Recipe: Sweet Roasted Pumpkin Cups

October 27, 2015

Hello everyone, it’s Liz and I’m back with another delicious dessert for the month using pumpkin in a recipe I’m calling Sweet Roasted Pumpkin Cups. The last two weekends has delivered the nicest weather here. Sunny blue skies, warm days, cold nights. Yellow and orange leaves are everywhere and I love seeing the pumpkins at the markets – a sign that Autumn has arrived! There are pumpkins everywhere now. On the farmers’ markets, in the supermarkets – and such variety, too.

Recipe: Sweet Roasted Pumpkin Cups

A few years ago pumpkins were a rarity here in Germany, did you know that? I love the hokkaido, because it doesn’t has to be peeled. And since I like easy dinners, using hokkaido in the kitchen is exactly up my alley. It originates from the Japanese island Hokkaido, where it was imported by Americans in 1878. Here in Germany, pumpkin is often eaten as a savory dish: as soup, Continue Reading…

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Micush Pop-Up Shop For The Tabletop

October 21, 2015

I’m happy to announce my next pop-up shop kicking off today until November 15th! The new designs by my friend Michal Marko from Micush in Tel Aviv are new favorites so I’ve decide to stock some of her new products for a limited time with free shipping worldwide.

Micush Pop-Up Shop For The Tabletop
Micush Pop-Up Shop For The Tabletop
Micush Pop-Up Shop For The Tabletop

You can see Michal in the photo above – she’s a young designer who got started in children’s illustration and has branched out to include illustration for home items. These smooth melamine trays are handmade from renewable forests in birch wood (the backs show the wood pattern) and are dishwasher safe. I hope that you’ll support this amazing artist from Israel (free shipping worldwide!) and check out her beautiful trays for eating and the kitchen.

(Images: Micush)

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Tabletop: Ideas For October Entertaining

October 19, 2015

It’s Monday, a new week and new inspiration to be found! This is Anke and I’m back with a new theme for you this month, today with an autumnal table for you. Let’s celebrate the golden month of October with warm colors, oak wood, soul food and beautiful flowers. Before I develop my ideas for table decor I usually begin with my current color crush. Lately I’m falling for ochre yellow, which is a bit brownish, like curry powder. I enjoy viewing the autumn forest so much and have noticed lots of ochre this year. Do you have a favorite color at the moment? What is it?

Tabletop: Ideas For October Entertaining

When it comes to eating, my go-to food at this time of the year is a hot and creamy soup. In my photos you’ll see a pureed pumpkin potato soup garnished with roasted seeds, fresh parsley and coarsely grounded black pepper. If desired my guests can help themselves with french farmhouse bread, homemade herb butter and fleur de sel (which you’ll always find on my table as I am a little Continue Reading…

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From The Heart: Give Yourself The Permission To Grow

October 15, 2015

I love this time of the year when you wake up and it’s suddenly Autumn. It happens literally overnight – the air turns crisp, the ground becomes a blanket of burnt ember, caramel and gold and wood burning in someone’s stove conjures up imagines of log cabins, mountain holidays and foggy lakes… (I buy a candle to mark this time of year, every year, called Feu de Bois by Diptyque because it gives you your very own roaring fireplace at home.) I also love flowers in early Autumn… Rich, jewel-like colors and textures that melt your heart.
From The Heart: Give Yourself The Permission To Grow

I have a photoshoot this weekend so in preparation, I’ve ordered the most beautiful flower bunches to create a lovely scene with. I can hardly wait to go pick them up and get creative with my bundles. I had a photoshoot earlier this week on Monday outdoors, and I was lucky because it happened to be on one of those perfect October days when the air is perfect and the sunlight trickles
through the trees… I had no team with me, no photographer, but I had props and an open mind and my Canon 5D Mark III with two lenses, my trusty 50mm and my 35mm. I shot what I needed for over three hours, for my book (!), and walked away feeling better than ever. It was a real moment for me to not depend on anyone else and just do the work myself.

Have you ever felt an inner shift occur, out of the blue, that forever changed you?

That day was epic because I stopped being so damn hard on myself. I gave myself permission to not be perfect and to have fun. I allowed myself to extend the same compassion to me as I give to others who are unsure. It was when I found my voice and my confidence taking photos and now, I only want to advance and push myself in new directions so I can become better. I no longer have this negative voice in my head telling me that my photos are crap. When I sent my shots to my publisher in London, and my co-author Leslie, the replies were Continue Reading…

Books + Magazines

Book Review: The Shopkeeper’s Home

October 6, 2015

It was such a pleasure to learn that my publisher in the UK, Jacqui Small, signed new author Caroline Rowland because it’s always nice to have talented new authors in your circle. Caroline’s first book just launched called The Shopkeeper’s Home and so I had to offer to help spread the word to support her new book writing career. I had a virtual coffee and chat with her this morning and she gave me a few insights into her book and tips for those of you who may be interested in getting a book deal of your own. I thought I’d share our chat with you now along with some beautiful photos from her book that will definitely have you running out to buy The Shopkeeper’s Home. Ready?

Book Review: The Shopkeeper's Home

decor8: Caroline, can you please tell us about your background?

CR: I studied photography at university, then worked on picture desks mainly at the Financial Times. I set up my blog, Patchwork Harmony, in 2008 and 91 Magazine in 2011 while still working full time but finally went freelance in 2013. 

decor8: How did you get a book deal, what are some tips for those who want to get into books?

CR: Jacqui Small was aware of my work with 91 Magazine, and we had a meeting way back when I still worked for the Financial Times, but it was only after I went freelance that I approached them with my book idea and things went from there. I think it’s good to build a brand/aesthetic first so publishers can see what you are about. Think about unique ideas that might work as a book. It needs to be something you’re really passionate about too as you’ll be working on it for quite a while!
Continue Reading…

From The Heart

From The Heart: The Fear Of Being Judged

October 1, 2015

Hey there friends! OK so let’s talk about being judged because we all hate it right? But first, a little bit about why I am stuck on this topic at the moment… I recently watched a film called Dior and I, have you seen it too? Wasn’t it so inspiring? It’s the story of Raf Simons’ premiere couture collection at the house of Christian Dior. I was surprised and equally inspired by Simons – especially that he doesn’t sketch and that he didn’t speak a lot of French when he first started at Dior. I remember how held back and limited I felt when I first moved to Germany and today, how I still feel limited because I’m not fluent yet, so this film inspired me to see that the goal for Simons was simply to communicate in whichever way he could – translators, collaging images to show a final look he’d envisioned, broken French, French and English combined, through lots of mood boards, facial expressions, hand gestures… Even tears. Whatever worked, he did it. He communicated in many cases, beyond language.

From The Heart: The Fear Of Being Judged

So much of communication is visual and also “felt” through touch or the way someone looks at you, don’t you agree? Hand gestures, body language and eye contact are what you first rely on before learning a language but even during. When people get intimidated because they can’t speak a language fluently they should remember that communication is the single goal regardless of how that is accomplished. Get your message through no matter what! Who cares who judges you with your bad accent or horrible grammar? Just speak!

Lots of bloggers ask me if they should write their posts in their mother tongue and in English to reach more readers. I always say yes, do it. And then the next question usually is, “Do I still write in English Continue Reading…

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