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October 1, 2007

Katrin was born and raised in the former German Democratic Republic, still living there in beautiful Dresden, Germany where she loves to paint and take photos. Inspired by music and the “most impressive pictures I keep in my mind until I wake up”, Katrin translates what it’s her mind onto paper, selling them as prints in her etsy store called SeaSprayBlue. Best part, I don’t think this girl has been blogged before, so if you’re a blogger, you have to spread the word. She’s awesome.

I just love her work, it’s really modern and playful, each picture with a little story to tell. Aren’t these the best? If I had a little retail store (don’t we all dream of owning a darling little shop in a great neighborhood), I would carry her work, all of it — and if I had enough walls, I’d own it all too!

Katrin, we love your work! And for those of you here in Europe, you can visit her Dawanda shop, too.

(images from seasprayblue)

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Artichoke Hearts

October 1, 2007

Another Flickr find is Artichoke Hearts
She paints whimsical characters and then takes them to another level as greeting cards, recipe cards, even as three dimensional softie characters. I love this idea, taking a familiar character from your artwork and transforming it into a toy. I’m sure that her daughter just adores these things and thinks she is the coolest mom on the planet.

If you’d like to learn more about this artist, visit her blog, see her home on Flickr, or buy her adorable things in her etsy store under the name Artichoke Hearts.

(images from artichoke hearts)

Etsy Faves


October 1, 2007

Would you like to learn how to crochet these cutie specimens by Wunderkammer, who was greatly inspired by Seba’s Cabinet of Natural Curiosities? (An excellent coffee table book, btw.)

I found Jessica Polka (aka Wunderkammer) on Flickr, where I’m finding everyone these days, then I started reading her blog and from there, connected to her etsy store. I feel like I’m forever following trails of bread crumbs online – but it’s worth the time and energy because in the end, there is always something amazing and worth the journey. Like Jessica and her sweet sea creatures.

Jessica is an aspiring biologist in the process of relocating from North Carolina to San Francisco, where I’m sure she’ll find loads of inspiration and support as I know a ton of great people in San Francisco that would welcome her into their circle with open arms. So good luck on your move, Jessica and thank you for inspiring us with your talent!

(images from jessica polka)

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Gooseflesh Boutique

October 1, 2007

It’s so rare for me to blog about jewelry, it’s not that I don’t like it, I do — but I prefer to write about the things I’m passionate about and honestly, I can’t say I’m obsessed with jewelry. Until now. Can you see why?

Gooseflesh Boutique
This is all so beautiful… I don’t know if I’d call the works of Gooseflesh the typical jewelry on the block. With wooly beauty that will make you do a triple take, Helle Jorgensen, who is based in Sydney, designs the most gorgeous softwear (as she calls it), that I have ever seen. Just look at this stuff. It’s mesmerizing.

Gooseflesh Boutique
Obviously taking her inspiration from the sea, her pieces would make a most wonderful gift as each piece is so unusual and clever – I’d love to wear some of it myself, especially the bracelets.

Gooseflesh Boutique
You simply must read her blog as her work is so skillfully made, you’ll want to stare into the screen and watch as she unfolds the process of her creations, along with her recent adventure into illustration. Seeing how she recycles wool into crocheted gorgeousness totally blows me away. Wow.

(images from gooseflesh)

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Lush Bella

October 1, 2007

I was so thrilled to hear from Kerry at Lush Bella over the weekend, she took the time to write a heartfelt email about her creative journey fueled by her participation online via blogs and flickr. I appreciate her story because I identify with parts of it, and I think you will too. I’ll share some of her words below. But first, let’s look at her lovely prints from her new etsy shop.

Lush BellaLush Bella
[“I was just thinking of you and I wanted to just take a moment and write to you and tell you how your post about my “artsy walls” started me on a journey that has led to some wonderful things. It gave me the impetus to finally design and launch a website of my jewelry. This somehow led me to flickr, which I am now head over heels with. Whereas before, our digital camera just sat in a camera bag, now I can’t stop taking pictures, and am even selling prints on etsy. Along with all of this, I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting so many creative and inspiring people, such as yourself.” – Kerry]

Lush Bella
It’s exciting to read about the paths people are finding online, taking various ones to find their creative voice, reach goals, and live a more creative life. I see time and time again how blogs and sites like Flickr are playing a huge role in all of this, fueling passions and allowing for so many to learn new things, gain exposure, make contacts, find good friends, even support themselves financially or help them cope with health problems such as depression. It’s all an organic process that I love to watch unfold for both my friends and myself. Doors start swinging open the moment you put yourself out there and tell people who you are and what you want. I love hearing that Kerry has found her spot online.

Lush Bella
I think her prints are gorgeous, I really like all the things that she collects, artfully arranges, and then photographs, everything is so delicate and special. I can tell Kerry is a very sensitive and kind person through both her words and her photos, not to mention extremely talented with a great eye for color and composition. Thanks for writing in Kerry and sharing your story and congratulations on your new etsy store!

Psst: Peek into Kerry’s beautiful living room here or view her submission to our mood board contest here.

(images from lush bella)


Happy Weekend!

September 28, 2007

I’m signing off for a busy weekend with my family, so I’ll meet you back here on Monday. Here are some links to hold you over for a few days – see you soon!

Happy Weekend!
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And you’ll want to visit…
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Modern Dose added new products and a special discount to decor8 readers – take 10% off by entering code “decor8” upon checkout starting October 1st for the entire month. The ceramic antler bowls are my favorites.
Awesome new washed colors grace the classic Eames plywood chair at Hive Modern. I fancy it in the pale blue stain myself.
Stina Persson has a new website.
And finally, gorgeous photos from Susannah Conway over on Etsy.

(image from susannah conway)

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