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Gap Bags

Okay design police, please don’t whack me over the head for this, but I had to veer off a little today and post some fresh finds from the new travel collection from the Gap. I’m certainly not the authority on Gap bags since I’ve never owned one, but I simply adore the floral pattern, shown here in blue (also available in pink). I wouldn’t trust a $98 suitcase simply because I’m not sure how sturdy it would be for the entire wardrobe that I roll with on vacation, I wouldn’t know what it means to pack light. I may really need those shimmer sparkle pants in case we go see this amazing opera or something… I’d have to say ‘no’ to the suitcase, but the tote…ah how sweet it is, I can totally see myself swiping my visa for that. I think it would be useful for those quick trips you make to your parents’ place on the weekends, or the ‘trunk driving bag’ you always keep packed with the basics in the trunk of your car just in case you end up staying out a little too late, drinking a little too much, and you can’t drive home. Your ‘trunk driving bag’ makes it that much easier to just crash at your b/f’s pad.

Check out their sassy little passport holder for $12, travel cosmetic bags for $12.50, floral canvas luggage tags for $9.50, and of course, their large floral duffle bag for $68 and wheeled luggage priced at $98.

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coffee + cre8tive [feb 22 ’06]

My inspiration of the day comes from this stunning portrait by British artist, David Hockney. Celia Birtwell and Ossie Clark, Hockney’s friends, seem to be a bit tiffed that we’re looking in on them, don’t you think? It’s almost as if Celia is ready to tell us, in a most adoring British accent, “Pardon me. Have you got no manners? We just had an altercation and I’m trying to mend ways with dear Ossie here. Kindly let us be.”

The room, from the lilies in the vase, the lovely railing on the balcony, the large shutter doors, the way Ossie is digging his toes into the shag rug, the glowing sunlight dancing off of his bright teal jumper. Fab.

Doesn’t it appear as though these Londoners just recently occupied the space? I say this because the phone doesn’t have a table yet. Maybe that is what the argument was all about? Where to place the chair he is sitting on? :) Aha! A space war between two design freaks, perhaps?

The cat seems to be oblivious to everything, perhaps watching a passerby in the garden below. Typical feline.

You can see the painting above, along with many others, at the Hockney exhibit, soon to take place at The Boston Museum of Fine Arts from February 26-May 17, 2006 in the Gund Gallery. Click here to learn more or to purchase tickets.

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Cheengoo – for fab dogs and frisky felines!

So. Cute. Did you guys check out Daily Candy today? They featured Cheengoo and I had to point decor8 readers to their site to check them out. What great beds and bowls for those barkers and curtain climbers in your life. I love the modern beds and fun bowls, sophisticated turtlenecks, toys, and all the things dog (and cat) dreams are made of. Click here for 25% off your purchase, exclusively for Daily Candy readers, so check out Daily Candy, subscribe, and start reading asap!

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Kate Spade Ad Campaign

I’m totally loving the new ad campaign from Kate Spade, click here to see it for yourself. They totally seem to be reaching out to the younger crowd and I love the bright colors and graphics. This totally excites me for Spring! I can’t wait to go down to Newbury Street to check out the new stationary debut too. For the locals, Kate Spade Boston is at 117 Newbury and they’re open from 10-6 Monday – Saturday and 12-5 on Sunday.

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