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Little Years

One of my readers tipped me off to a sweet German website with heartwarming portraits on family life called Little Years. With a little one who just turned 1 on Monday, family life is always on my mind. I adore my son so, so much and want to be the best mama to him while still reaching my own goals and dreams. It’s nice to find a site dedicated to normal, working families who live nicely yet not perfectly, and are somehow able to do it all and still reach career goals in addition to being great parents. It’s encouraging to see, in particular, families much larger than my own who are making it all work.

By the way, did you recently catch the interview Jimmy Fallon had with Gone Girl actress, Rosamund Pike? If you didn’t watch it, you can catch a segment of it here on Hulu. First, she showed up looking gorgeous and not at all like she just had a baby, and next, she spoke so candidly about how she was on the phone being interviewed, while in bed, with her two boys crawling all over her and that her eldest son got his truck stuck in her hair during the call. She confessed to basically having to cut it out before her dress arrived that day for a fitting. I mean, it’s so easy to forget that many other strong and hard-working women are out there playing magician on a daily basis to make their dreams come true while also being great moms to their little ones.

Courtney Adamo and her family (shown above is her youngest), the co-founder of Babyccino, living in London.

Courtney Adamo

The story of Cecile and Charles in Paris. Cecile is the founder of Smallable.

More from Cecile and Charles

Cecile and Charles

Please visit Little Years for stories in English and German and for more photos too.

(little years)

Posted in Rooms on February 11, 2015

Muuto Newbies

It’s no secret that I love Danish design firm Muuto and have for several years now. They’ve just launched a new collection including the Base table, and have expanded the colors for the Stacked storage system (I have the stacked system and love it). They’ve also added new colors for their Fiber chairs and those colors are not primary brights but rather understated and mellow hues.

Creativ Boards

Isn’t that dining room at the very top of this post so pretty? Especially with the cotton candy styled into the shot. Very cute and original. I love examining the details when I see photographs from catalogs and magazines, don’t you?

With interiors, I’ve noticed that happy brights are quickly becoming passé, I don’t see them trending nearly as much for 2015 and even Scandinavia, home of bold patterns and primary hues, seem to have taken a turn for a more grown up, sophisticated interior scheme. Consumers are quickly tiring with primary brassy bolds. I’m all about moody hues, grown up decor, organic shapes and well-crafted handmade items, mixing textures, working with a variety of tints and tones, adding metallics for some flair… But bold brights are but definitely not my thing. Just thinking about bright pure color right now stresses me out. It must be a winter thing. I crave warmth, texture, color that makes me feel more romantic, raw and pure.

(images: muuto)

Posted in design on February 10, 2015

Dreaming of a Summer Cottage

Sometimes I just crave simplicity in my interiors, like this beautiful home in Norway from Boligpluss magazine — a white blank space with loads of natural light near the coast – just as in my childhood days. I often daydream about a coastal vacation home in northern Germany or Denmark so little Aidan can enjoy holidays in a second home, a small and simple one, a place where we can all find comfort and create memories. I wonder if I should start cottage hunting in Denmark? Or perhaps coastal Germany? And I wonder where, what towns I should look at? We live in northern Germany and plan to stay here, and don’t want to drive more than 5 hours to a vacation home. Less is more and I don’t want a weekend trip to be spent with a full day on the road. Anyone have thoughts on this? Know of any charming seaside towns?


This home below is in Norway, and I’m smitten with it. It’s gorgeous. And makes me very happy.




I imagine a cottage much like this one for my very own. Definitely nothing large though it must have a lawn where I can set up an English-style flower garden, herb garden, shed, patio and a sandbox and swing for our little boy. It all sounds so charming as I type this and makes me smile big. I also imagine painting the outside with black paint and leaning a canary yellow bike against the porch. It all sounds so silly, I know. But I’ve been having this vision of owning a small second home for a very long time so perhaps it’s time to stop dreaming. There is no perfect someday, right? You either do things now or you risk never having them at all.

A summer cottage and an office space/shop out of my current home studio. These are my two big dreams at the moment. I’m curious, what are yours?

(images: boligpluss)

Posted in inspiration on February 10, 2015

Honey & Bloom

I just recently came across Becky Hui Chan and her small biz, Honey & Bloom, based out of San Francisco and fell in love with their cards, jewelry, market totes and lovely art prints. Becky once worked as an Art Director and Designer for companies like SYPartners, the former ReadyMade Magazine, and Wired Magazine and was a finalist in Martha Stewart’s American Made in 2014. I thought that during the weekend you may like to check them out too and share them via your social media channels if you like what you see. And like always, click on any image to enlarge.


I find that the more a blog becomes popular, the voice starts to disappear. In comes a bevy of sponsored posts and sponsored everything else really – from Instagram to Pinterest, tweets, etc. and all of that beautiful ‘from the heart’ content and sharing that launched the whole blogging community in the first place, and set it apart from mainstream magazines and media, is slipping away. It worries me a lot, especially since a small business cannot afford to pay thousands for a sponsored post so how can they get shown on popular blogs these days to spread the word?







Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I’m throwing a party tomorrow, so I’m busy prepping the house, decorating, laying the table, cooking and baking! It’s a busy but happy day here today. xo

(images: honey & bloom)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on February 07, 2015


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