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Sweet Felt Goods

Sweet dreams are in store for you tonight with your cozy felt patchwork blanket. Your eco conscious self will also sleep better knowing that your blankie was handmade using recycled 100% wool sweaters. The wool is “shrunk” by boiling water over and over again (it’s quite a process) and in the end, creates felt, a very dense, very soft fiber. Sweet Felt Goods, owned by Caroline Unruh in Providence, RI, offers quality large bed throws and baby blankets. She’ll even do custom work using wool sweaters that carry special meaning to you. Prices range from $175 and up. (Photos: TOP: Felted buttons, lined teal, 83×60″ $350. BELOW: misc. product shots, all from Sweet Felt Goods.)

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MoMa Store

You know what they say, when daddy says no, head straight to moma. Okay, so you’re an adult now. Let’s translate that to the here and now. In this case, daddy is your husband telling you how you can’t afford that new Chloe shirt, and moma is the perfect retail therapy fix for pouting females (also a great place to buy husband a sweet gift which may change his mind about the chloe shirt).

The MoMa store (Museum of Modern Art) is located online, via catalog, and in 3 NYC locations. MoMa carries items for everyone that range from staplers to watches. You can count on them for items that are well designed, make for excellent gifting (hint hint), and just plain look cool. Don’t miss their big 60% sale, the orange lamp and rolling storage bench shown are a few steals, amongst many others. ‘Nuff said.

(Photos: TOP: Eames house of cards, $25; I have these and frame my favorites, Eames coasters $15. BELOW: Bench box on sale for $314.95, Birz lamp on sale for $39.95; also available in lime and white. All photos from MoMa.)

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Does your space always look like a “before” and seldom an “after”? Chin up! There’s an Interior Decorator inside us all.

No, um, a tacked up Napolean Dynamite poster isn’t art.

Okay, maybe not inside of us all. Time for iCandy. No, I’m not referring to that cute humanoid you saw on the train this morning. iCandy is a company that sells hundreds of images, in every category imaginable, that are hand stretched and available in custom sizes for your space. Perfect solution for any room that could use a fresh update. Guaranteed to be total icandy. At least better than Napolean there.(Photo: “Snowy Bike Ride”, print on stretched canvas, 24X24″ ready to hang, product #ca7906 $160 from

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MUT Museum of Useful Things

It’s time to give some lovin’ to the locals. I don’t think I’ve featured anything uniquely Boston on here yet. I guess I’m still not, since these folks are across the river in Cambridge. (ha ha local joke). It’s called MUT, or Museum of Useful Things, and it’s located in the smartest zip code in the United States, none other than Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Not MIT… M-U-T

MIT= Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MUT = Museum of Useful Things

Both located in Cambridge, MA
Both contain things that are wicked smaht

Take, for instance, this Aluminum Pencil/Pen holder. Made right here in the USA. Once intended for laboratory use as a test tub holder, well surprise! You hated chem 01 anyway. For $28, this can sit on that fancy-schmancy desk of yours and raise your degree of coolness. (Photo from MUT) Check out MUT online, or visit their store at 49 Brattle Street in Cambridge.

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Some of my books...

Further editions available: Decorate published by Murdoch Books for AU/NZ, Decorar BR, Alt om indretning DK, Inspirace pro váš byt CZ, Dekorácie SK, La décoration FR, Lust auf Wohnen DE, Sisusta tyylillä FI and Sztuka aranżacji wnętrz PL.


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