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I’m a bit tied up right now…but, I’ll be posting some fresh finds this afternoon! Until then, you can get your design fix by browsing some of the fun new links, just added last night! (see right column).

For decor8 newbies, please refer to the archives in the left column, that should keep you busy for awhile until I’m back with fresh finds this afternoon. See you in a few hours!


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coffee + cre8tive [feb 23 ’06]

I was inspired by this pattern today, from the DWR website. It’s actually gift wrap (on sale too!) if you’re interested… What do you think of the design? It would make a beautiful rug, huh?

(photo from design within reach)

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(image from the fred flare website)

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decor8talk: Turtle Papers

This week….Meet Jennifer Tam from Turtle Papers!

decor8: Hi there. Thank you for contacting decor8, we really appreciate hearing from our talented readers! Can you tell us a little about yourself. Start with the basics. Your name, business, where you’re based?

Jennifer: I’m Jennifer Tam from Seattle, Washington. Seattle has been my home for the past 15 years. I am the owner and designer of Turtle Papers, an online boutique offering stylish stationery and chic baby gear. Charming zoo animals, origami cranes and delicious cupcakes are just some of the adorable designs that appear on the irresistibly soft, 100% cotton baby gear. With bright, vibrant colors and messages such as ?I?m Fearless,? ?Cutiepie,? and ?I?m Kissable,? these hand-silkscreened onesies and tees are must haves for fashion-forward tots near and far. You’ll just have to check out for yourself!

decor8: When did you get started?

Jennifer: Turtle Papers officially started in May of 2005. Although I started preparing for it since Fall of 2004.

decor8: Where do you draw inspiration from? Do you read a lot of magazines or books, or do you look within?

Jennifer: Beautiful fabrics, patterns…although I love looking through Real Simple, Bust, Ready Made, Communication Arts, etc. Always seem to get inspired by those somehow.

decor8: What is the most difficult hurdle you’ve had to overcome to be a full-time designer?

Jennifer: Brand awareness by far is the most difficult task.

decor8: What goals do you have for your business?

Jennifer: It will be nice to be in Kate’s Paperie or be featured in O Magazine. ;)

decor8: What do you do for fun?

Jennifer: DIY projects and spending time cooking with my husband.

decor8: Out of all the places you’ve seen in your life, where would you live if money were no obstacle? Why?

Jennifer: Hands down Maui!!! That would be nice.

decor8: Quick! Name eight things that you can’t live without.

Jennifer: Google, the internet, cable modem, USPS, lip balm, my computer, water, heat, my car! opps, that’s nine things…

decor8: I’ll give you ten. I’m hoping you just forgot to add your husband… :) What are your favorite websites, magazines, blogs etc?

Jennifer: Real Simple, Bust, Comm Arts, Ready Made, too many to list…, decor8blog, design*sponge and

decor8: and finally Jennifer, why did you name your company ‘Turtle Papers’? It’s pretty cute!

Jennifer: That seems to be a pretty popular question. I am glad you like it and think that it’s cute. : ) That’s the most important.

decor8: Okay then, we’ll wrap it up there! Love your fresh and sassy line of greeting cards and we wish you the absolute best. Hope to soon see you on Oprah’s favorites! Thank you for your time, we’re happy you shared a little bit of your world with decor8 readers.

Jennifer: Thank you for the interview.

(all photos provided by turtle papers)

Posted in interviews, stationery on February 22, 2006


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