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September 27, 2007

Enna is a Hannover-based crafter and local retail store owner who is also on etsy offering her cute crafty things, check her out… Oh and she has a website too if you’d like to learn more about her.

Enna has a darling DaWanda shop too. I heart DaWanda – they’re this really cool Berlin-based site that’s a little bit like Etsy as it promotes indie artists here in Europe and beyond. And I’ve talked to the owner via email and she’s a doll, I hope to meet up with her when I visit Berlin in October. Yay!

EnnaFor the locals, Enna just opened a brand new store in Hannover Linden called Enna Shop located at Deisterstra?e 68 – and she’s a Zakka fan, so you know I’ll be visiting her little storefront soon. If she lets me snap a few photos, I’ll certainly share my visit with you. :)

(images from enna)

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Flying Duck

September 27, 2007

Craig wrote to me from a Manchester(UK) based company called Flying Duck that offers a range of handmade products from wall art to pillows and handbags. All designs are batik prints and some are made with wax, designed by Craig and his colleagues at Flying Duck.

Flying Duck

Though they’re based in the UK, the good news is that they’ll ship worldwide. So for those of you in love with ethnic prints, you can select some of these vibrant beauties for your home with no worries in regards to that. Yay! For UK residents, the news gets even better: shipping within the UK is completely free of charge.

Flying Duck
Thank you Craig for writing in!

(images from flying duck)


Pure Deco, L?onor Mataillet, and Atelier LZC

September 27, 2007

I never tire of fluffy colorful pillows, it’s a sickness I have and baby, I’m not looking to be cured so don’t even try! It’s the one accessory that I turn to when I need to freshen a corner of my home. I’ve confessed a million times before that I’m completely aware of my design ADD and tire of things quickly, but I’m not the only one. It’s perfectly normal for design addicts like us to tire of things we look at each day. Since most of us can’t replace the sofa that we’re not sick to death of, we have to find alternative solutions to make things fresh and current. This is where our puffy friends step in…

Pure Deco, L?onor Mataillet, and Atelier LZCWhen designing on the cheap, I look to pillows, throws, area rugs, affordable art, and mini collections of things carefully styled to turn up the volume. A tip for pillow addicts, try to purchase pillow covers that either zip or button on and keep reusing the inserts as you swap out the patterns each season. They’re also easier to store this way, just fold and tuck away into your linen closet. And always use down inserts because they make the entire pillow look better and more relaxed than those overstuffed polyfil ones, and never, ever karate chop them because despite how many times you see this done on television, it really does look dumb. Freshly chopped pillows arranged like little bow ties give me that same oh-no-please feeling that I have whenever I’m watching some design show on TV and there’s yet another throw rug shown on an angle. I think Becky from Design Public’s blog Hatch will laugh when she reads this, as I know we’ve had many a conversation about weird design ‘tricks’ we’ve seen on reality shows that in real life, look odd and dated – not in a cool vintage find way, more like in a parachute pants way.

I just adore the bold graphics on these L?onor Mataillet pillows available at Pure Deco, and of course the folkloric prints on the Atelier LZC cushions.

(images from pure decor)


Barbara Vos

September 27, 2007

Barbara Vos is an extremely clever designer from the Netherlands with her degree from the esteemed Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, the oldest art academy in Europe.

Barbara Vos
As you browse her projects online, you’ll immediately sense that this lady is constantly thinking of ways to improve both the form and function of many things, from interiors to products. I particularly like how she added buttons to the inside of this drum shade, it’s around 399,- Euro, but if you have the time and can craft something like it yourself, I would suspect this would make for another creative craft project for you to try. Isn’t this great idea for those jars of spare buttons you collect?

(image from barbara vos)


101 Woonideeen

September 27, 2007

While I was in Amsterdam over the weekend, I had to pick up a recent copy of 101 Woonideeen, a Dutch home magazine first introduced to me by Danielle that has turned into an addiction for me.

101 WoonideeenIt’s easily one of my favorite Dutch magazines right now because of the clever and quick budget DIY ideas. It’s fun to spruce things up around the house each season, take a few of these simple ideas that I came across – you’re sure to like them.

101 Woonideeen Here are some simple ideas. The first one is a fun and functional solution for magazine storage using white plastic hangers. I think this would be great for a workspace to display pretty papers or fabrics, too. And the next is even easier – tie pretty ribbons around a lampshade – something you can change per season. You can even embellish them with brooches, don’t you think? You don’t even have to use glue to secure them, but of course if you’d like to go for it. You can try double-sided poster tape cut to size.

101 Woonideeen Another simple touch I love – using old belts, you can create colorful and sturdy handles for storage boxes. I’d go a step further and display a pretty gift tag from each identifying the contents.

101 Woonideeen This would be a fun rainy day project. Sew buttons onto a table runner to spell something out. Of course, the shorter the word, the easier the project. Supercalafragalisticexpialladocious may require too much patience. :)

101 Woonideeen Although this page from 101 Woonideeen isn’t to show a specific project, it’s more of product spotlight, I couldn’t help but think that you could take a plain vase and decorate it for Fall/Winter by slipping on a sleeve from a sweater that you no longer need. If your vase is quite slim and your sleeve is a bit to large, opt for children’s sweaters from second-hand stores. It’s a great way to recycle and decorate on the cheap. Knee socks work great, too.

(images from 101 woonideeen)

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Etsy Art Guide: Nature Prints

September 26, 2007

In case you’re interested, here is the 2nd of a series of 5 slideshows that I’ve pulled together for Domino magazine online around affordable art on Etsy. From silkscreened logs to fanciful butterflies and kaleidoscopic pods, I’m sure you’ll find something that appeals to you. And because I own two of the 15 suggested prints, you can be sure that I’m walking the talk!

Etsy Art Guide: Nature PrintsA special thanks to all 15 of the etsy artists for their prompt response, and to Jill from Small Stump who styled then photographed the lead photo shown above for me to use on the site. I really appreciate it when others go above and beyond to work with writers like me, so Jill – and everyone else – thank you.

Domino will soon post 3 additional slideshows: animals, girls, and prints that are best for gifting.
Stay tuned!

(image screenshot from

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