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Denyse Schmidt: Quilts, Books + Stationary, Oh My!

By Christine M. Liu, Guest Writer, decor8

As one of the millions dabbling in the vast creative depths of DIY culture, I have seen things like knitting, crocheting, and felt appliques shed their old-fashioned status and become the next new hip. iPod cozies are the new tea cozies, and grandmothers meet glampunkers at modern craft fairs.

One craft that has shied from the limelight a bit is quilting.

At least for me, quilting seems still relatively entrenched in the German Dutch tradition and midwestern generational home-making. Yesterday, my roommate (in true presidential holiday spirit) was cruising daytime TV and became engrossed in a very old-skool ‘America Sews‘ crafting show on PBS. Though it was an interesting (if not somewhat unpalatable) fragment of American culture, it completely reinforced the traditional, old-fashioned quilting scene.

That’s why I’m spectacularly impressed by Denyse Schmidt’s quilts, which are fresh, modern, and a long way from the tacky, fussy quilts that might come to mind. Quilting meets couture: the bright colors and geometric lines are paired with soft textiles and comforting construction. Denyse is a RISD alum and does a fabulous job of tradition reinterpretation.

I cant get enough of the deep colors and playful stitching!

Denyse has books published by Chronicle that teach basics and offer patterns for many quilting projects. More images here on Amazon.

She was commissioned to create a chain link coverlet for Crate and Barrel:
Also find some of her delightfully cute photo books and stationery in the dots + jots and what a bunch of squares series…

She’s such a talented designer, I can’t wait to try making one of her quilts someday! Her books are high up on my wishlist.

-Christine M. Liu

Posted in Arts + Crafts, guest bloggers, stationery on February 21, 2006

coffee + cre8tive [feb 21 ’06]

This is my inspiration for the day. I hope it gives you joy, too. We took this photo back in October at an apple orchard in New Hampshire. It reminds me of hope and sunshine. What do you think?

(photo copyright of decor8)

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Update: Hot Links!

I’ve added so many links today (see right column) that I have to spotlight a few before I sign off for the day.

Finn Style – Select from fabric panels, supermod block lamps, and oh-so-chic white ceramic coffee pots. Located in Minneapolis and also online.

DNA – DNA Gallery, located in the Little Italy section of San Diego, is an exclusive retailer for furniture legends like Arne Jacobson. I visited there store last summer and discovered a good amount of space devoted to tabletop accessories and floor pillows by Lisbet Friis, too. After you visit DNA, make sure you have lunch in Little Italy – great Italian bistros scattered everywhere.

Aunt Sadie’s – Great store located in Boston’s South End, home of Aunt Sadie’s candles along with an eclectic selection of beautiful homewares. Set amidst beautiful brownstones in the picturesque South End.

Clearly First – Forward thinking Scandinavian homewares in New York City. Wallpaper bowls from Hanna Ljungstrom (see photo, love these!), teacups by Anna Kraitz, and teapots by Ditte Fischer. They carry antique toys, fashion, furniture, glass, and home accessories.

See you tomorrow, everyone!

Posted in uncategorized on February 20, 2006

Hot Links from Christine

Our new guest blogger, Christine, is here to tell us about a few hot links in Boston. For those of you outside of Boston, I’m sure you’ll also enjoy these. By the way, if you missed my earlier post, learn about Christine here.

Home Stores:

Boutique Fabulous – a great little space in Somerville with mod lamps, vintage martini glasses, and yummy soaps and balms. Very unique and Sophistigirly! I’ve seen everything from ‘Save Martha!’ t-shirts to a vintage 60’s party dress. Read a review about Boutique Fabulous on Boston’s Weekly Dig.

Bo Concept on Mass Ave near Harvard Square.

There’s also a tres cool place on Charles Street in Beacon Hill. The name is ‘Good
Sooo delish and Japanese minimalist…


Paper Source in Boston, Brookline, and Cambridge and Vellum on Dartmouth.

I also like ‘Black Ink‘ in Harvard Square (Cambridge) and on Charles Street (Beacon Hill, Boston). Same owners as the MUT.

Another find, the Cross store in Harvard Square, surprisingly fashionable in terms of paper goods, stationery, and bags.

Exhibition must see:

There’s the new exhibition at the ICA, “Living in Motion“, which I haven’t yet seen but have heard good things.

(above links contributed by Christine Liu. Thanks, Christine!)

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