Refinery29 Summer Playlist

August 9, 2007

Today the weather is beautiful, finally some sunshine! Here in the northeastern part of the U.S. summer has been rainy, grey, constant thunderstorms, not exactly beach weather. Friends in northern Europe tell me that they haven’t had much of a summer there either. That’s why my eyes grew wide when I opened the Refinery29 email this morning to find this very summery image, so laid back, gorgeous colors, to go along with a terrific summer playlist that they’ve pulled together right here.

Refinery29 Summer Playlist Illustration by April Lee

Music uplifts and inspires when the weather lets us down, so why not crank up your stereo and listen to some of your favorite songs today? Thanks Refinery29 for the terrific playlist.

(image from refinery29)


Brocade Home Fall 2007

August 9, 2007

I’m glad that Brocade Home recently launched a new collection called Petit Boudoir targeting all the little girls out there that want mommy to turn their bedroom into a plush pad fit for a princess. If I could turn back time and be 12 again, I’d be begging my mother to buy me some of this stuff, it’s simply adorable in every girly way possible. Of course, Brocade Home has their collection for the bigger girls too (the rest of us) and these are my fave four from their Fall line.

Brocade Home Fall 2007
Most of BH stuff is too large and ornate for my home (the architecture of my place would not welcome the baroque look at all), but I do adore their laser cut headboards because they look a little fantasy-like and remind me of Swedish designer Myrica Bergqvist. I also really like their ribbon duvet, it’s charming (I love texture), the bent wood chairs, and the laser cut felt rugs. Felt rugs are extremely nice to have around in the Autumn and Winter, I’m attracted to the cut out designs and the visible fibers, so tactile and dimensional, something about them look earthy but also very fashion forward.

I have to ask this, has anyone out there shopped Brocade Home yet? I keep wondering how they ‘re staying afloat because I don’t hear much web chatter about them. Maybe many of us prefer to see furniture in person first before we buy it? I didn’t shop Anthropologie, DWR, or West Elm online until I started visiting their stores. Now that I know their quality and the various labels they carry, I feel confident shopping from home without ever stepping foot in their stores again. But I did need to visit them in person first. I don’t care about small things, like what I find on Etsy or books and such, but when it comes to larger furniture (beds, sofas), I prefer seeing it first in person because I just don’t trust most of what’s out there today. If it’s an antique or a vintage piece and I know the name, I will buy it online (and have, like my bertoia chair that I’ve had for years and my Swedish sideboard)… Any thoughts on this that you care to share?

(images from brocade home)

Etsy Faves

Elly Nelly *New* Wall Decals

August 8, 2007

Elly Nelly is a mother and daughter team, Elaine & Nell Oliver, and they design wall graphics and sell them on Etsy. decor8 reader Alice wrote in to tell me how much she loves their designs, she found them over at Some Notes On Napkins. Check them out, they’re quite lovely!

Elly Nelly *New* Wall Decals
The interesting thing about this little design duo is that Elaine lives in Australia while Nell resides in New York, something I just love to see because it shows that running a business successfully isn’t always about location or sitting together in the same room. No matter how far we are from other creative types, the internet makes it so easy to collaborate on projects and do things that we love – like in the case, these ladies love to design and they are doing just that! I am fond of their wall stickers because I’m seeing a heavy ethnic influence and some organic shapes mixed in, which I love right now, and they are extremely affordable. Great for windows and mirrors, too!

Elly Nelly *New* Wall Decals
Way to go on your business and best of success to you both! And thank you Alice for the tip!

(images from elly nelly)

Books + Magazines, Inspiration

New Decor by Elizabeth Wilhide

August 8, 2007

While the thrill of the hunt is invigorating, the thrill of the blindly stumbled upon can sometimes delight even more. Over the winter while browsing the local Barnes & Noble, I found a $13 book that spoke to me on every level in the most unexpected place – the nobody-loves-me-anymore bargain section. How a new release ended up there, I’ll never know. Call it fate. New Decor, written by London-based designer and writer Elizabeth Wilhide and photographed by Lisbett Wedendahl, is packed with gorgeous imagery and decorating tips.

New Decor by Elizabeth WilhideIt embraces that European urban bohemian style we love, referred to as Modern Euro Country in some magazines, but I’m beginning to think I should call it Bohemian Euro and leave it at that, it’s quicker to say and gets to the core of this most appealing look.

New Decor by Elizabeth Wilhide
As a side point, New Decor appears to have different covers and titles in other parts of the world, so it’s easy to get confused. The ISBN is 978-076078-944-5 in case you want to find it in a store where you live. In Germany, it’s titled Inspiration, and in the UK, it has a totally different cover look altogether.

New Decor by Elizabeth Wilhide
I have to admit that upon first glance, I wasn’t impressed by the colors on the cover (something about violet and beige combined, but that’s just me), so I walked by it a few times. But the more I looked over at it, it kept calling to me — almost batting it’s eyelashes with the giant discount sticker slapped on the front. One cannot at least look into a bargain, right? But the bait that really lured me in was the border shown on the cover, something about it felt familiar and I had to investigate further, so I satisfied my curiosity and read that it’s wallpaper designed by none other than Ms. Orla Kiely herself for Habitat’s VIP collection in London. Ah-ha! The second I saw her name this rush of excitement ripped through me, for anything involving Orla Kiely must be good. And this book is very good. Drool-inducing pages of gorgeousness, one after another. I felt as though I’d discovered gold that day in the middle of big box bargainville.

New Decor by Elizabeth Wilhide
I refer to New Decor regularly for ideas and inspiration. It has opened my eyes to color and pattern, and I was already confident (or so I thought) in using both and thought I was pretty open-minded about design until New Decor entered my life. It’s a great reminder that when it comes to design, I’ve only just begun! I need to continue to develop my eye by experimenting more, leaning less on what I know to guide me (comfort) and more on what I do not know to steer me in exciting new directions (exploration, going beyond what’s comfortable). Yes, a mere design book with pretty picture can do that.

New Decor by Elizabeth Wilhide
Beyond imagery though, it’s packed with topics spanning everything from monochromatic color schemes to brightly-colored wallpaper, there’s truly something for everyone including display techniques, window treatments, how to mix a variety of patterns in a space, and tips on paint selection. There’s even a how-to guide in the back and a stocklist. I’ll try to look through that later today and share some of those with you here, as a few of the resources cited do not sound familiar to me. I need to comb the stocklist to locate these curtains below because I want to buy them for an upcoming project I’m involved in. It’s called decorating my new city apartment. More on that in months to come. :)

New Decor by Elizabeth Wilhide
I seriously suggest that you purchase a copy and find a cozy chair immediately, it may open your eyes to a few non-traditional approaches to design too.

(images from new decor and holly becker)


August 7, 2007

Psst: We’re up to 90! Click here to view all of the decor8/Fabulous Stationery contest entries. If you’d like to enter, read this post for submission guidelines. Deadline: August 10th. :)

This is entry #86 from Gisela Pozzetti, a textile designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

(image from gisela pozzetti)

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