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Can Rachel Ashwell Save Shabby Chic?

Shabby Chic filed Chapter 11. (via Michelle)

Posted in uncategorized on February 04, 2009

There’s No Place Like Here: Video Series

Video anything is so hot right now. There is even talk out there about Harper Collins getting into V-Books. The Storque over at Etsy just launched There’s No Place Like Here, a video series where creative types show us their unique spaces — infused with their aesthetic and filled with the treasures they collect. Many of us have had an idea to do something like this but no one jumped on it so I’m thrilled that Etsy took the ball and RAN. This has the potential to rock. I am already thinking of one million people that I’d love to see featured.

Here is the first video, it features a peek at Boudoir Queen’s 1920’s inspired Austin boutique, Made With Love By Hannah’s German chalet in downtown Los Angeles, and design duo Something’s Hiding In Here give us a tour of their incredible renovated Philadelphia loft full of woodland goodies and an indoor porch swing. To keep up with this series, I’m going to subscribe to the RSS feed. You can do the same here if you’d like.

If you have a beautiful space (studio, home, or boutique) add photos of your space or suggest photos to us through their new flickr pool. Enjoy!

(image from etsy)

Posted in inspiration on February 04, 2009

Pancake Meow

I was reading my tweets after lunch today and one of my contacts, myblueberrynight from Geralyn Design, sent me a link to online shop Pancake Meow. I love Twitter, I can receive updates and links from you, friends of decor8, all day long. Very exciting.

Anyway Pancake Meow is filled with kawaii finds and the prints by shop owner Leslie Dallion are especially cute. I love her Decole and Cram Cream imports from Japan too. Leslie, who is a miniature dessert artist, also sews, draws, makes music with her band called The Lolligags, and designs digital prints. She’s one hot little number.

(image from pancake meow)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on February 04, 2009

Tiny Bazaar

I just received the nicest email from designer and shop owner Danielle Thompson of Tiny Bazaar. Her handmade goods are so sweet! She also sells digital scrapbooking/craft downloads. I didn’t even know Danielle had all of this goodness to share so I’m thrilled to learn about this crafty lady.

I love Blythe dolls and happen to own 3 so of course I love her dolly photos. I love these colors, it’s like one big happy circus filled with cotton candy, peppermint sticks, and a pink tongue to prove just how much fun you really had!

Psst: Danielle has a blog and she’s on Flickr, too!

(images from tiny bazaar)

Posted in Etsy Faves on February 04, 2009


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