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Well Dressed Home – Fresh Finds UNDER $25

Like the rest of us, you’re always a design kitty on the prowl for a good deal, the kind of deal when the hairs on your arms stand erect and you simply must call your b/f while standing in the store aisle telling her allll about your deal of the century. Thankfully, said b/f gets your obsession with home stuff, so she listens, yet all the while making a mental note to kill you later for interuppting her during yoga with her hot instructor.

Time to get on your cell again. You must brag about Well Dressed Home. They have an entire page devoted to finds under $25 that totally rock, along with other great items for your home and office! Here’s some of my under $25 picks. See what you think.

psst…they also have a great selection of Jonathan Adler goodies.

I like the idea of just clipping pretty gift cards on it, nothing more.
magnolia plate set, $23 set of three
sachet trio, $24 set of three
smells like fresh picked lilies!
party bowls, $8 each
love the shape!

Posted in uncategorized on February 20, 2006

Angela Adams, Take Two

I just spotted Angela Adams featured today on Design Public, too. They have a lot more product shots than the Angela Adams website, plus some great sales on select rugs, so be sure not to miss our friends over at Design Public!

Preview Spike, Easton, Kenga, Lulu + more!

Posted in uncategorized on February 20, 2006

Angela Adams

Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! She’s done it again. Angela Adams has created a fresh new line of shag rugs for Spring that you’ll love. She’s also updated her website (a must surf) complete with an online shop. You can purchase t-shirts, glassware, handbags, papergoods, and of course, wool and cotton rugs, so don’t miss it. I love every single product and I can’t wait until Spring when I travel up to Portland, Maine to check out her showroom. What do you think, do you like it? Brent, if you’re reading, this post is dedicated to Y-O-U!

Here’s some fresh finds from Angela Adams!

great for the bathroom!
manfred + lulu glassware, $30 set of four
you can find her new line of rugs, like the bubba citron rug, $299
online at 2modern.

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Wallter Starburst

Create a burst of energy and style in your space with the fun Wallter Starburst wall application from FOLD Bedding. Wallter is your new peel away friend – paint and stick him where you fancy! Here are some photos of how you can best display Wallter in your space. Prices range from $142 + up and can be purchased online at 2Modern. If you’re a local, you can find these at Koo de Kir in Beacon Hill or Aunt Sadie’s in the South End.


Posted in uncategorized on February 20, 2006


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