Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One

November 1, 2007

I can’t resist a good round up, so this year I’ve decided to pull together some of my favorite calendars for 2008 just like last year. I may have to add a part 2 to this in case a few slip my mind, so bear with me! Most of these calendars are available and ready to ship, others aren’t but the date in which they’ll be available is listed below. If you see something you like, because many are produced in limited quantities, don’t sleep on it because if you snooze you lose. Enjoy!

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One Hand-printed perpetual calendar on luggage tags, $35.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One Happify calendars double as postcards, I adore these designs too.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part OneAlbertine Press calendars are printed on four shades of Pescia paper by Arturo Magnani, a soft, thick, luscious, Italian printmaking paper. They are hand tied at the top with a flat cotton ribbon and will be available in their Etsy Store in the middle of November for $45.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One Joie Studio’s Blooming Letterpress desk calendar, which will be available for $15 starting November 11th. You can also reserve your copy by emailing her at shopATjoiestudioDOTcom.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One Letterpress calendar by Green Chair Press, $18. A year of patterns and poetry, this desktop calendar has 12 unbound letterpressed cards displaying a pattern and haiku.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One Posy Press calendars are flat-printed and then stitched onto vintage wallpaper using 3 wallpaper designs making a limited edition of 75 for each pattern, $7 each.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One Linda & Harriett letterpressed calendar, $20.
Adore the graphics, composition, and colors, really great work.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One The first ever Creative Thursday calendar, it goes live sometime today,
so watch for it on etsy!

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One Cindy Jaswal’s calendar features her favorite images including
two of her latest drawings. Only 16 left! $30.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One Screen/Gocco printed Botanical calendar by Anna Cote, $20.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One The Ilee calendar combines letterpress, silkscreen, foil stamping,
fine papers and handpainted accents. $20.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One Cecily Ink desk calendar, bright and happy for only $14.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One Flower silhouettes by Liz Kalloch a decor8 reader who wrote
in to share this one, $13.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One Places I’ve Never Been desk and wall calendars by JHill Design.
Desk $16, Wall $30.
Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One Camilla Engman calendar, $25.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One Hidden Habitats calendar by Jill Bliss, $15.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One The Promo Shop calendar, $16.

…I’ll be back soon with Part Two of this round up!


Design Public {new}

November 1, 2007

Design Public consistently has the best selection of modern finds for the home, and this season is no different as they have loads of new items that you’ll want to own. Here’s a few I have my eyes on lately…

Design Public {new} A tea party with Jason Miller. Love this.

Design Public {new} ferm LIVING Walldots Wallpaper from Denmark.

Design Public {new} Salvor Fauna Picos Pillows – minis & brights!

Design Public {new} Thomaspaul Tote Bags.

(images from design public)

Etsy Faves, Handmade

Fruit Fly Pie {ceramics}

November 1, 2007

Enna told me about Fruit Fly Pie today so I had to check them out for myself, she really loves this cutie Etsy store and after taking a peek, I can see why!

Fruit Fly Pie {ceramics}
Fruit Fly Pie makes dishware and ceramics and then hand paints them so they look like vintage finds. She either makes plates, bowls, mugs, and vases from her potters wheel or via slip cast from vintage ceramic molds.

Fruit Fly Pie {ceramics}

So retro sweet! Especially the cupcake cookie jar and the owl dish, they’re my favorites. And they ship worldwide – yeah! Thanks Enna for the great tip! xo

p.s. enna has an etsy shop, too.

(images from fruit fly pie)

DIY, Inspiration, Objects

The Emperor’s New Lamp {diy}

October 31, 2007

This is fantastic, I’m thrilled that decor8 reader Linnea in Sweden shared this with us! Recall The Emperor’s New Lamp that I blogged about earlier? Linnea loved the design so much that she recently took a little DIY action to an old lampshade to recreate the light Linnea-style. This is such a cool idea.

The Emperor's New Lamp {diy}
She’s since painted the frame black (vs. pink) but you get the idea. Just strip the shade off of an old lampshade that has a groovy shape and viola! you have a very sweet new light source. Here are a few additional shots of Linnea’s space, it’s so pretty and designed on a budget.

The Emperor's New Lamp {diy} “String shelf with some eye candy. Middle row: promo photo from Phocus, mug from Siv Andr?ason Malm?, small artwork by Angie Lewin and vintage cup from Gefle. Bottom row: Stig Lindberg ceramic bowl and a retro radio from Rusta.”

The Emperor's New Lamp {diy} “The small “library” part of the bedroom. All second hand. Lamp 50 SEK. Armchair 650 SEK. Green mat 25 SEK. Bookcase 145 SEK. The wallpaper is from swedish Decor Maison. I love this corner.”

(images and text in quotes from hemma hos linnea)

Designers + Stylists

Anna Irinarchos {swedish designer}

October 31, 2007

I think I could go on blogging about the things I discovered in Stockholm forever – and I only visited for 4 days! I can’t imagine spending a year or even a lifetime there, it seems the design well is never dry – there’s always something new and exciting to learn about. I found out about Anna Irinarchos recently because I spotted her Magnet pendant light in a magazine (I think the Swedish Elle) and thought it was so cool because it’s magnetic, so you can personalize it however you’d like.

Anna Irinarchos {swedish designer}

After clicking around on her site, I then discovered that she is one half of a design firm called wis design, with lots of additional products. Like this gorgeous piece. Double-drool.

Anna Irinarchos {swedish designer}

I identified it immediately due to Emma who blogged about it recently, it’s called the Decades chest of drawers (thanks, Emma!) It was made using discarded drawers found at flea markets. Is this a great idea or what? I think it’s very Wary Meyers, I can see them looking for street castaways in New York and pulling together something like this. It’s also very Anthro. I wonder if this dresser will end up in a future catalog? I think Anthro buyers frequently hop planes to Scandinavia sourcing for products and inspiration because as I strolled Stockholm, I could see them selling just about everything I found there. And can you blame them? There is so much beauty and innovative design, especially in Sweden, Anna Irinarchos and Wis Design is just another example of this fact.

(images from anna irinarchos and wis design)

Objects, Travel

Design Dessert {Stockholm}

October 31, 2007

After writing the last post, I thought that it was a bit lame that I ask you for help in finding a product that I should know about, hello I was the one in Sweden a few weeks ago, I’m the Interior Designer, I write this blog. Guilt prompted me to consult the web and then, 2 seconds later, the word “dessert” popped into my head and I suddenly recalled the name of the design firm behind the light – Design Dessert.

Design Dessert {Stockholm}

The name of this brilliant light is The Emperors New Lamp , available in black, green, red, yellow and pink. It’s a current favorite of mine, so much that I want to inquire about purchasing one because I’ll be needing some new lighting soon – I think we’ve secured a flat here in Germany (I’ll know for certain by Friday), so I’ll need to start designing the space as soon as possible. We’ll see… Fingers crossed.

If you’re interested in this light, you can purchase it online via the Scandinavian Design Center.

(images from design dessert)

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