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Anthropologie: Coming to Burlington, MA (and 40% off in-store home items)

June 23, 2007

Just to let you know… A little birdie told me today that Anthropologie is coming to Burlington, MA and they’re seeking a Display Coordinator, Visual Manager, Department Manager, and more so if you’re local and super creative, go for it. Here’s a link where you can submit your resume and learn more about the Burlington positions. Also, I shopped their Boston store recently because my friend Brent told me that he scooped up this killer clock at the Minneapolis store on Thursday for under $100! They are having a huge 40% sale on already marked down merchandise in their home departments, so head to your nearest Anthro this weekend and go nuts. I picked up a large new doormat marked down from $48 to $9!

Anthropologie: Coming to Burlington, MA (and 40% off in-store home items)
And if you’re looking for new Anthro goodies online, why not pick up the Anthropologie: Coming to Burlington, MA (and 40% off in-store home items)
Wouldn’t it be fun to collect time pieces, timers, anything related to telling time? I think a collection on a shelf would be fun, maybe a theme – all in white. Or silver and white. Maybe yellow, red, and white. You could really have fun creating a little clock collection. You can get started with these from Anthropologie.

(images from anthropologie)


Amy Butler Contest Winners

June 22, 2007

Last minute change of plans! I have to run out for the afternoon on a project, so I won’t be near a computer at 4pm to post the results – so here are the winners of the decor8/Amy Butler Mood Board Contest for all the early birds tuning in. Drum roll please…

1st place: Studio Space by Starlee Matz (47.8% response)

Amy Butler Contest Winners
2nd place: Tea at Tiffany’s by Katherine Black (31.1% response)

Amy Butler Contest Winners
3rd place: Grey + Brown Living Room by Paula Gibbs (28.2% response)

Amy Butler Contest Winners
4th place: Ladies Only Tea Room by Jeska Pettitt (22% response)

Amy Butler Contest Winners
If you’re one of the winners, your 5 Amy Butler patterns will ship on Monday, June 25th. Please email me with your complete name and address so I can get them out to you promptly.

I’d like to thank Amy Butler for sponsoring this contest, and for all of the wonderful entries, it was inspiring for me to see all the designs of so many talented readers of this blog. :)

And since we all love surprises… I have a few extra patterns that I’d like to give away. I’ll randomly select a few winners based on your replies to this post. Here’s the topic: “What makes a house a home”. You can go as deep as you’d like on this one. I really want to hear some unique perspectives on this, so if you’d like to take part, please comment below. This contest will only run for today ONLY. Since I’ll be away from my desk until tonight, none of the responses will be shown below until after 6pm EST. I think this keeps it fair, as no one can peek at the comments of others for “help” on this. :) Your comment below will be approved and posted on the blog after 6pm. I’ll reveal the winners in the comments section tomorrow, Saturday, June 23rd. Have fun.

What makes a house a home to you?

Events + Markets

Rock & Shop Market: Tomorrow in Raleigh, NC

June 22, 2007

I promised Michelle Smith all week that I’d post this, and with the Rock & Shop Market happening tomorrow down in Raleigh, North Carolina, I figured no time like the day before! Live music, over 35 emerging designers, and lots of southern smiles at this event, going on tomorrow, June 23rd at the Tir Na Nog in downtown Raleigh from 1-5pm. For more information, and to check out all the designers and their websites (great for those of us that cannot attend), click here.

Rock & Shop Market: Tomorrow in Raleigh, NC Shown above: Tin jewelry from The Pinkhare, pin cushion from Made By Tess, tea towels from Rock, Paper, Scissors, and poster by Plastic Flame Press.

Sorry for the last minute post, Michelle. Have fun everyone!

(images from the rock & shop market)

Etsy Faves

While She Naps

June 22, 2007

I’m super excited to see that While She Naps updated her etsy store with some new goodies. I know, more stuffed cuteness, but I seriously can’t help it. My friends tell me that this is part of nesting and that I’ll soon want babies, as in human babies. But I’m not so sure about that because I’m not there yet in my head. Maybe other earlythirtysomething girls can relate? So for now, I’m sticking with softies.

While She Naps
(images from while she naps)

Small Business, Stationery

Ink + Wit: Biz Cards Update

June 22, 2007

Yesterday was a happy mail day for me because my new business cards arrived. Since a few of you wanted to see the finished product, here you go. :)

Ink + Wit: Biz Cards Update
A huge thanks to Tara at Ink & Wit for her vision because they came out amazing. I just love the color, rounded edges, and the yellow and white trellis pattern on the back. They’re slightly glossy and about the same weight as a playing card (just not as large of course), so they really make a statement. I can’t wait to hire her again in the Fall to experiment with a different look. I think I’ll use this design in the Spring/Summer and something a little more dramatic for Fall/Winter. Maybe a white fox with a big swishy tail against a navy blue background, a fire engine red/white chevron pattern on the back, and a little red bow around her neck? That would look nice!

Ink + Wit: Biz Cards Update
Thank you for all of your earlier comments about these, many of your thoughts really inspired the final design, so thank you for that! (Here’s a few earlier designs we were exploring.) And most of all, thank you Tara!

(images from holly becker for decor8)

Shopping + Products, Travel

Figments Online!

June 22, 2007

Figments in Providence is a favorite store of mine, and now that their online shop expanded to include lots of great finds, it can become your new fave, too. Peggy, the super creative and supportive shop owner (we met via this blog and have been in contact for well over a year now), is a lady you’ll want to know the moment you step into her delightful boutique because every nook is styled to perfection and the things she carries are just splendid. Stationery, home goods, handmade items, art, ceramics, handbags… You’ll want to linger. Forever.

Figments Online!Figments Online!
If you can’t make it to Providence, Figments is having a fab online sale right now on some of the items shown in these photos, and she just started carrying the fabulous new stationery line by blogger/stationery designer Oh Joy! so don’t miss out on that. :) Aren’t those deer heads so cute? And I have Hable totes and swear by them, you can tote around a ton of bricks and they’re so super sturdy, worth every penny. Figments marked them down for summer, scoop up a few before they sell out. Great for storing craft projects, magazines, towels in the bathroom, or you can use them for the kitchen. I store bottles of sparkling water in mine. FYI: They each hold 6 glass pellegrino bottles. Isn’t that pink mum pattern the best? And how cute are these sukie pillows?

(images from figments)

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