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Enhanced Blog Feature: Share and Save!

Just a quick post to let you know that I’ve beefed up a feature to this blog… the Share or Save button below each post. I had only a little heart there before but no one ever clicked it and if by chance you did it brought you to this really confusing page where you could share the post but it was so tricky to figure out. Now when you find a post on decor8 that you want to share (i.e. your product was featured here, etc.) you can click on Share or Save and select where you would like to share or save the post whether that be on wists, Facebook, Twitter, you name it. Yay!

Once you click on it, a window pops up with 12 sharing options but if you click on the arrow bar beneath them the window will expand to include a full list of choices. The pop up has tabs that enable you to directly email the post to a friend or to bookmark the post on your computer. I use features like this constantly on other sites so I thought adding it to decor8 would be helpful to readers here.

In addition to share and save, I realized that I’m not using the space in my posts as well as I could so I’m enlarging all photos on the site going forward. Bigger is better! :)

I also did a little cleaning up… Today I asked my husband to temporarily remove the “Previously” plug-in from the center column (directly to your right —->), it showed you a snippet of an image and if you clicked on it you were taken to the post it was from. Did you find that helpful at all? I personally did not because I realized that many of the pictures shown were still on the main page anyway so you could just scroll down to see the content so what was the point? It would only help if I posted more than 10 posts a day (posts 11+ go to the next page). Thorsten is working to add a different plug-in to replace it that will enable me to show you the top posts instead, but it will most likely be text based and will feature a short list of posts that are popular based on number of comments. Would you find something like this helpful or should we not bother? These things are meant to make the time you spend on this blog more fun so your feedback (or alternate ideas – what you would like to see in the center column) would be great.

Happy Friday everyone! I’ll be back in a moment with some eye candy so we can get back on topic!

(images from holly becker for decor8)

Posted in blogs on January 16, 2009

Thanks, People mag!

What a way to kick off a long holiday weekend! Look for me today in People magazine in their February 2009 Stylewatch issue… this is really exciting! A few months ago People asked me to be part of a select group of Style Experts they’d chosen to  pull together a list of what’s hot to make The Hip List. I praised handmade as being hot and mentioned a few of my personal favorites out there. They took my list and not knowing who would make the cut, I took a deep breath this morning as I opened the issue. Ta-dah! They mentioned my top three: Etsy, DaWanda, and Boston-based Simplemente Blanco.

It’s great to be in People magazine because it is a completely new audience for me. I’m honored to be part of their panel of experts which includes: Melissa Lavigne, David Morrison, Ann Mack, Holly Brickley & Courtney Leeds, Amanda Freeman, Josh Kafka, Carolyn O’Neil, Helena Echlin, and Mia Kim.

Thanks, People mag!

(Images from People magazine, February 2009 issue, on newsstands today!)

Posted in press on January 16, 2009

Virtual Interior Designer for the iPod

Wow:iPod app for Virtual Interior Design!

Posted in uncategorized on January 15, 2009

Chocolate Creative {Handmade Pillows}

You know I just had to do it… what is decor8 without a few throw cushions? Margarita Lorenzo, a textile designer from London, wrote this morning to introduce her brand Chocolate Creative. I instantly fell for the furniture pillow in blue as I can see it lounging gracefully on a sofa like this from Oly. Her handmade collection begins with sketching the pattern to silkscreen printing and then sewing which makes each pillow a unique creation, truly one of a kind.

Margarita enjoys working mostly with ecologically sound hemp and organic cotton which is obviously a smart choice for the environment. She currently draws inspiration from antiques, cherished belongings, and furniture which you will see reflected throughout her line. I really like things with a bohemian feel, it seems London has quite a pool of amazingly gifted independant designers who do as well. Lovely!

With the Pound to U.S. Dollar conversion rate being extremely favorable right now, why not?

(images from chocolate creative)

Posted in textiles on January 15, 2009


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