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Kate Spade – Home

Kate Spade, beloved New York handbag designer best known for simple silhouettes, combined with her innovative use of fabrics, decided to cast her net into other seas, lauching a new line of paper goods debuting on her website this month. She also has some fresh new dinnerware that deserves mentioning, especially the dogwood point collection with its bold black and white floral pattern. You can have a kate swinging from your shoulder, a cute tea mug in hand, and some dainty stationary tucked away in that sweet avalon bag. Here are some fresh finds from her spring collection – so pretty!

dogwood point soup or cereal bowl, $24
budget idea: if you’re not in the market for several, purchase just one to catch your keys on your entryway table.
pop love cup and saucer set, $60
gift idea: purchase a set for a friend, fill cup with heart shaped chocolates and include a box of your favorite tea. keep the plate for yourself to rest soap on in your bathroom.
floral coupe accent plate, $22
available in red, green or yellow.
budget idea: purchase one in each of the three available colors and using a wire plate holder, display them on your wall in semi circle fashion
rutherford circle floral accent mugs, $22
available in red, green or yellow.
budget idea: one is all you’ll need to hold your pens. use felt feet for the bottom of the mug. cut a circular piece of felt to place in the interior bottom of your mug to avoid that sharp sound of pen hitting china.

other fresh finds: kate’s paper goods

pop love collection

(photos from kate spade)

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Isamu Noguchi – Designer Spotlight

Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988), a Japanese American artist known for expanding the traditional notion of sculpture to include furniture along with monuments and memorials, dance sets, gardens, playgrounds and fountains. Embracing traditional Japanese forms for design, Noguchi expressed his heritage in his works bringing modern design to the home with an organic feel. Take for example, his Akari light “sculptures”. In the 1940s, Noguchi started to develop these seemingly weightless illuminated sculptures in abstract shapes, fusing together the simplicity of Japanese aesthetics with contemporary design.

Have you ever visited the Noguchi Museum in Long Island City, New York?

His original lamps, in production now for over fifty years, are as timeless as your blue jeans, they’ll forever fit your modern space. His furniture is beautiful, too. I’m sure you’ll find a lot of items on the Noguchi store website that appeal to you. If you’re on a budget, allow the shapes to inspire you – maybe you can find something in the Noguchi style at more affordable prices elsewhere. Enjoy!

some of his beautiful lighting

my favorite, his prismatic table in white (also in black) $325

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coffee + cre8tive [wed feb 08 06]

visual inspiration to stimulate your senses.

feel: calm. like i’m standing in a modern kitchen on a sunny day drinking fresh squeezed oj in a t-shirt, jeans, barefoot, barefaced. uncomplicated. anything by Moby filling the air.

see: flowers and butterflies. no butterflies are in this pattern, but upon first glance, i almost see them fluttering across the bottom.

use: i’d use the pattern as potholders and dish towels in a modern kitchen with orange walls and everything else in pure white – very issac mizrahi shiny white lacquer cabinets. A few tall ceramic canisters on the counter in shades of green, yellow, and pink to match the pattern.

fave color: the fresh pink. i see grapefruit sliced, one half laying on a white cutting board, the other half laying belly side up on the counter, the sparkly fruit smell filling the air.

you’re up!

*how do you feel when you see this pattern?

*what do you see?

*how would you use this in your space? wallpaper? pillows? art? other?

*what color do you like the most in this pattern?

answer one or more below by clicking on the comments link.

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Nigella Lawson

Look at her. How can anyone not fall in love with a woman who is sexy, successful, and can actually whip up handmade treats without batting a pretty little eyelash?

No, sassy pants, we’re not talking about you. We’re talking Nigella.

I’m sure you’ve spotted Nigella’s Living Kitchen line before, but I found a few items that I’d like to purchase, so I thought to share them with you. You see, my cooking lately consists of making the same thai dish over and over again, or grabbing sushi take-out, so I’m hoping some fancy new kitchen stuff will inspire me to actually make homemade cookies vs. slicing them from the roll. There’s a Nigella in me, I just know it.

I seriously need cute products to help me become a better wife. (My husband rolled his eyes, too.)

Note: Some of these items aren’t yet available in the states, but you can always email them and request they ping you when they are. I love the pretty colors, especially all the light robin’s egg blue.

measuring jug.
holds flowers when not in use. numbers on the inside for measuring – smart!
serving hands.
okay, i’m starting to want lunch.
parmesan grater.
fits right into the palm of your hand.
hug mug.
everyone needs a hug!
over-size mug and saucer for comfort food!
blue piglets.
you’ll want to hog these little s+p holders for yourself!

(photos from

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