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I should’ve stayed in bed today. Perhaps, I should just hang out at the theatre, seeing one matinee show after another, munching popcorn and enjoying a good action flick. Blogger has been totally kicking my butt with errors and such, driving me a bit insane, but I’m determined to still get some fresh posts up for today! Please bear with me. :)

The spring Grandinroad catalog arrived a few days ago, and I finally had a moment to flip through it. I pulled a few random things that I’d enjoy using in my own space, hoping you’ll spot something that strikes your fancy, too. The magnetic wall strip organizer, shown above, is a durable alternative to cork – each magnet holds up to 36 pieces of paper. It comes in mint or white and is a decent value at $24. All items shown are available online at Grandinroad.

set of 8 magnets, 4 hooks and 4 engraved words, $24 for all.
organization never looked so good!
leather file totes. $169.
i love these for my workspace at home since i gave up corporate life and all the files cabinets that went with it. these are great and i can carry them from room to room.
rosebud lights. $29
romantic roses will light your way.
reminds me of what you’d see in british or german design magazines.
set of 3 paint touch up kits, $19
touch up your walls without dragging out the big nasty paint can and those stiff brushes.
birch twig nest, $15.
set of 12 glass eggs, $45

creating the sweetest centerpiece for spring, priceless.
create ice centerpieces with impressive do-it-yourself ice molds.
add flowers, beads, food coloring, go crazy!
tip: fill it with ice cream instead of a tealight.

(photos from Grandinroad)

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Who hasn’t dreamt of grabbing a guitar and strummin’ away on stage before a crowd of people, singing your foolish heart out? Swollen lyrics stimulating a crowd of thousands. Everyone relating to your words of love gone amazingly wrong. Wearing really cool jeans that make your butt look good with a rockin’ t-shirt.

Real life scenario? Dancing around your living room, singing your favorite Jewel song into a hair brush with kiwi your cat looking on, so bored that he resorts to cleaning his paws. Bubble burst. Oh well, despite your lack of stage, talent, and adoring fans, you can still look cute during your home kareoke moments with a lavish rocker girl t-shirt with organic flair from Little By Jenny. Chocosho sells many of her designs on their website, all of which I just love.

I try to stick to home design, but Jenny’s nature inspired graphics with an industrial edge really flick my switch. I found them online at Chocosho, along with this adorable calendar by nicole g , and this quirky little smoggy mountain cardboard atomic bonzai kit ($22), perfect for those without a green thumb.

(photos from chocosho)

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Festive! Fun bowls and serving platters from Tradewinds, modern with a twist of whimsy. It’s hard to envision summer, but these bright and cheery platters will inspire images of warm summer nights spent sipping a raspberry margarita, afterdark madrid filling the air, entertaining friends with your latest tapas recipe. Fiesta!

I love the colors and textures of these bright pieces; but the mixed black ones are nice too. They’re quite classic meets whimsical charm – they remind me of a naughty secretary or something. When you’re not entertaining, you can display them – double duty!

The platters, not the secretary.

boudoir salad bowls, $36 for set of 3
in mixed black below or starburst above

classic rectangular tray set by magenta, $165 for set of 3
in starburst
or mixed black

(photos from tradewinds)

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I simply can’t get enough of the HANNSspree line of electronics. Hard to believe that I said “can’t get enough” and “electronics” in the same sentence. My husband would be so proud. These cuties look like a new breed of Macs or something; I did a double take when I first spotted one. HANNSpree has dozens of styles to fit the mood of you room, including TVs for kids, remote contols, and speaker systems. Finally, a TV that doesn’t need to hide in a monster size cabinet, concealed by doors, unattractive and alone.

HANNSwood 10″ LCD TV, on sale $299.99
front shown above. here’s the back view. bootylicious!
I’m giddy over this wood and floral pattern. don’t you just love the little ears?

HANNspreeflora 12″LCD TV, $499.99
pretty muted tone with a floral base. spring time fashion tv!

HANNSberlin 15″ LCD TV, $549.99
when the TV is off, use the smooth black leather belt to conceal the screen.
Bond. James Bond.

HANNSvaas 15″ LCD TV, $599.99
when only the best will do.

HANNSpearl 15″ LCD TV, ON SALE $399.99.
i’d trade snow days for beach days!

back: shell shaped
more like shell shocked, how luminous!

remote control included with HANNSpearl TV.
i’ve died and gone to heaven. as a mermaid.

HANNSstarlight 15″ LCD TV, $599.99 front.
beam me up scotty.

HANNS.A Green 10″ LCD TV $399.99
another big apple. take a bite out of this!
HANNSsnail 10″ LCD TV, $449.99
Escargot never looked so appealing.

HANNSz.crab 10″ LCD TV, on sale $249.00
when crabby is a good thing.

(all photos from HANNSpree.)

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