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I simply can’t get enough of the HANNSspree line of electronics. Hard to believe that I said “can’t get enough” and “electronics” in the same sentence. My husband would be so proud. These cuties look like a new breed of Macs or something; I did a double take when I first spotted one. HANNSpree has dozens of styles to fit the mood of you room, including TVs for kids, remote contols, and speaker systems. Finally, a TV that doesn’t need to hide in a monster size cabinet, concealed by doors, unattractive and alone.

HANNSwood 10″ LCD TV, on sale $299.99
front shown above. here’s the back view. bootylicious!
I’m giddy over this wood and floral pattern. don’t you just love the little ears?

HANNspreeflora 12″LCD TV, $499.99
pretty muted tone with a floral base. spring time fashion tv!

HANNSberlin 15″ LCD TV, $549.99
when the TV is off, use the smooth black leather belt to conceal the screen.
Bond. James Bond.

HANNSvaas 15″ LCD TV, $599.99
when only the best will do.

HANNSpearl 15″ LCD TV, ON SALE $399.99.
i’d trade snow days for beach days!

back: shell shaped
more like shell shocked, how luminous!

remote control included with HANNSpearl TV.
i’ve died and gone to heaven. as a mermaid.

HANNSstarlight 15″ LCD TV, $599.99 front.
beam me up scotty.

HANNS.A Green 10″ LCD TV $399.99
another big apple. take a bite out of this!
HANNSsnail 10″ LCD TV, $449.99
Escargot never looked so appealing.

HANNSz.crab 10″ LCD TV, on sale $249.00
when crabby is a good thing.

(all photos from HANNSpree.)

Posted in uncategorized on February 09, 2006

coffee + cre8tive [thurs feb 09 06]

here’s some visual candy for the day. I left some white space around this image so you can really focus on the colors.
*out of these postcards, which one appeals to you most, and why?

*how would you use this in your space? wallpaper? pillows? art? other?

*other random thoughts?

answer below by clicking on the comments link.

(photo from Finn Style.)

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Pop ink dinnerware. Silkscreened linen pillows. Artist-made panels. They’re all crafted by independant artists and sold at Elsewares. I love seeing all these talented people gain exposure (and business!) through websites like Elsewares. Take a glance on some favorites of mine. Maybe they’ll soon be favorites of yours!

12″ handmade art by three sheets, $45 available in several modern color choices.
star coasters, $25. set of 4
the alcohol won’t be the only thing causing you to see stars.
fashion plates, set of 2, $40. chocolate plate shown, other plate is in pear
cocoa meets coco chanel
wallpaper plate set, $40. blue shown, other plate is red
cupid rocks this design
lumen oil lamp, $48
see the forest through the little tree
by night
or by day…

(photos: top photo flower outline pillow from three sheets, $65. all photos from elsewares)

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Kate Spade – Home

Kate Spade, beloved New York handbag designer best known for simple silhouettes, combined with her innovative use of fabrics, decided to cast her net into other seas, lauching a new line of paper goods debuting on her website this month. She also has some fresh new dinnerware that deserves mentioning, especially the dogwood point collection with its bold black and white floral pattern. You can have a kate swinging from your shoulder, a cute tea mug in hand, and some dainty stationary tucked away in that sweet avalon bag. Here are some fresh finds from her spring collection – so pretty!

dogwood point soup or cereal bowl, $24
budget idea: if you’re not in the market for several, purchase just one to catch your keys on your entryway table.
pop love cup and saucer set, $60
gift idea: purchase a set for a friend, fill cup with heart shaped chocolates and include a box of your favorite tea. keep the plate for yourself to rest soap on in your bathroom.
floral coupe accent plate, $22
available in red, green or yellow.
budget idea: purchase one in each of the three available colors and using a wire plate holder, display them on your wall in semi circle fashion
rutherford circle floral accent mugs, $22
available in red, green or yellow.
budget idea: one is all you’ll need to hold your pens. use felt feet for the bottom of the mug. cut a circular piece of felt to place in the interior bottom of your mug to avoid that sharp sound of pen hitting china.

other fresh finds: kate’s paper goods

pop love collection

(photos from kate spade)

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Some of my books...

Further editions available: Decorate published by Murdoch Books for AU/NZ, Decorar BR, Alt om indretning DK, Inspirace pro váš byt CZ, Dekorácie SK, La décoration FR, Lust auf Wohnen DE, Sisusta tyylillä FI and Sztuka aranżacji wnętrz PL.


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