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Danish Interiors – Swoon!

September 7, 2007

Susan Serra (the kitchen design expert) told me several months ago about a trip she had planned to Denmark, as she knows I was considering visiting Copenhagen myself this Fall. Well, plans have changed…

Danish Interiors - Swoon!
Instead I’ll be flying to Stockholm for an extended girl’s weekend in October and a design show, so when Ms. Susan returned from Denmark sharing with me images of home interiors and furnishings (many from her own family), I instantly felt transported there – like I’m not missing out anymore. In fact, none of us are – we can all sit right here and enjoy Danish living.

Danish Interiors - Swoon!Danish Interiors - Swoon!Danish Interiors - Swoon!Danish Interiors - Swoon!Danish Interiors - Swoon!Danish Interiors - Swoon!Danish Interiors - Swoon!Danish Interiors - Swoon!
And these two photos (below) show where Susan and her family stayed while there. They sublet this apartment in downtown Copenhagen because it’s spacious and provides them with a private space that serves as their home away from home. When traveling for extending periods, Susan says, “Sublet!” as it’s the most affordable, and fun, way to travel and explore a new culture. I couldn’t agree more.

Danish Interiors - Swoon!Danish Interiors - Swoon! Don’t you love these chairs and that head on the wall?? Great!

To see more of Susan’s shots of interiors while in Denmark, click here.

Now for some home furnishings… Most of these she shot in various stores around the city.

Danish Interiors - Swoon!Danish Interiors - Swoon!Danish Interiors - Swoon!Danish Interiors - Swoon!Danish Interiors - Swoon!Danish Interiors - Swoon!Danish Interiors - Swoon!Danish Interiors - Swoon! How much is that doggy in the window???

To view more photos of furnishings, click here for Susan’s complete album along with websites linking to these fabulous stores.

Thank you Susan for contacting me and so nicely offering these images for us to enjoy. xo!

Happy Friday everyone, I’m heading off to Brimfield — See you on Monday!

(images from susan serra)


Pillows and Throws

September 6, 2007

I absolutely love shopping at Pillows and Throws and think it’s one of the best online sources for bedding and pillows.

Pillows and Throws
Owner Pam wrote to me a few minutes ago about their brand new collection of Thomaspaul Pillows (she knows I’m a fan of his work), and I really like some of his new designs. He has a more affordable line of cotton pillows out, I think my favorite is the white Matryoska pillow, it’s the best. No clue where I’d put it, but I’m thinking on a small white bench I have beneath my bedroom window. It’s just so cute.

Pillows and Throws
Pillows and Throws also carry tons of quilts from quilt guru Denyse Schmidt, the Single Girl quilt is one of my favorites. I dream of owning a quilt by this lady – someday!

Pillows and ThrowsPam also mentioned a new contemporary bedding collection that she loves from BlissLiving. Very nice, thanks for the tips Pam!

(images from pillows and throws)


Purl – decor8 Readers Save 10% (until 9/13)

September 6, 2007

Sew girl, sew! I’ve decided that I’m going to pull out my Bernina and start sewing again on a regular basis. I truly miss the feeling of creating and the joy of seeing the finished product. After reading Midwest Modern last week, I feel so inspired to get rolling on some projects.

Purl - decor8 Readers Save 10% (until 9/13)
Problem is, or so I thought, now that I’m truly inspired and ready to sew we are due to leave again for Germany so I won’t have my machine with me there. Leave it to my husband to come up with a clever solution. Our friend, who lives only blocks from where we stay, is a seamstress and although she speaks little English, Thorsten suggested that I purchase all the fabric and patterns that I need here before I go and he will work with the two of us to convert the measurements so I can work on her machine. And having her by my side is a major bonus because then I can have a pro around to correct all of my mistakes.

With that being said, I’m placing an order at Purl today and wondered if you’d like to shop there with me? Jen at Purl is giving us a 10% discount running until September 13, just enter “DECOR” upon checkout (leave out the 8). First stop, Amy Butler fabric!

By the way, have you seen my little work space? I blogged about how much manpower we put into renovating it here and here, but I haven’t showed you where the room stands today.

Purl - decor8 Readers Save 10% (until 9/13)
I had a docksta table in the room, but I moved it to another place in the house because I need a sturdy wood table for cutting out patterns and no matter how hard I tried, the docksta always seemed to move just a little. Too bad, it looked great in this space. I’m heading down to Brimfield tomorrow to hunt for a wood table. I’ll let you know what I find, if I find anything at all. I’m still deciding where to put all the art I have stacked on my table, and my inspiration board, but here’s a glimpse of what it looks like today. Remember, this is an 1875 carriage house, so the beams are original to the house. I need to still install art and make something for the windows (I’m thinking of roman shades), so it’s a bit spare.

Purl - decor8 Readers Save 10% (until 9/13)Purl - decor8 Readers Save 10% (until 9/13)Purl - decor8 Readers Save 10% (until 9/13)Purl - decor8 Readers Save 10% (until 9/13)(sorry, the lighting is quite bad in my home today – severely overcast outside.)

(images from purl and holly becker for decor8)

Etsy Faves

Etsy Sellers on

September 6, 2007

Go indie! Do you remember the etsy slideshow I pulled together for the online galleries over at Domino magazine? It was there that I featured some of my favorite etsy artists and apparently they received positive feedback so I was assigned additional slideshows. This time, each will be organized by category, featuring some of my favorite prints just like before.

Etsy Sellers on
Here are the categories I’m working on (below), 15 artists per category.
1) Animals
2) Nature
3) Girls
4) Gifts

If you have any favorites to share, please comment with their links below. You may know someone really special on etsy that hasn’t had a lot of blog coverage yet and I want to make sure that I’ve considered as many as possible before making my final selection.

Animals and Nature should go live in September/October and Girls and Gifts should show up closer to November. I’ll post links here when they’re finished so you can check them out, so stay tuned!

(image: screen shot from Domino website)

Etsy Faves, Events + Markets

SFGirlByBay *New* Etsy Store

September 6, 2007

I’m so excited to announce the launch of fellow blogger Victoria’s new etsy store, it’s great to see her setting up shop on etsy selling her lovely flea market finds. Don’t forget to browse her wares regularly to scoop up some super fab finds from pillows to vintage postcard holders, candle holders, it’s all here! Score this orange yarn pillow shown below for only $25!

SFGirlByBay *New* Etsy Store

Congrats Victoria! :)

(image from sfgirlbybay)


Anthropologie Ditte Slipcover Sofa

September 5, 2007

This sofa is amazing. The pattern is glorious, I love the solid seat and the patterned back, the shade of green, it’s the perfect combination of simplicity and whimsy. Maybe I could commit to a patterned sofa, I’m wondering if I really could. Although I think I would snap this up in a second if I had a few thousand dollars hanging around because it’s lovely. And it’s very comfortable, I sunk into it at our local Anthro and was shocked at how comfy it really was, it doesn’t look like it would be a sink-yourself-in type of sofa. I love everything in this room, don’t you? It looks so laid back. And the colors are so soothing.

Anthropologie Ditte Slipcover Sofa
For me, when it comes to big purchases that I plan to keep for many years, I’m more interested in placing pattern in cushions, curtains, art, and rugs – things that aren’t in the $1,000 + range so I can freely swap things as I grow tired of them.

Anthropologie Ditte Slipcover Sofa
So to the reader who commented earlier that I’m boring because I don’t like pattern (nice thing to say, thanks!), well you must not read this blog regularly because everyone knows I love color and pattern. But I do shy away from patterned sofas because I have design ADD and tend to tire of looking at the same pattern for years and years. But oh, this Ditte sofa is calling… And so are these chairs. Chairs I can deal with, they can be moved from room to room, reupholstered for less than a sofa, and the initial investment is usually much less than buying a sofa.

(images from anthropologie)

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