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Win $500 Gift Card From Pottery Barn + Ken Fulk

September 9, 2015

Would you like to win a $500 gift card from Pottery Barn and see a Autumn dinner party that I put together to celebrate their new Ken Fulk collection? As a design writer, I come across many beautiful products yet Pottery Barn is one American retailer that I return to when seeking beautiful, approachable and quality pieces for my home. I’ve been shopping them since I was in college because they are one of the best sources for creating stunning interiors. As Autumn nears, I’m dreaming up some tabletop ideas for the gatherings that I’ll host… That is why when Pottery Barn teamed up with San Francisco-based designer Ken Fulk, I had to see what he was designing for them. This is their exclusive, first ever product collaboration so it’s a pretty big deal for Pottery Barn fans and those who love Ken Fulk because they can bring a high-end decorator’s touch to their home without breaking the bank. Here is a glimpse…

Win $500 Gift Card From Pottery Barn + Ken Fulk

This exclusive line is so well-edited that you can mix and match without worry that items won’t work together because they all match beautifully. In addition to tabletop, you will find furniture, lighting, soft furnishings and so much more. I have my eye on the tailored bed skirt and the orange lacquer boxes because they are so chic. To show you a few items from this collection in my home, I’ve dressed my recent dinner party with the Ken Fulk painted canvas table runner, painted canvas placemats and spoon straws for our gin & tonic bar. I love the heavy deep blue/black canvas of the runner and placemats and that the off-white color that mimics sea salt – pure (not creamy) but also not pure white – And I enjoy how well they work in my very light and bright home, the contrast is just great and illustrates how well his collection works in a variety of interiors.

Win $500 Gift Card From Pottery Barn + Ken Fulk

Known for his exuberant style, Ken Fulk is an American decorator and event designer from Virginia with a staff of nearly 50 headquartered in San Francisco, California where he lives and works. He designs for hot spots and for high profile clients which is why his collaboration with Pottery Barn is so special – it’s his signature style but available to all budgets. His signature style is a mix of European (English countryside mixed with Paris townhouse) combined with classic American Federal style so there are nods of his European Continue Reading…


Cloud 7: Portraits of Dog Owners & Their Dogs

September 6, 2015

I’ve just returned from Amsterdam where I was working with a few lovely creative women on a book project so it was SO nice to receive a solid submission in my inbox today! It’s easy to feel a bit lazy after returning from a work trip – I have so much on my mind and with looming deadlines, I love it when someone sends me a submission that is as good as if I had sourced it myself. This one comes from Berlin from a new company called Cloud 7 which is completely focused on providing beautiful, quality products for dogs. I don’t usually write about pets and products for them on decor8, but since dog beds are part of a room, it isn’t a bad idea to actually buy one that looks good and fits your decor, right? The ones from Cloud 7 are totally my style – tactical, cozy, natural-looking and discreet – no crazy patterns or something that clashes with my home style.

Cloud 7: Portraits of Dog Owners & Their Dogs
Cloud 7 produces high quality products like beds, bags, bowls, collars, leashes and other accessories for dogs and are produced fair trade from eco-friendly materials. I love their ceramic chalkboard bowls, canvas dog bag, tweed travel bed, and their many lovely dog beds. My little boy will be 19-months-old in a few days and he loves dogs way more than I notice other kids his age do, so it makes me wonder if a little dog is in our future… He runs up to them and wants to kiss and hug each dog he meets, so I’ve naturally Continue Reading…

Decorating Tips

Minimalist Maps From Mapiful: Decorate Your Walls!

August 25, 2015

I can’t wait to tell you about Mapiful because I just love maps and minimalist black and white street maps are very much trending for interiors. Plus, decorating with maps has long been a favorite of designers worldwide. Thing is, when you live outside of a mega “cool” city, it’s often impossible to find maps for your spot, and if you do, even harder to find something you like. I’ve found several of my current city that are either ornate and vintage from flea markets (and expensive) or are designed by the town for our travel and tourism shop and are very generic and boring.

Minimalist Maps From Mapiful: Decorate Your Walls!

Another dilemma is when you find a map of a city that you love that is a popular destination, but it is in color or the typeface is all wrong. Which is often the problem I’ve run into when searching for maps.

That’s why Swedish firm, Mapiful, is the solution for me! They give you the chance to print minimalist black and white maps of any location in the world, pan and zoom, customize the text and they will print it out, mail in a sturdy tube, and ship at no cost no matter where you live. You pay only $60 for your custom map (BUT Continue Reading…


Recipe: Summer Lemon Tart

August 17, 2015

Hi! It’s Liz and this month on decor8 I’d like to invite you to an all-girls picnic with a delicious lemon tart recipe for you today! What a fun way to celebrate summer! We were on vacation in Bavaria, where I got to see my cousin and my daughter loves spending time with her, too. Nothing like having an older girl to worship… Both kids helped me with the baking in the kitchen, and while the tart was in the oven, we sat down together and painted flower name-cards with watercolors. The girls had it all planned out.

Recipe: Summer Lemon Tart

It was so fun to see how everyone was enjoying the idea of having lemon tart and lemonade outside, and how we all worked together to make it a nice event. Somehow the feeling of having a picnic under a shady tree and eating something sweet is different than sitting down at a table. It was hot the day we planned the picnic, and we stayed indoors most of the day to avoid the heat. But the kids wanted to decorate, so they set out to find some pretty flowers in the meadow in front Continue Reading…

Home Tours

Home Tour: Natural Living in Finland

August 10, 2015

I came across the most beautiful Finnish home and blog over the weekend while my little one was napping, called No Home Without You, based just outside of Helsinki. First, I adore the blog name because it’s just so true. Many overlook this very simple truth about ours homes while installing new drapes and cushions: Interior objects don’t make a home, people (or pets) whom you love, who live there with you, make it a home. The material “stuff” just makes it pretty and allows you to express your creativity while also creating a space that functions well enough to serve your needs.

Home Tour: Natural Living in Finland

Of course, in addition to those you love, many of us are very proud of our domestic skills and have decorating high up on our favorite things to do list. I certainly do. The blogger behind No Home Without You, Kaisa Palomaki, also loves to decorate which is evident in the photos she shares on her blog that you will see below – it’s so serene, natural, inviting and beautiful. Kaisa has such a knack for pulling together a wonderful space with a very clear style that is all her own. I also love her DIY projects like this yarn art that she calls an Aztec Wall Hanging shown above her bed. Continue Reading…

Arts + Crafts

BIG Art From Minted

August 6, 2015

Have you heard the great news that Minted has gone BIG time? Minted (they even ship outside of the U.S.) now offers very large sizes of their art and I had to learn more. Like most of you, curiosity killed the cat and I ended up “learning” so much that I landed smack dab in the middle of the photography of Qing Ji which then ended up in my shopping cart. I just knew I had to own A Bunch Of Wild Flowers because it’s different but also so cheery and bright. Minted stocks photographic prints but also illustration, prints of collage and paintings — all framed if needed — up to size 44″ x 60″. Will you just look at this beauty in my home…

BIG Art From Minted

Art is a never-ending spiral for me, I love it and like filling my home with pattern and color through creative work. I’m not big on a patterned sofa or patterns on drapes, I am more interested in seeing it on walls, floors and through small accessories like pillows and throws. I like something with wow appeal on the floor, then a gentle rest on the eyes for the middle of the room (where throws and pillows are) and then towards the mid to top of the room I like color and/or pattern.

When I decorate a room, I always take a photo of the space from the main entry point and then I divide the photo into 3 parts, lower, mid section, top. From there, I split into 3 more sections – left, middle and right side. This way, the room has 6 parts or squares. In all 6 of those parts, I make sure there is a good flow between all from pattern and color to the recurrence of a repeating color or pattern I’m going with if that’s what I want. I know it’s a bizarre and very unconventional way to see a space but it’s always how I’ve seen rooms since I was a child and though I abandoned this way of decorating for a few years, I’ve decided to go back to it and see how I can use it as I work through my upcoming decorating and styling projects. I feel like I need to make some changes and continue improving instead of going with what is comfortable or text book.

Do you have any unconventional ways to approach a space? Oh, and do you have any large art in your home and if so, what and where is it placed? I think the above print may end up in my bedroom or hallway next week…

(image: Holly Becker for decor8)

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