment. Now that’s beautiful.

Thanks Nora, for the tip!

(photos from BetterWall)

Posted in uncategorized on February 24, 2006

P Van b

P van b is a ultra haute, somewhat risque collection of contemporary wallpaper established by Berlin based wallpaper designer Andrea P??nicker. It’s baroque gone wild! P van b carries lush wallpaper, stationary, home accessories, and an uber hip line of yummy clothing.
Aren’t you at least slightly intriqued by wallaper with names like wowhaus neon, rich bit*ch, dutch pomp, lady light and true grace? Some of the wallpaper is slightly erotic (see above photo, look carefully), which I’m not daring enough to rock in my own space, but the sophiticated bold takes on traditional baroque prints – right up my alley! I can so see this hanging in trendy salons and boutiques here in the states. I’m waiting to see who picks up the line over here, any predictions? I’ll be in Berlin this summer, so I have to add this one to my list so I can report back to you my first hand experience of naughty little P Van b. I can’t wait to discover what’s new in Berlin, I haven’t been in a few years. So much to share with you this summer, I can’t wait!

(photos from P Van b)

Posted in Rooms, shopping, travel on February 24, 2006

Karin Eriksson

I’m captivated by Swedish ceramics designer Karin Eriksson, a self-employed designer since 2000 based in Solna, Sweden whose ideas and inspiration are drawn from fashion and nature. Karin carefully designs and handcrafts the most dreamy ceramic wares ever! She creates everything from bowls to plates, vases (which I’m hooked on lately, can’t you tell?) and mobiles, along with many other delicate beauties that you’ll want to display and use in your home. I really enjoyed reading about her creative process, which begins by building collages from collected pictures, drawings and text (one was featured in a recent coffee + cre8tive post). She also has a style blog – tres fantastique! You can find her tealights at her etsy store for $18, and other goodies from her collection on the west coast at weego home in Santa Monica, and beginning today, at trunkt in NYC located at 393 Greenwich Street, and via their online store for the rest of us.

(photos from karin eriksson)

Posted in uncategorized on February 24, 2006


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