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Rock Scissor Paper

Yup. It’s me again with the paper products. When I spotted these vintage cool cards from Rock Scissor Paper, I had to share. Their whole retro vibe has seriously got it goin’ on. Groovy! Rock Scissor Paper is based in LA and owned by super creative sisters Heidi + Susie Bauer. I couldn’t resist the mod home cards or the crafty chicken.

Another must see: the pin sets ($6 set of 4) available in 16 different themes. I’m thinking, pop off the “pin” on the back and neatly hot glue one to a plain napkin ring holder and you’re ready to invite guests to your table. You’ll spot loads of stationary, photo albums, paper plates + napkins, gift wrap + tags, even panties! Not sure how the panties got thrown into the mix, but heck, they’re cute so I can’t complain. Shop online and get your stationary fix for the day.

(Photos: LEFT: Pin Set #1 BOTTOM: Crafty Chicken Card + assorted Modern Classics Note Cards. All from Rock Paper Scissors.)

Posted in stationery on January 25, 2006

Uncommon Goods

Common can be so boring. Yawn. Uncommon however….Spicey.

At Uncommon Goods, unusual is the word of the day. Unique. Different. Even slightly unconventional. Items for home, office, friend, and pet. Their gifts for men are quite spiffy, too. Their merchandise isn’t the only thing that’s uncommon. They endeavor to offer items that are created in harmony with the environment and cause no harm to your furry friends or to people. They’re known for their exceptional customer service. Product shots are clear and descriptive, and navigation is a breeze. What are you waiting for?

After browsing their online marketplace and looking at almost everything, I selected a few fresh finds that I haven’t seen anywhere else (yet). “A Rapping at My Chamber Door” door knocker $52, “His and Hers” key holders $25, “What’s New Pussycat?” fat cat glasses $35/set of 4, “Level” cufflinks for $80, and “Cup o’ Noodles” udon noodle bowl (sooo clever!) $22.

Uncommonly delicious.

(Photos: TOP: Various products, linked above. BOTTOM: Cup o’ Noodles bowls. All photos from Uncommon Goods.)

Posted in uncategorized on January 25, 2006

Cat Cocoon [Plush Pod]

Look what the cat dragged in…Designers finally caught on that cats really are little people in fur coats and deserve posh living quarters, too. Although, I’m quite sure the driving motivation was making money on people with good taste.

Gone are the days when your only options are towering carpet poles and plaid cat beds. Check out this Cat Cocoon from Plush Pod. Taking 83 laser-cut double wall corrugated cardboard shapes, it’s then sculpted into a heavy and durable pod that stays put. Kitty can scratch it, hide inside, and sleep in stylish quarters that will blend in nicely with the design of your room. It’s a bit expensive at $279, but shipping is free and Plush Pod promises delivery within 1-2 weeks.

Let the cat out of the bag…opt for a cocoon instead.

(Photos: ALL: Cat Cocoon from Plush Pod.)

Posted in uncategorized on January 25, 2006

Zinc Details

From A to Zinc, this store has you covered. Zinc Details is one those places that you’ll want to move into. Owners, Vasilios and Wendy Kiniris, created a place that’s as visually stimulating as it is upbeat. When you’re there, you can see why Knoll selected them as its designated “Knoll Space” retailer in Northern California. Their fresh collection of national and international items are collected from all over the world, from Japan to Scandinavia. Now you can collect them too and create a Zinc Details home of your own.

(Photos: Store Photos, Zinc Details.)

Posted in uncategorized on January 25, 2006


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