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Sprout Home

Repeat after me three times, “There’s no place like home!” Like Dorothy, you’ll be dreaming of home when you shop at Sprout, outfitting your space with quality, affordable, and uber chic items that Sprout is known for. If I lived in Chicago, I’d have a total addiction to this place because it’s so perfectly in tune with my style and budget.

From clocks, to shower curtains ($33, hellloo!), glassware to lamps, Sprout has you covered. Turn your blah bathroom into a spa haven with a little paint and a yummy chocolate/cream contemporary shower curtain. Add a splash of color to your office with a sexy little orange mid-century style lamp or some flock wall decals. Whether you want to whimsy up your home, or give it a natural Zen touch, Sprout has what you need to create the atmosphere that fits your lifestyle with prices equally appealing. With Sprout, there’s truly no place like home. Your home.

(photo: Carrot/Snowflake Accent Lamp $63.75, Flock wall decals in Tangerine $45, Galaxy Coaster Set $11, Barcelona dinner plate $10, Brass Sunburst clock $120, and Crest shower curtain $33)

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Decorative Things

How do you spark the average hausfrau’s interest in cleaning? Easy. Give her fashionable equipment. This little dustpan is $25 worth of pure cuteness. It’s also available in 6 patterns, including my favorite, the red coral against white. Decorative Things, based in NYC and featured in Oprah, Shop Etc., and House & Garden, boasts entire lines of cute basic home necessities in irresistibly sweet patterns. Just one question, readers. When you view the dustpans on their website, why are they claiming, “Use it as a catch-all, candy dish or mail holder too.” A candy dish? I don’t get it. Someone, enlighten me already! Well, whatever you use your nifty dustpan for, enjoy shopping for delightfully decorative things! (photo: dustpan in Monaco Red)

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Susan Sells Sea Shells

You have to hand it to Southern Californians, they definately have a lot of luck in the good weather department. As Susan Sells Sea Shells, I’m in New England slowly sloshing slush, secretly swearing, shoveling snow. I visited SoCal this past summer, and quickly realized that it’s a whole different country over there. They have this carefree style that my fast-paced, screaming for a cab friends in the Northeast just can’t touch. While our SoCal friends are planting and surfing and simply moving on with life in January, the rest of us are stressing out, eating out, hibernating, and on our knees praying for Spring (which comes around mid June in the Boston area.) Well, today I got my touch of sunshine and sandy beaches. A very sweet woman contacted me asking if I’d consider writing about her friend’s website. Flattered, I replied, “Of course!” in one window, anxiously loading her page, in the other. Ummm. Shells. Beaches. Pretty white sand. My thoughts now switched to, “OMG! How will I incorporate shells into my blog in the dead of winter?!?”. Then, realizing that my blog is actually online, meaning it’s potentially viewed by people everywhere, it may actually be spring or summer according to some of my readers. If you’re one of them, this post is for you. Check out Susan Sells Sea Shells, for shell inspired designs by Susan, a talented Manhattan Beach artist. She creates beautiful works of art using natural elements from the sea; sand dollars, shells, coral, sea glass… simply lovely. Envision her items in a lovely Shabby Chic cottage or in an upscale Cape Cod summer home. Purchasing something handmade by an artist who truly takes pride in her work, like Susan, is certainly admirable and worth supporting. Thank you Valentina for sharing Susan’s website with decor8 readers!

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Environment 337

Ever since I heard about Environment 337 last summer, I’ve been intrigued by them. Their online store is really unique, and their storefront in Brooklyn is even better. Side point: Doesn’t it appear as though more and more business owners are opening up shop in Brooklyn lately, or is it me? I say, WAY TO GO BROOKLYN! I digress… Anyway, their website downright rocks and by far, has the smartest array of products I’ve seen in a long time. I like how small they are compared to some of these online behemoths that take weeks of scrolling to figure out exactly which of the 5,000 pillow covers you really want. Environment 337 is chic and simple. Like it. Shows that good things do come in small, odd, interesting little packages. Take the featured doll, for instance. Sure to strike up quite the conversation displayed on your cherished sofa, the Berton Ridley’s button doll is both scary and cute all rolled into one little colorful man. Sorta reminds me of a guy I once dated…(photo: Berton Ridley’s Button Doll, $45)

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