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Posted in uncategorized on December 18, 2008

Tschüss Germany!

It’s time to say goodbye and so long, I leave Germany tomorrow and head back to the states! For the next few days I’ll be on the road and in the sky but back on Monday, December 22nd to say hello and leave you with a few posts before the holidays. I want to make a special dedication here in this post if that is okay with you? It’s just that decor8 is such a personal space for me and I frequently refer to the archives to see what I was up to at certain times so when I look back at December ’08 I know this post will be very special to me to read again. For anyone who has ever lived outside of their country and tried to adapt to a new culture, you must understand why I have so many lovely people to thank as the past 5 months of my life here have been extremely life changing and I really mean it, I have so many ideas, big plans for 2009, and I’ve made a few new and very special friends that I absolutely cherish. I have loved setting up my 2nd home in Germany and can’t wait to return in May!

  • First I’d like to thank Danielle, Yvonne, and all the wonderful ladies at the decor8 Meet and Greet in Amsterdam for the lovely time together. I plan to hopefully meet up with these ladies again in the future, it was so special to meet and spend time with so many woman that I’d only known via their blogs prior to the meet and greet. Thank you all again for coming out to meet me, also the editors over at 101 Woonideeen for taking the time to visit with us and to give everyone so many issues of your magazine – what a delight!
  • A big thank you to Peggy at Gruner & Jahr and the lovely Jenny who is the Editor-in-Chief of Living At Home. These ladies invited me up to Hamburg for a wonderful meeting, a 5 star hotel and dinner, and cocktails overlooking Hamburg in a gorgeous lounge. I really enjoyed shopping with Peggy and seeing the Living At Home test kitchen tooo. It was great!
  • Hugs to Elizabeth and the DaWanda gang for the decor8 & DaWanda event in Berlin. It was a huge success! Also to Nic and all of the other great new friends that I was able to meet there. It was exciting for me to stand before such a large audience to talk about something I’m so passionate about – blogging and building a small business through networking online. Thank you DaWanda!
  • And of course, thank you to Petra for the many cups of mint tea in your studio, Anne for our trips to the salon together (curly hair – oh my!) and fun times in Berlin, Esra for everything you did for me (you’re in my circle, baby!), and the many other friends and family that I have in Germany who treated me like a princess and gave my husband and I lots of help in our new home here. I cannot believe my apartment is a before and after success because of your help, rides to pick up everything from hammers to paint, the many trips to IKEA, and for your support and love.

Some light reading for my journey home…

And so I depart Germany in the morning feeling mixed inside — sad but at the same time excited because I’ll soon see my family and friends waiting on the other side of the pond. It’s always bittersweet to have to exchange one life for the other but I’ll be back in Germany for 5 months again starting in May (right after I attend the ICFF this year in NYC) so until then I wish you farewell and a safe and happy 2009. Until we meet again Germany!

I need to finish packing but I’ll be back online Monday to say hello and leave you with some nice posts to read over the holidays. You can also look for me today and Friday over at Real Simple if you’d like.

And to all who wrote to me to ask, yes we FINALLY have power in New Hampshire after the ice storm. My friends checked out my house last night and the lights finally went on so we’ll be flying home to a warm and cozy house (thank goodness!).



(images from holly becker for decor8)

Posted in travel on December 17, 2008

Ink & Wit: New Goodies

I love getting Tara mail. No, NOT Tyra mail, mail from Tara my friend at Ink & Wit. The girl is super talented (and organized) and rolls new products quite frequently for a one man band (she owns and operates her business on her own). When there’s Tara mail I know to expect to see some great products.  Here’s what’s new from Ink & Wit, I especially love seeing all of the red and blue, it really feels Danish to me.

{A. Everything Counts poster (who doesn’t love red and blue?), B. Graphic black and white letterpress thank you notes in a mid century modern theme, C. Peel and Stick labels (which I will order for sure) and D. Tea Towels (love those owls, yes you’re so right Belinda!)}

Perk: FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 until December 26, 2008!

Lovely work, Tara!

(images from ink & wit)

Posted in stationery on December 17, 2008

Dreaming of Anna French Wallpaper

You’re going to love this… I was reading Apartment Therapy this morning and my chin hit my desk the second I laid eyes on a post showing Anna French wallpaper from the UK (now available in the U.S. by wallpaper manufacturer Thibaut). Anna’s papers use mold-resistant, vinyl-free papers with green, non-solvent, water-based inks. I love vinyl-free wallpaper, especially with my crazy allergies. Are these not the most charming prints ever?

Amazing. I just did a happy dance in my chair… not because I’ll ever actually own them but due to how much they REALLY appeal to my southern upbringing. I’ve always dreamed of having a home with wallpaper like this, wallpaper that is so typical of an old southern home. Aw. Lovely. The Wild Flora collection is mind blowing (and I’m sure also quite wallet shrinking). Just look at the cabinet below stuffed with these papers, what a gorgeous photo. And don’t miss the blue toile in a shade of blue that is very current bringing toile into the here and now.

I admire how girly these patterns are, they feel like something out of an old movie. They also have this Marie Antoinette vibe. I could wear pretty dresses daily in a home decked out with papers like these… Big fluffy dresses and peep toe shoes. I think Amy Adams from Enchanted would fit nicely in a home like this one, complete with her animal friends and feather duster. :)

(images from anna french)

Posted in Rooms on December 17, 2008


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