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Cableyoyo + Pop [Designlounge]

So much to manage in our crazy-busy life. Time management. Relationship management. Cord management.

Cord management?

Yup. Ultra-thin cord management. Let me explain. Do you suffer from cable clutter? You have all those cool gadgets laying around with all those uncool cords spewing out all over? Meet Bluelounge, makers of Cableyoyo. Bluelounge is a design studio based in Pasadena, CA founded by product designer Dominic Symons and graphic designer Melissa Sunjaya. Cableyoyo is one of their products that reduces cord clutter via good cord management. This nifty device, available in silver, white and black, was designed to wind and hide cords from cell phone chargers and digital accessories, spooling up to 6 feet manually. The best part, they’re only $4.95 each. Nix your cord complication with Cableyoyo.

But, there’s more…Cableyoyo is introducing this additional, even more amazing device called, “POP“. It’s a tiny cord winder that attaches to devices like iPods, laptops, and cell phones to manage smaller cords (like ear bud cords). It’s available in white or black and, now for my personal favorite (drum roll please), you can decorate it with pop art decals, 10 styles for the black pop and 10 additional styles for the white pop. As soon as this item becames available in April, I’m placing an order. I can’t tell you how tired I am of going to the gym and struggling with ear bud cords.

No more cord drama for us cool kids now, thanks to Designlounge and Cableyoyo.

(Photo: TOP: White “POP” with decal. BOTTOM: “Cableyoyo” in white. Photos from Cableyoyo.)

Posted in uncategorized on January 19, 2006


Flashback. 80’s Toto. Sing along with me, “All I wanna do when I wake up in the morning is see you eyes, Rosanna, Rosanna – I never thought that a girl like you could ever care for me, Rosannaaaaaaa…”

Fast Forward. 2006. Cute dishware by company called Rosanna. No relation to Toto song. Just felt a rocker chick moment and had to seize it before a live audience. (You are still live after that, right?) Now onto said plates.

I’ve been purchasing Rosanna dishware since 2001, so I have some say in the matter. First off, they are so ridiculously cute. They’re like the cutest puppy looking up at you with big eyes cute. The plates are sold in sets of 4 for around $25 and come packaged in girly girl decorative boxes that look like little hat boxes. They are made of sturdy stoneware and are microwave, dishwasher, and leaving them dirty in your sink for weeks, safe. The Rosanna collection also features mugs, teapots, frosted glass tumblers, and so many more not-so-plain-jane dishware that you just have to check them out for yourself.

Design tip: Buy a shadow box that is deep enough for the plate. Paint, wallpaper, or cork the back interior of the box. You can even use a mirror. Then, with amazingly strong hot glue, glue one of the “Parisian Wallpaper” plates into the frame, centered. Viola! Very cool art under glass.

“Need you all the way. Rosanna yeah….”

(Photos TOP: “Parisian Wallpaper”. BOTTOM: “Chandeliers” collection of plates, teapots, teacups and saucers. All photos from Rosanna Inc.)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, ceramics, kitchen on January 19, 2006

Ballard Designs

Good design simply rocks our socks no matter what form it takes. Take the “Victoria Dress Form”, for example. I saw one like this in Elle Decor UK in a contemporary apartment with hardwood floors, leather sofa, and white walls combined with abstract art, and the words, “Pure Brilliance” came to mind. My search began and the target was located for $179 at Ballard Designs.

Design tip: You could also use it for your wedding or a large party…simply use clothes line clips (natural ones, dip in dye to color) and clip on the persons name and table number card to the form. You could even use it in your home office as a catch all for great quotes, fabric swatches, anything that inspires you…

Side point: the photo shows it in the bathroom. Um…don’t know about that given moisture and wrought iron not making such a good team. I’d opt for displaying it in an entryway, living room, office…

P.S. I’ve also added some killer lamps from Ballard Designs, below. They actually work well in modern mid century spaces to, agree?

(Photos: TOP: “Victoria Dress Form”. BOTTOM: “Double Gourd Lamp” available in the petite size in apple green, red, black, white, and french blue for $119 and a large size Double Gourd Lamp is available in apple green, chocolate, red, white, and french blue for $159. “Madison Lamp” available in white and clear $129)

Posted in lighting on January 18, 2006

Urban Outfitters: Take Two

I‘m so ready to make a believer out of you. You need to save your soul from living in space that doesn’t reflect who you are because you can’t afford the stuff you really love. It’s time to believe in the power that is Urban Outfitters! They should be bookmarked el pronto for all things trendy and affordable. Take this amazing “Tabouret Side Table”, in lime, for only $120. These tables are everywhere right now, in case you haven’t noticed. This fashionable wood side table is also available in a funky coral color (although the coral one scares me). Then, of course, there’s good old-fashion spray paint. You can always order Tabouret and spray it your color of choice… I’d like to try painting the top white, the legs black, and the bottom white – all high gloss paint, of course. (Creative tip: Collage the top with quotes, colorful graphics, photos, and so on. Super fun + easy!)

Another fresh find from Urban Outfitters starts with the arabesque patterns back from the days of kings with the, “Outside In Shade”. The wallpaper on the shade isn’t really on it, it’s inside, so when you turn on the light, viola! Pure aristocratic chic! It’s 100% amazing for only $24. The base is sold separately and is called, “Vintage Glass”; it’s also $24. For $48 you can have a great lamp, or you can simply purchase the shade for $24 and pop it on a hanging light cord set and position it over your dining room table. Another tip – refresh that sickly little lamp you have with a funkalicious shade!

One last pick from the Urban Outfitters vine… the “Decorative Canopy” for only $80 and the “Bar Cart” for only $120. Martini’s never looked so good.

Run along and browse for yourself. It’s about time you found some trend items that are also affordable.

Amen to that!

TOP: “Tabouret” table. BELOW: “Outside In Shade” with “Vintage Glass” lamp, “Decorative Canopy” and “Bar Cart”. Photos from Urban Outfitters.)

Posted in shopping on January 18, 2006


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