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November 23, 2015

Hello dear friends, how are you today? Would you like to begin the week by seeing a lovely interior “trend” that I’m (and so many of you) are really into right now? Oh good. But first, and wow oh my goodness just wow, I’m so glad to be back on the other side of the glass wall again, in the land of the living! I’ve been buried so deep inside of my book project and had to turn so much off to accomplish everything by deadline. I turned nearly everything in last week and sat back with a glass of wine and just felt accomplished and good. My soul felt full. After taking the weekend to process it all, I’m suddenly eager to move into the final weeks of the year with a renewed energy, to be on the other side of the glass able to see friends again, go dancing, host a few parties, blog more, travel and just surface for air. I also can’t wait for the Christmas markets to begin on Wednesday throughout Germany because I love bringing my little boy and watching his eyes glow as he takes in all of the sights, sounds and smells.

Interior Trends On My Radar

For book number 4, I ended up at the last minute becoming a co-photographer and so it was a challenging last few months for me to say the least. I have a high end Canon camera with some gorgeous lenses but that doesn’t make me a qualified-for-books photographer. I see some invest in expensive cameras and have no clue what they are doing, don’t really care to learn, yet call themselves professionals because of owning professional equipment. I’m not being negative about them, they can do as they wish, but I didn’t want that “type” to end up being me. It’s like claiming you’re an athlete because you own the best workout clothes and shoes. I really want to get the most from what I own though it was hard for me because I have such little patience with myself when it comes to technology. So little. I want everything to just work with little explanation or practice. I often wonder if this is characteristic of my generation – wanting everything fast, now, sooner, better, bigger… Harder, better, faster, stronger… Isn’t that how the song goes?

Yet, despite the fight I had with the tech side of my brain, I forced myself to learn more about photography as I took photos for this project… I continually referenced books and asked friends, I talked a lot to my husband, I shot more, I bought a different lens, I kept asking questions, I kept trying more more more… Sometimes a single photo took a few hours to compose and shoot because of low light levels and my inability to capture light and turn the photo into something lovely. Yet I tried and just kept at it. I learned Lightroom really well too and improved my Photoshop skills like I never thought possible. And now, I can proudly say that over 120 of my photos will be in book 4 (title is a surprise) which will release in September 2016 in English Continue Reading…

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Tabletop: Ideas for Holiday Parties

November 19, 2015

Looking for simple yet beautiful decorating and tabletop ideas for the holidays? Hello dear decor8 readers, this is Anke back again with my monthly installment of tabletop ideas. This time I’m focusing on November to help prepare you for the holiday season with some simple yet classy tabletop ideas for a late November dinner party that feels a little bit like Christmas. For all of Holly’s American readers, this could be a lovely presentation for your Thanksgiving holiday.

Tabletop: Ideas for Holiday Parties

Christmas Season is just around the corner. Looking at magazines and blogs I am amazed every year anew at all the creative activities. Personally, I’m a late starter when it comes to Christmas preparations (I fill the Advent calendars for my boys usually in the night of November 30th to December 1st!) But… I’m totally ready for an almost winterly table covered in green, white and natural shades right now – no need to wait for a little holiday preview on my tabletop.

I went with a fir tree theme as I like the beautiful forest designs of the Swedish brand Fine Little Day so much! Their cute tray was used toput my menu card on the wall and give my guests an overview of dinner. If you want to try this yourself, just attach a poster-hanger on the Continue Reading…

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Blickfang Design Fair Hamburg: Review

November 17, 2015

Want to see some fresh design that hasn’t been all over the web (yet)? Well, I had the pleasure of attending the Blickfang International Design Fair in Hamburg last Friday on opening day and found it to be so well done – beautifully curated and organized. Of course, the most important thing to me was whether or not the booths were interesting, would I like any of the designs, was anything looking new or fresh?

Blickfang Design Fair Hamburg: Review

I’m happy to report – yes and what a great show! Of course, you always see things that look like a designer was heavily influenced by something already on the market, but this fair was actually very original and interesting to attend because I found a lot of the designers had their own sense of style and certainly Continue Reading…

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10 Gifts I Love From Lulu & Georgia

November 16, 2015

I adore shopping so when American web shop Lulu & Georgia asked me to work with them I immediately said yes because I’ve long admired their site and gorgeous products. And I thought, well if I shop there, why not suggest them to all of you? They asked me to select 10 things that I would love to give this holiday season and to host a little Instagram contest, so I have selected the beautiful items for the home shown below.

10 Gifts I Love From Lulu & Georgia


Shopping List: 1. Albany Fur Pillow, Coral $105 || 2. NYC #1 Print $55-285 (depending on size) || 3. Dream a Little Dream Matches $10 || 4. Evelyn Vase, White $130-177.50 (depending on size) || 5. Merry Maker Cocktail Shaker $54 || 6. Delt Bottle Opener, Gold $25 || 7. Taryn Tray $98 || 8. Indigo Extra Long Pillow $260|| 9. Jonathan Adler King & Queen Ornament Set $58 || 10. Garance Dore 2016 Calendar $26

Or for a one stop shop, shop all of my picks here.

About that special Instagram contest… Go to my Instagram to enter (I’m @decor8) when you see the image above, you may win a $100 gift card to Lulu & Georgia so please do check that out and enter today! You can enter until Friday, November 20th – the winner will be announced on Instagram and this post will be updated with the winner’s name on November 23rd.

[Content sponsored by Lulu & Georgia. All product selections and opinions are my own.]


Photography + Styling For Your Blog + Instagram

November 11, 2015

Hello everyone! How are you? I’m going to Hamburg this week to attend a design show, Blickfang, with my new French friend who is also working with me on partnerships and advertising for decor8. Not only does she have the perfect French name, Amelie, but she has the Garance Dore accent and this wonderful, positive spirit. I adore Amelie – we just started to work together a few weeks ago and it’s been great having her around. So yes, I’m off to Hamburg soon and so I wonder, Hamburg experts, any good suggestions for shopping, eating, cafes, etc.? We’ll have 5 hours to burn so we want to burn them wonderfully (wink).

Photography + Styling For Your Blog + Instagram

Okay so onto the meat of this post. Blogging. What the heck is happening with blogs and the internet and what is the future? We can all speculate which is sorta fun but I firmly believe in one thing (the rest is a blur): that the folks behind blogs, Instagram, etc. for lifestyle categories, foodies, design, etc. only have a chance at reaching a certain status or level of success (or earning money) if they have great styling and photography. I could sit around and tell you it doesn’t matter but I’d be a liar. It does matter. When I really put my all into my Instagram account (I’m @decor8 if you are curious and wanna follow me), I get hundreds of new followers overnight. When I flake out, like I have been the past few months because I’m working on my 4th book (I turn it in in Sunday, omg you guys!), my followers massively slow down when it comes to interacting with me, liking my pics… Not to mention how few new followers I see. So yeah, I can bs you and say photography and styling aren’t important, just wing it, but that is not the case at all.

In the Blogging Your Way Instagram e-course earlier this year, I promised a follow-up to that class. In it, we taught the nitty gritty on how IG works from algorithms (yes really) to “the grid” and the importance of this, that and the other. Now it’s time for the follow-up, for you to LEARN how to style (aka arrange stuff in a nice way) and compose your shot (like angles, SO important) and how to take photos way better than you thought you ever could. And we’re not just including Instagram for this class but bloggers in general who want to also style and take better photos for their blog.

I’ve teamed up with Tina Fussell, Jack Fussell and Holly Marder who will tell you everything they know and I’ve already seen their lessons – GUYS YOU ARE IN FOR A TREAT. Take this class!

The e-course is self-paced and runs for three weeks from 15 November until 7 December. Then you have all of the holiday break and new year to practice your new skills on friends and family! Weeeee! You will also walk into the new year with your head high because you have major ammo, mega mojo and monster-size mad skills so you’re not starting the new year thinking, “Oh my god, resolution time, I don’t know where to begin!”, rather you are beginning the year thinking, “I’ve got this, internet WATCH OUT”.

This is the last one we’ll be teaching on these topics until Fall/Winter 2016 so don’t wait another year, too much time to not make any progress! Come learn with us – see you soon!

CLICK HERE for e-course outline and to sign up. It’s like unicorn magic how that works.

(images: holly marder, tina fussell, jack fussell)

Home Tours

Home Tour: Modern Farmhouse with Global Touches

November 5, 2015

Hey everyone, it’s Holly Marder back again this month with another beautiful interior to show you! I have a sneaking suspicion you’ll love this modern home in the country so let’s jump straight in!

Home Tour: Modern Farmhouse with Global Touches

Webshop owner and interior stylist Nicole de Ridder and her partner Michiel Kok live reside in this renovated farmhouse in the Dutch countryside with their baby boy Tyn. After years of remodeling, the results are a calming and contemporary family home that boasts all the characteristics of an old farm.

Michiel purchased the 140m2 property a decade ago prior to meeting Nicole. The building, which dates back to 1922, was in a sorry state of affairs and he commenced reconstruction right away, a job which took him more than six years. After meeting Nicole, they decided to live together however Continue Reading…

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