Orla Kiely at Twig

August 21, 2007

We’re spending Autumn in northern Germany again this year, and since this trip will include a girls weekend in Stockholm (also to attend a design fair there), I need a good travel bag that I can carry on the flight with me.

Orla Kiely at Twig
My new Orla Kiely bag arrived today from Twig, and the timing couldn’t be better – it really lifted my spirits, got my head out of my current computer issues, and made me think about all of our fun travel plans. Don’t you appreciate this simple fact of life, that when something goes wrong, ten things go right?

I think a lady needs a few key pieces that she’s just nuts about, don’t you? And I am smiling ear to ear now that this baby arrived. My grandmother always preaches the importance of owning only the best shoes, coats, and handbags because they can make even a tired looking outfit look stylish, and my grandmother – the hip 87-year-old cat from Chicago that she is, is right. You can’t slack on things like coats and bags.

Orla Kiely at Twig Leather trim.
Orla Kiely at Twig Cutie cars lining, too. And it has a metal handle you can pull
out and use to wheel it around the airport.

Twig will soon be stocking tons of Orla stuff in addition to their current selection, so keep your eyes and ears open because the second they do, I’ll let you know. I pray she’ll carry some Orla pillows because I’ll be all over those. And I have to say this about Twig, owner Elizabeth provides the highest level of customer service possible, she is completely helpful. I had so many questions for her, I held her on the phone for nearly an hour over this bag, and she was patient and answered all of my questions. I wanted to throw that in because customer service is so important to me and this lady rocks it.

(images from holly becker for decor8)


Hable Construction Horseshoes

August 21, 2007

The second I saw these in the recent issue of Country Living magazine, I had to write to Hable Construction to inquire about purchasing a few. Jen sent over some images so you can see for yourself, aren’t these Hable Construction horseshoes the best?

Hable Construction HorseshoesHable Construction Horseshoes
Jen said that the horseshoes can be used as decorative, yet utilitarian items throughout the house (separators in clothing closets), paperweights on office desks, or displayed in multiples staggered onto walls (supported by nails), etc. I plan to hang them, as I live in a carriage house so it would be really fitting!

Hable Construction Horseshoes
They are $15 (smaller) and $18 (larger) each. This is their most recent stock, and can ONLY be ordered through the Hable Construction store in NYC, so you’ll need to call them directly at 212.989.2375 between 12-7 pm EST and describe the style that interests you.

(images from hable construction)


Music: Laura Veirs

August 21, 2007

Speaking of illustration, have you checked out the cover on the latest from Laura Veirs, Saltbreakers? Great deep blue and green tones with a sea dragon. Inside there are illustrations of both land and sea.

Music: Laura Veirs
My husband gave it to me yesterday, he said the second he laid eyes on the cover, he thought of me and after listening to it, he knew I’d be into it. And he’s right. It’s great when someone knows you so well. Some of the songs are dreamy, floating, with a children’s storybook feel. Others are more indie rock style with a catchy beat. It’s funny, but some of the songs have a little ghost of The Cure floating through them, too. If you listen to Pink Light, you may hear what I mean.

Music: Laura VeirsMusic: Laura Veirs
I love seeing more and more artistic covers on music lately, and it’s even better when they’re made solely of quality paper and not cheap paper jammed into ugly plastic jewel cases. I think it’s because they remind me of mini vinyl covers, as when I was a kid, records started to massively move over to the “new” cd format and I really disliked it because I loved the thick cardboard album covers.

After losing nearly all of my iTunes music yesterday (didn’t back those up), I can say that I’m still a fan of cd’s and would much rather buy a cd and then burn it then to purchase only downloads and risk losing them. Plus, there is something to be said for the artistic covers and inserts, which you lose when you purchase only digital. I’m a technology geek (for a girl) but I’m still not sold on the whole digital download movement. I say, commission more artists for cd covers, scrap the jewel cases, and make cd’s special!

(images from laura veirs)


Where am I?

August 20, 2007

I’m recovering from waking up to a completely fried hard drive in my iMac G5 yesterday. After replacing the hard drive, along with a new O/S, and some software, I’m running around trying to get my computer back to normal today. I should have everything worked out by tomorrow. See you then!

Books + Magazines, Inspiration

Midwest Modern *New* Amy Butler Book

August 18, 2007

I can’t wait to give you a sneak peek and a mini review of this wonderful book next week. Amy sent along her new book, Midwest Modern (release date 10/1), and I’ve already read half of it and it arrived a few hours ago. Whenever I flip a page, I keep thinking about you and how you’re going to love it, it’s so inspirational that your head will explode with ideas. :)

Midwest Modern *New* Amy Butler Book
If you feel like shopping for Amy stuff, her web shop is having a sale, 40% off pillows, journals, and handbags. Just enter SALE upon checkout.

Hope you are all having a a great weekend!

(image from holly becker for decor8)

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