20 Creative Ideas For Facebook Live

May 21, 2016

Hey guys! I’m excited to share my guide to using Facebook Live because this is something new that I can really see myself using regularly! I did two broadcasts last night in my Blogging Your Way group on Facebook and it was so much fun! And though the lighting was bad, I still had a great time and decided that going forward, I’ll try to broadcast in natural light. Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot of research into Facebook Live for the past week and so I thought I’d share my findings based on my experience and some creative ideas on how bloggers and small biz peeps can use it. Ready?

20 Creative Ideas For Facebook Live

Facebook Live lets you broadcast a live video from your iOS or Android (not from your computer, at least not at the moment) to your followers on Facebook either on your own timeline OR on the timeline of a Groups page that you run. Your audience can freely interact in real time through comments and Facebook emoji. It’s fun!

First, click on the Facebook app on your smartphone. Then login. On your timeline, top left corner, click on “status”. An “update state” screen will appear. Click below on “live video”. Enter a clear description for the video. Click on the blue bar that says “go live”. Countdown begins 3, 2, 1… Smile! You’re live! Yay!

It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s fresh. And you’ve already got peeps. Think about it, you most likely already have followers or you may have a private group page that you run for your business. This means you don’t have to start from zero on a new app.


We need to make genuine connections now more than ever. With a bevy of beautiful, yet heavily edited images and inspiring yet overly tweaked written content, all that sparkle and shine can feel boring at times. Even fake. Your content may be discouraging because to your fans, you may come across as totally unapproachable to your fans. You can google and find anything online yet we all still crave more. That “more” can be satisfied currently through live broadcasting. A live video gives YOU a chance to share openly without retakes, beautiful filters or post-processing. As a result, you can create genuine and present topics and share moments in a fresh new way that can inspire your followers. Continue Reading…


DIY: Garden Wisteria + Iris Summer Bouquet

May 19, 2016

Hello dear readers, I’m back with a new flower column for you to enjoy this month. I currently live in Germany, but I grew up in the Ukraine and one of my most cherished memories goes back to summer months spent with my wonderful grandma at our ‘dacha’, a small Russian summer house. This was our seasonal second home where we grew our own fruit, vegetables and flowers! I was outdoors the entire time helping my beloved granny plant new strawberries or potatoes. Luckily, my grandma loved flowers as much as I did and so together we planted peonies, daisies and my favorite, irises. In fact, I think it was her who instilled a passion for flowers in me.

DIY: Garden Wisteria + Iris Summer Bouquet

Anastasia Benko for decor8

There was no better feeling than to go home with a bucket full of strawberries or a bouquet of peonies. When my mother and I moved to Germany, my granny visited and brought a few rhizomes from our dacha. She also planted peonies. With this background you might better understand my love of flowers an why I am really looking forward to share this special arrangement with you today fresh from the garden. Continue Reading…

Shop Tours

Kinfolk Style Shop In Warsaw

May 18, 2016

You really must check out this newly transformed Soviet-era dental clinic in Poland today, it’s the retail space of Thisispaper and I was happy that owners and designers Zuzanna Gasior and Aleksandr Zacharow took the time to reach out to me to share their space with me. It is very Kinfolk Style! Now it’s your turn to see it. This simple and quiet interior is quite striking, don’t you think?

Kinfolk Style Shop In Warsaw

If you’ve not heard of them before, Thisispaper is located in Warsaw and they design and carry their own products (like gorgeous bags and totes), the Thisispaper magazines and high-quality roasted organic Japanese teas. Thisispaper is located next door to their studio space so they make in one space, sell in the other (and also online). Continue Reading…


Recipe: Strawberry Moët & Chandon Swiss Cake Roll

May 18, 2016

Hello lovely decor8 readers…it’s been a little while since I saw you last and since then we went on a fabulous family holiday. Instead of Bali as planned we had to change our holiday destination at the last minute. My doctors would not clear me to go overseas (I’m pregnant and the baby could arrive anytime now!) so we cancelled Bali and kept our destination within Australia and took a shorter trip to Byron Bay. It was all about relaxation and enjoying our time as a family of four – exactly what was needed. We ate in so many beautiful places, went on long rambling walks and swam in the warm sea- we all feel re-charged and ready for the next phase in our lives when baby arrives. With only a couple of weeks to go now I am in full nesting mode getting ready for this little one.

Recipe: Strawberry Moët & Chandon Swiss Cake Roll

Emma Duckworth for decor8

In the past couple of weeks I have been talking to my friends over in the UK and they are loving being in the throws of springtime. It got me thinking about my childhood growing up in the UK and some of the sweet treats that I used to love as quintessentially English. I started reminiscing about Bakewell Tart, Bread and Butter Pudding, Eton Mess, Banoffee Pie and the simple classic Victoria Sponge which is in essence a two layers of light vanilla sponge with cream and strawberries sandwiched in the middle…. doesn’t get more English than that! Continue Reading…

Books + Magazines

KOEL Magazine For Yarn + Decor Lovers

May 17, 2016

I’m thrilled to tell you about a beautiful new print magazine that my friend Irene Hoofs from Bloesem is about to launch for crafting with yarn for the home! Inspired by her love of yarn, she’s given it a Dutch name, KOEL (pronounced cool), and will focus the content on beautiful projects and things for the home produced by and for yarn lovers. I find it particularly interesting that this project isn’t one she’s facing alone though. She took a leap of faith to put it out on a crowdfunding site – which takes a lot of courage – since she has great hope that her friends and fans will support this beautiful magazine due in stores globally in only four short months. You can learn all about KOEL and her project here.

KOEL Magazine For Yarn + Decor Lovers

I personally LOVE the idea of getting your audience to support you. Sure, things can all be funded by big business, corporate sponsors or by taking out a major loan and winging it but there is a lot to be said for asking those who love what you do to contribute to a project that will not only give them a chance to support you but a chance to have the product before anyone else. I think it’s a bit sad that bloggers and stuff on the internet in general is always expected to be free because talented people burn out so easily when they’re not seeing monetary gain from all of the hard work they’re doing. If you plan to produce a tangible product that a person can hold, in this case a print magazine, why not go to your crew and ask for some financial backing? I believe that you have to ask for help.

You just gotta. So many try to be independent but we also need to balance this with being dependent. We need other people. In the case of the internet, we are all really quite interdependent too – don’t you think? We need one another to grow. I support you, you support me, I need you, you need me. It’s all done with a spirit of friendship but also with a strong will to thrive and become successful with what we’re doing. Why not? I also think it’s important to support women in business. Irene is a mother of two young boys who happens to be a successful business owner thanks to blogging and her friends online. That’s the stuff dreams are made of. A self-made woman is a beautiful thing – to be able to make your dreams come true and work for yourself is really amazing. But you need people to help you along the way. Talent and drive aren’t enough.

I was reading a funny quote this morning that my friend and fine artist, Sebastian Maria Otto, had posted on his Facebook page awhile back. I don’t think he said it originally, but who cares, that’s not the point. It’s so good, look:

“We don’t like money but realize it’s the best way to get drinks at the bar”. 

This is how I think a lot of creative people feel. We don’t like to ask for money! We don’t even like money! But it is the best way to get what we need.

Irene says, “With an audience of over 40 million yarn crafters in the United States and many more globally, the market for KOEL to tap into is very much alive and growing. Yarn crafting for the home has gained significant interest from crafters worldwide.” Yes, for sure. In fact, I think when you combine yarn craft with a cool, clean aesthetic and layout you really can’t go wrong. When I look at most knitting magazines, well… Not really ones I find super inspirational to look at. Continue Reading…

Arts + Crafts

Delicate Handmade Flowers In Paris By Laurence Aguerre

May 13, 2016

Our trip to Paris yielded so many good experiences and memories, beyond words, really. From meeting (and lunch!) with Artistic Director Daniel Rozensztroch of Merci to hanging out with the delightful Cécile Figuette of Bien Fait, making flowers with shopowner and author Adeline Klam… It was all so fascinating… Oh and did I tell you that we were treated to a beautiful lunch and dessert at Ladurée? We were indeed. We also visited the much envied children’s online store Smallable in their first new storefront. Oh, and there was the great hotel that treated us so nicely, Grand Pigalle, with a bathtub I could have slept in… It was a beautiful week. But there’s more… I got to meet a fan of my blog who is also an exquisite artist, a textile designer with the hand of a magician, who transforms delicate fabrics into blooms that you simply have to see to believe. Her name is Laurence Aguerre.

Delicate Handmade Flowers In Paris By Laurence Aguerre

Morten Toni Vinther for decor8

We spent time with Laurence chatting in mostly French (thank God I had my friend with me to help!) in her tiny, sunny studio that is part of a collaborative artists’ space where you have to win a lottery to get your own atelier (or not) there. The  35 ateliers are located in a large building in central Paris called Les Ateliers De Paris, which is known as a incubator of creativity or as the French would say, “L’incubateur des métiers de création.” Continue Reading…

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