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By Fryd + Her Stylish Studio in Norway

Hello friends and welcome to a new week on decor8! I have so much to share this week including a fun surprise, but first… I thought I’d share a beautiful peek into the new studio space in Skien, Norway that belongs to fellow blogger and friend, Jeanette Lunde from By Fryd (which means Joy). She recently formed a new “side” company with her friend, Hilda Mork, called HYSJ and so this studio is also where they can work and dream together but it is primarily where Jeanette blogs and works on her exciting projects. Once an old barn (before photos here), Jeanette restored it with the help of her husband and of course, contractors, and now it is a heavenly workshop for her creative endeavors. There is nothing like having a dedicated space to craft your dreams, is there?

STUDIO By Fryd + Her Stylish Work Studio in NorwayY FRYD-4S

By Fryd   Her Stylish Work Studio in Norway

By Fryd + Her Stylish Work Studio in Norway

By Fryd + Her Stylish Work Studio in Norway

By Fryd + Her Stylish Work Studio in Norway


As you can see, there is a kitchen with a space to eat and seating area for clients. There are more photos below that shown other glimpses, including her work table. I love all of the space and natural light and the overall simplicity. Here is also a little interview that I had with Jeanette about her new business and partner. Would you like to follow along?

Do you both work from this studio each day?
So far Hilde has been working in the studio when we have projects together, so not everyday. It’s more our base where we create. At the same time we are totally free, so some times we chose the coffee shop other days the studio. Love how we can be anywhere, who knows, some day we sit in south of France and are working. Such a lovely dream.

What are your plans for your company?
From the start we decided to work from our hearts. So where we’ll go feels like an open flower meadow. So far we have HYSJ which is our online shop with prints and then we have Lunde & Mork, where we style, write and shoot. The HYSJ shop is slowly growing with more products, and to collaborate when it comes to interior projects is just amazing. To have a creative soul partner. (Three of their prints, which can be purchased here, are shown below in-situ.)

By Fryd + Her Stylish Work Studio in Norway

By Fryd + Her Stylish Work Studio in Norway

How did you meet?
We met because of our blogs, but only online, until I wrote Hilde and asked if she wanted to meet. I had this really strong positive feeling…

How did you know it was a smart idea to work together?
My gut feeling told me. It clicked from the first minute and it felt like we had known each other forever.

How did you come up with the name and what does it mean?
HYSJ means hush, and is illustrative to how we see the world, our work and our beliefs. At the same time it starts with a H for Hilde and ends with a J for Jeanette. Just magic ;)

Were you searching for a creative partner or was this just a happy accident?
I would say more like a happy accident. I found out that having a creative partner is not something you can just apply for. It’s how we work together that makes this so amazing. Hilde was there when I needed her and i was there when she needed me. I truly believe this was meant to be.

What are your dreams for your company?
That it will keep on giving us freedom, as it already has given us.

Will you continue with your blog and magazine or merge it with your new business and partner?
We will keep on having our own separate blogs. We find it important to have our own private voice in this collaboration. After all we are not one person.

More work space photos…





Thank you Jeanette for this lovely peek into your new space!

(images: jeanette lunde)

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Nicest Things

Hello everyone! There is this blog I’ve been reading lately in Germany called Nicest Things and the blogger, Vera, takes the prettiest photos of things she cooks or items she uses to decorate with around her home. It’s so nice to peek into her life and see what she’s cooked up next or what she is interested in using in her home currently to spruce it up. She loves to decorate, a lady after my own heart! I know most of you don’t read German, but you can always translate the blog using Google Translate or simply pin and drool over her pretty photos.

Nicest Things

Nicest Things

Nicest Things

Nicest Things

Nicest Things

Nicest Things

Nicest Things

Nicest Things

I love all of the color palettes that she plays with – she’s definitely not stuck in a color rut which I think is the most inspiring thing about her blog since so many of us have a particular palette that begins to almost define us – but Vera just explores and explores and the results are so interesting. I also like her various projects and where she shoots, from a picnic at a lake to a country field to making some homemade peach tea ice cream pops in her cute little kitchen, these types of creative bloggers – the super personal ones that provides peeks into the blogger’s life, are so special to me. I find myself going back to them time and time again. It’s nice to feel a connection with strangers and to feel like you could instantly like them if you’d ever met in person.

Blogging is so beautiful like that, isn’t it? Through a person’s aesthetic and writing alone, you can feel something that reaches the heart. Vera has created a special blog and I think it’s just lovely.

(images: vera/nicest things)

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Really Good News: Recent Press & Consulting Gigs

Hello everyone! I thought today I’d kick off the new week with a Really Good News post, a column I started back in April where I occasionally share some really good news related to my life, business, books, consulting, etc. It encourages and inspires me to share what I’m to and I hope it also inspires you to keep working on your projects and to never give up!

All, Decor - April 2013, TURKEY

So, I thought I’d start with how great it was back in April when my home was on the cover of the popular Turkish interiors mag, All Decor! They also did a huge piece on my home so that was just the best! I loved having my home make a magazine cover – very inspiring to me!

Nobilis, March 2013 GERMANY

Another great thing happened – and during my birthday month of March! I landed the cover in my own city, Hannover, where I was the cover girl of a regional magazine called Nobilis with the words, “This lady sets trends!”. The reporter came by my home for an interview and she did a lovely write-up inside about my work and books. Another massive gold star for me because having my face on a magazine cover was another first. I got loads of press opportunities from this cover – including multiple television appearance offers and so much more. It was a riot walking by newsstands seeing my face on display!

Inside Out, April 2013 AUSTRALIA

Inside Out, April 2013 AUSTRALIA

I was also profiled recently in one of my favorite interiors magazines, Inside Out, based in Australia in their April 2013 issue. What an honor!

Where Woman Create, Volume 2

Where Woman Create, Volume 2

I’ve been writing a column for the new business magazine in America, Where Woman Create Business, published by Jo Packham and Stampington. My column covers blogging and they give me about 4-6 pages per issue to delve into blogging and explore some of the stuff that I know lots of people are curious about when it comes to blogging as a business. Here’s the most recent issue, Volume 2, shown above for a little peek. You can buy the magazine at most fine book stores on the newsstand (like Barnes & Noble) or online here.

Kurier newspaper, July 20, 2013, AUSTRIA

Kurier newspaper, July 20, 2013, AUSTRIA

This past weekend, an Austrian newspaper, Kurier, ran a 4 page full color spread about me and my books. This was a wonderful surprise. Thank you Andreas for setting this up!


I was hired to work for Canon Europe on a massive advertising campaign that will run this summer all over Europe, UK, Middle East and Russia in magazines and newspapers. Above is a peek  of one that recently ran in Austria. I show how I display photos in my own home along with photography tips and ideas. It was such a fun campaign to work on and the compensation package was amazing – I am really proud of myself for landing this gig!

I also did some styling work for a German magazine called ARD Buffet which was published earlier this summer, found out that my second book Decorate Workshop, made the bestseller’s list in Germany and will now be available in 6 editions – including Danish, and today I will be doing some consulting for a massive company in America via Skype on how they can better work with bloggers. Given that this “company” is worth around $65 Billion, I’d say that myself and my colleagues (fellow bloggers Paul Lowe, Bri Emery and Victoria Smith) have quite a task ahead.

I also have a meeting with the team from Mollie Makes later this week – they are flying to Hannover to meet with me about a project we’re working on together  – fun times ahead!  I’m also still working on my 3rd book with Leslie Shewring, it is due to turn in by the end of the summer so we’re both in panic/rush mode now, but very happy with the outcome so far and we know you’ll love it.

I have more news to reveal but I’ll save it for another post – perhaps in early August. I can’t wait to talk about another big project that I recently took on, including another book that I’m involved in with a crew of other bloggers – it looks sooooo good!

xo, Holly


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How Do You Feel About Your Fashion Style?

I never ever EVER post about fashion, but I’ve decided to give it a try because I love clothes and find that my fashion sense is only a stone’s throw from my decorating style. I think the older you get, the more you see the red thread that runs through everything that you do and how your choices are tied together somehow, without any thought in advance. I just look at a dress and either like it instantly, or I don’t. And then I get it home and realize that it coordinates somehow with my interior style and I bask in the afterglow of feeling like my sense of style has finally come full circle and everything sorta works at last.

How Do You Feel About Your Fashion Style?

Lip Dress from Plumo.

Something I admired in others, their innate fashion sense, is a part of my life now too and it’s a peaceful feeling because it simply happened over time and as a result of being more aware of my personal style than ever before. Personal style is always evolving, true… But let’s face it, once you pass the teen years you most likely don’t swing from goth to geek, from preppy to punk. Our style may evolve, but the extreme swings seem to be left behind in our youth when all we wanted was to find out who we were and what we stood for. Once you’ve accepted the aging process, you notice that it’s actually a beautiful thing the moment you can concentrate less on finding yourself and more on finding the things you like and the people you want in your life – all the things that will fit into your “world”. The quest for self feels less hurried because you have a better sense of who you are which allows you to focus more on selecting what fits into your bubble. As personal style, home style, etc. evolves – and hopefully – gets better and better, you feel so good in your own skin. This process is different for everyone, may happen sooner or later (or never), but when it does happen (and can happen at any age), you feel so good knowing you are who you are and that truth is total freedom. It’s a defining moment really – when you look in your closet, in the mirror and at your home and the people in your  life and say, “Yeah, these things all work nicely together”.

My husband and I have a lot of deep conversations. Sometimes they go a bit too deep for me, as he is an intellectual and I’m more of a dreamer, but I still am quite interested in all he has to say because often he’ll just say something that makes me go, “Wow.” Recently when we were speaking about all of the many types of people in the world, he said that although we all share the same planet, we each live in our own world. It’s true, isn’t it? I live in the Holly bubble, it’s a place I’ve lived in since I can remember, it’s where everything is good and positive and at peace. I think we all have our bubbles or worlds, don’t you think? And we tend to congregate with those who share our world views because then our bubbles don’t burst. I’m much more comfortable in a room filled with sweet bloggers who are really passionate about their work vs. those die hard types who view blogging as big business and want to milk all they can out of it at any price.

Same with clothes and style and home sense. It’s all about how we want our bubbles, our worlds, to look to us. I often thought as a young girl that fitting in was really important to succeed. As I grew older, I realized that standing out matters and often those who stand out never fit in. And as more years roll by, I see that none of it matters – you just have to be comfortable in your skin and have great passion for what you do, a measure of talent and the ability to see things through. People are naturally attracted to that. You have to have your own world and be happy in that world and not make excuses for it or pretend to be something you’re not. Same is true of fashion and how you dress. Unapologetic. Free. Strong. Confident.

How Do You Feel About Your Personal (Fashion) Style?

1| Lauren Moffatt backspin pintuck top, Steven Alan, $199. 2| Floral swing skirt, Anthropologie, €40. 3| Diae anchor blouse, Malene Birger, $197. 4| Natalini floral dress, Malene Birger, $397. 5| Bat t-shirt, Zoe Karssen, €60. 6| Darling sweater, J.Crew, €343.

How Do You Feel About Your Personal (Fashion) Style?

1| Blog A lot shirt, Raygun, $20. 2| Stone mix necklace, J.Crew, $165. 3| Schoolboy blazer, J.Crew, €131 4| Paige Skyline Ankle Jeans, Anthropologie, €244.

I’ve pulled together a hand full of my favorite separates for summer at the moment. As you can see, like my interiors, my fashion is eclectic, playful, happy and soft. You can find all of the clothing linked under the images and many more gorgeous outfit ideas over on my ladies clothing pinboard.

So ladies, I have some questions for you. How do you feel about your fashion sense? Do you feel like you dress similarly to how you decorate your home? Do you feel like you have a defined sense of style? How did you find your sense of style? Has your style changed much since high school or college? When you go to blogger meet ups (or out with the girls) do you feel good about your fashion sense?

(images linked to their sources above.)

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