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Happy Monday!

Good morning! I hope you all had a good weekend and were able to fit in some home-related projects like I did. I always feel so much better going into a new week when I had a weekend that I consider productive, don’t you? I had a good balance this weekend — a little work, a little play, moved some furniture around, entertained guests, went to an outdoor festival, and then… a surprise present from my husband. It was the cutest thing, he disappeared to go buy some ‘trash bags’ at the grocery store and returned with a brand new sewing machine for me! I heard him struggling to open the door with his keys so I went into the hallway to help him and noticed his red face and that one was hand tucked behind his back. I thought to my myself, “Oh how cute, he brought me flowers!”, so I started to grin and he looked at me and said, “I’m sorry mausy but the store didn’t have the bags you were looking for so I got this instead”, and he handed me a box with a picture of a white AEG sewing machine on it! I nearly died. This of course made my weekend because we’ve been so busy over the past 6 weeks getting our apartment here together, traveling, seeing family and old friends, etc. that I haven’t had much time to sew and he knows that this has bothered me. It’s nice when someone you care about so much takes such a personal interest, isn’t it?
Outside of the sewing machine, my 1940′s buffet (purchased on eBay from a seller in southern Germany) arrived yesterday and I am completely smitten by it. I genuinely love it. You can see some photos here if you’d like. I’ve been wanting one for ages but these Jugendstil style pieces are hard to come by and when you do find them, they are normally very expensive. I paid around $450 for mine (and $300 for delivery – I know, meep!) but it’s perfect and in excellent condition so I’m happy.

Guess what? You know how I’ve often complained about the lack of fun paper products here in Germany? (A Paper Source or a See Jane Work type of store doesn’t really exist here.) Well I went to this chain store on Saturday called McPaper expecting nothing other than the typical conservative red, blue, or gray solid color notebooks or ugly fruity notebooks (see their website to catch a peek of what the average stationery shop looks like here)… But what do you know, I found a few nice things from Herlitz (another boring paper company so I was surprised to see some of their new designs), a 2009 from teNeues designed by Hanna Werning, and a folksy blue spiral bound notebook from a company called Pip Studio. Yay! Trust me, this is progress. I hope to see more of this stuff on the shelves in paper stores, office supplies do not have to be boring. It’s very much how 1980′s America was, but just as things changed in the states and now even large companies have been forced to jazz up their collection due to demand. But enough about paper…

So… what did you do over the weekend?

(images taken by holly becker for decor8)

Posted in stationery on September 29, 2008

eBay Score!

My vintage k?chenschrank arrived today! Yay!

Posted in uncategorized on September 28, 2008

Cynthia Rowley’s Townhouse = Droolfest

Droolfest: Cynthia Rowley’s Greek Revival townhouse.

Posted in uncategorized on September 26, 2008

Hallway Decorating Day!

Hello and happy Friday! I’m so pleased that you’ve visited me here because I owe you a huge apology. You see, I’ve been blogging like a mad woman over at Haus Maus today and then PING! (brain light bulb goes on) I realized how I’ve been neglecting YOU over here on decor8. I’m so sorry! I must confess that today has been just super because the furniture for my lonely, sad little hallway arrived and I am super pleased with it. I also have new dining room chairs and a table, all delivered this week as well. My kitchen is in (at least most of it) and installed, and my large vintage kitchen cabinet will arrive on Sunday. It’s wonderful that our apartment here in Germany is ‘on-schedule’ according to the project I laid out before I flew over. I wanted to have all of the furniture ordered and in place by the end of September and so far, so good. I love when the stars and planets line up for once! It’s such a load of stress off of my back to have our place nearly furnished. We leave the third week of December to return back to the states for the winter but we’ll now have October, November, and most of December to decorate and entertain, enjoy Oktoberfest and all of the outdoor markets, you know LIVE in our space without constantly having to shop for things to fill it with. I’m so extremely happy with how it’s coming along. Here is our hallway, it started off with old wallpaper, a bad vintage chandelier, and brown tile floors. Then the floors were installed and the walls repaired and painted (we didn’t do this part, only specified to contractors what we wanted). This is how it looked 6 weeks ago…

And here is where it stands today. Not finished but getting there… Yay!

And I’m so, so pleased. Our apartment only has a hallway, bath, kitchen, living room/dining room, and one bedroom — it’s 60 square meters so not at all large, but who needs a big apartment in the city anyway? We love our place and though we will eventually buy a 3 bedroom apartment (or house) here, a 1 bedroom is perfectly fine for a family of two. Plus we are only here 3-5 months at a time, how much space is really required?

Here is a list of resources from the hallway in case you are interested…

Bench – Esplanade, Hannover (sorry no website)
Cushions (Purple) – Esplanade, Hannover (sorry no website)
Pillow – Orike Muth
Pendant – IKEA
Mirror and Coat Rack – Car Moebel
Tin boxes – Local imports shop in Hannover, Germany
Bear photo on mirror – “Sylvia” by Wren & Chickadee
Painting on top shelf – Mati Rose (Mati McDonough) via Nahcotta Gallery, Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
Straw Tote – Red Chair Antiques, Peterborough, New Hampshire
Plant/Pot – IKEA
Notebook on bench: Bubbo-tubbo.

Now I’m thinking of adding some paint or wallpaper to the walls and perhaps putting a few photos or prints on the left wall… And I may be replacing the pendant with something more decorative (I have this one in mind, or perhaps a lantern), we’ll see… But considering that this room was empty a few hours ago, I’m pleased with the flash decorating job I’ve done here today, ha ha! See what you can accomplish in a short period of time? Just scare the neighbors by drilling holes into the walls, blasting Hed Kandi, and sliding furniture around and viola! You can also have an insta-hallway like mine.

One little feature I love that I didn’t plan: I like that I can make the hallway look more in tune with the seasons by simply removing the bench cushions and adding plants, etc. in the warmer months. It’s a really simple change. Laying all of the cushions across the bench in the Fall/Winter warms up the space and also makes the bench look less summer-y.

I can’t wait now to finish the hallway and move onto the kitchen! It’s fun starting from scratch in a new place… Do you have any home projects that you’d like to tackle this weekend? Tonight is date night (with Tee) and it’s nearly 6pm here so I’m signing off for the weekend… But I’ll meet you make here on Monday. See you soon!

(images from holly becker for decor8)


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