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Reader Q: Wallpaper Help

August 10, 2007

A reader wrote in asking about the wallpaper shown in this image below, an entry to the Fabulous Stationery contest sent in by Allison Nance. I usually reply to quick questions via email versus turning them into a post, but since I can’t locate her email to send her an update, here’s an update for her – I think I found the pattern! It’s over at Romo Fabrics and it’s called Kimura. It looks identical to me. The slight color difference could either be the lighting in the photo, or perhaps this pattern is available in additional colors.

Reader Q: Wallpaper HelpReader Q: Wallpaper Help

(images from romo fabrics)


Lovely Lovely (UK)

August 10, 2007

Here’s another find from the pages of New Decor, this time it’s a home accessories studio called Lovely Lovely. They carry mostly fun things for the kitchen like tea towels, aprons, glasses and tablecloths. And for kicks, check out their look book which reminds me of Vogue magazine meets The Stepford Wives.

Lovely Lovely (UK)Lovely Lovely (UK)

(images from lovely lovely)


Eclectics (UK)

August 10, 2007

I mentioned in my review of New Decor the other day that I’d share some resources from the suppliers listed in the back of the book. Here’s my first blogworthy find. It’s a blind company out of Kent, England called Eclectics, who happens to carry the work of Clarissa Hulse, a textile designer that I’ve blogged about a few times already.

Eclectics (UK)I found some of the patterns offered at Eclectics quite fun, I like all the nature themes. They also stand alone quite well, you aren’t obligated to flank them with curtains, especially when they are textured or patterned in a way that accomplishes the job of being both decorative and functional. Blinds are a great solution when wall space is limited for curtains, perhaps you have a window in the corner of your room – blinds are one of the best solutions for that.

Eclectics (UK)
A patterned blind works well in a professional workspace, too. My friend in Boston has an office that can only fit her desk, chair, and a small bookcase. The easiest way for her to add pattern and color since she cannot change the white walls (renter) is with a blind and a coordinating rug, along the same idea as the teal/lime room shown above. Blinds are great in kitchens, especially long narrow ones where a window is positioned at the end of the ‘bowling alley’, as I like to call it. It’s a great way to bring in pattern while keeping the look contemporary and clean.

(images from eclectics)

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Witty Workshop

August 9, 2007

More pretty things for your walls… Valerie told me about her store Witty WorkshopI really like this tea party print because it not only reminds me of the ones I had as a child, but I’m always looking for pretty art for children’s bedrooms that have a bit of a storybook quality to them. Does that even make sense? It sounded better in my head… :) But I think you know what I mean. This print is one that a child can look at and build an entire story around it, it’s so charming.

Witty Workshop
I’m forever fascinated with color and the direct link that it has to mood. The colors in this print are very soft, calming, you could pull together a room using this palette and create an inviting magical space for a little girl. I really appreciate it when artists write to me sharing their work, so thank you so much Valerie for saying hello.

(images from witty workshop)

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Twig + Congratulations to Marisa!

August 9, 2007

Twig + Congratulations to Marisa!
I’m happy to see her branching out, it’s very exciting as I’ve been watching her work for some time now and enjoy seeing her progress, she’s becoming a brighter star in the art world all the time. Go Marisa! And the best part, she’s not a shooting star – quick in, quick to burn out and fade. She is steady, forward moving, and patient with her process and content with the truth that the best things in life are often attained one step at a time. I think this is one of the most important things to be comfortable with about your career, your health, everything really. Enjoy the ride, right?

So I’m happy today to see Marisa doing well and that Elizabeth from Twig is building her business and moving forward, too. Outside of Marisa’s print, Twig has other great things like some of the Orla Kiely Fall collection (drool) and a few things from her previous collections as well. I really like this travel bag because I need something like this for Fall. I’m still running around with the luggage given to me at my bridal shower 6 years ago and I’m sorely in need of a quick weekend bag in a perky print. It also has to travel well, and I’ve heard Orla makes a sturdy bag. How cute is this?

Twig + Congratulations to Marisa!
Bottom line: Shop Twig! This lady has a great eye and a beautiful selection. Thank you Elizabeth for writing to me.

(images from twig)


Refinery29 Summer Playlist

August 9, 2007

Today the weather is beautiful, finally some sunshine! Here in the northeastern part of the U.S. summer has been rainy, grey, constant thunderstorms, not exactly beach weather. Friends in northern Europe tell me that they haven’t had much of a summer there either. That’s why my eyes grew wide when I opened the Refinery29 email this morning to find this very summery image, so laid back, gorgeous colors, to go along with a terrific summer playlist that they’ve pulled together right here.

Refinery29 Summer Playlist Illustration by April Lee

Music uplifts and inspires when the weather lets us down, so why not crank up your stereo and listen to some of your favorite songs today? Thanks Refinery29 for the terrific playlist.

(image from refinery29)

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