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3P-3 Studio

July 9, 2007

Giselle + Pablo over at 3P-3 studio wrote in on Saturday announcing their gocco screen prints available in their newly launched etsy store. San Francisco transplants from Bolivia, I think this design duo has a lot of good things in store, I just love their designs!

3P-3 Studio
Thanks for the tip and congratulations, Giselle!

(images from 3p-3)


I Dream of Cake

July 6, 2007

A vision came to mind right before I fell asleep last night: write a post combining two delicious favorites, wedding cake and interiors. So I hopped out of bed this morning determined to pair tall, delicious, multiple layered, highly decorative, wedding cakes with some of my favorite interiors. All of these wedding cakes are from the delightful San Francisco bakery, I Dream of Cake, and the rooms are from House Beautiful, Domino, House & Garden, Blueprint, and Coastal Living magazine. One is from West Elm, too. So let’s play Turn this cake into a room, shall we?

I Dream of Cake Cherry Blossoms, a touch of black, a pop of pink, delicate china, altogether gorgeousness.

I Dream of Cake Whimsical, colorful, a bit Palm Beach socialite in splashes of lime and mango. Or opt for faraway exotics with orchids in full bloom and an Indian room fully saturated in pink.

I Dream of Cake Red against neutrals, delicate embellishments, understated patterns, somewhat refined elegance with a bit of a playful touch.

I Dream of Cake What’s black and white with intricate patterns all over? This cake may appear as a dainty little treat, but if you translate the patterns of this confection perfection into life size prints for a room, the impact is amazing.

I Dream of Cake Serene, simple, soft blue tones are your trusty best friend when the others are too busy to hold your hand through hard times. When white is added, you have a most heavenly palette.

I Dream of Cake A bit of clutter is comfortable for some. A cake with lots of patterns deserves to be paired with rooms also sporting multiple personalities and color. The end result? We all love it. I call the cake, and these rooms, refined chaos. Which is exactly why they work.

I Dream of Cake This bird’s nest cake is charming, I tried to find its pattern and texture in these spaces and think it all works together nicely. Each room is almost inspired by nature, even the more traditional space with the crewel upholstered chairs.

So what do you feel like doing now? Decorating or eating? :)

Color Inspiration

PANTONE Fashion Color Report ’07

July 6, 2007

Do you like to keep up with current color trends? Visit PANTONE to download their color reports for fall fashion ’07. It’s an exciting preview of the colors we’re likely to see hit stores in the months ahead. Let’s see how many of them spill over into interiors… Here’s what the big guns are predicting next season, ?Complex and exotic describe the intriguingly unusual and inviting color palette for fall ?07. The traditional neutral shades expected for autumn have been replaced this season with rich, nuanced hues, offering more opportunity for creativity with interesting and unexpected color combinations.”

PANTONE Fashion Color Report '07 “Spicy Chili Pepper and exotic Lemon Curry stimulate the taste buds, entice the senses and enliven any wardrobe.”

PANTONE Fashion Color Report '07 “Purple Wine, the ultimate expression of creativity, marries purple and wine, broadening the appeal of purple for fashion. The violet undertones of Dusk give gray a whole new dimension, making this fall?s neutral much more desirable.”

PANTONE Fashion Color Report '07 “Carafe, a deep, espresso brown, adds contrast to the palette, providing a rich alternative to the usual black or charcoal. Sumptuous Cashmere Rose is not only the perfect complement to any of fall?s colors, but also flatters any complexion.”

PANTONE Fashion Color Report '07 “Many seasons have paid homage to nature, and fall ?07 is no exception. Shale Green takes the shade in a murky, blue/gray direction, while foliage-inspired Green Moss goes to the yellow side.”

PANTONE Fashion Color Report '07 “Earthy Burnt Ochre is this autumn?s orange and sophisticated Stargazer continues the trend of turquoise, but with a deeper intensity.?

(images from pantone)

Color Inspiration

Color Inspiration on

July 5, 2007

Whether you are planning your wedding color scheme, your next dinner party, or a room in your home (yes, really!) I found the color studio tool on the Brides website to be quite handy for those that have a difficult time envisioning certain hues together. Even for those not color challenged, it’s helpful because we often get stuck in using our signature colors so this tool may help us think outside of the box. You know, a little exercise that may encourage us to try a new color combination, one that we may not naturally gravitate towards, I’m all for it. Change is good, my friends!

Color Inspiration on
There’s also a create-a-cake tool that teeters on being more of a toy, but it’s still fun to play around with it. I love browsing their flower galleries because flowers always give me courage. I think seeing them in their many colors makes me realize that no color is wrong and to continue exploring because it’s very easy to find yourself stuck in color ruts (wardrobe, home, even hair and makeup!).

Color Inspiration on I also enjoy looking through the many ideas they have for favors – it’s just the best! I like seeing how they combine colors, paying special attention to which ones play a more dominant role, which are more of the accents, etc. I find this a very helpful exercise.

Color Inspiration on I think inspiration can be found in so many places nowadays that I look at everything for potential ideas, and of course, not everything has to lead to an idea, it can also just be a fun thing to look at and may give you some peace or repair you a bit on the inside so that when you are back at your work desk, ideas flow a little more easily.

(images from

Fashion + Accessories

Looking to Fashion…

July 5, 2007

With so many fashion designers and stores mixing into the world of interiors, my only wish is that J.Crew will expand someday with an entire collection of soft furnishings because I envision most of their patterns in the home. The red and white organic starfish print would be gorgeous on a wingback chair or as drapes puddling on hardwood floors. And the postcard linen print is another favorite when I imagine it as a duvet with yellow piping, with the reverse side in a yellow and white geometric pattern. I see fluffy down-filled unbleached linen pillows, monogrammed in black with swirly initials because I’d need to add some whimsy while maintaining the preppy j.crew vibe. Maybe the pillow piping would be the postcard print. Hmmm… J.Crew if you’re listening, please design a collection for the home. And hire me, along with all the savvy decor8 readers, to work for you. Not everyone wants to wear a starfish mini skirt, but most of us would love the chance at using the pattern somewhere in the home.

Looking to Fashion...

(images from j.crew)

Designers + Stylists

John Stefanidis Design & Textiles

July 5, 2007

I’ve been a bit on a textile kick lately, so when Caroline from John Stefanidis Design contacted me out of the blue with information on Stefanidis fabrics (based in London), one look told me that you’d enjoy his collection, too. Of course, you simply must take a moment to view his intoxicating portfolio. Browsing beautifully decorated rooms is always a treat. The Stefanidis rooms will have you longing for your next vacation. You may even start turning thoughts over in your head about owning a second home in some exotic locale.

John Stefanidis Design & Textiles
Here’s a glimpse of rooms designed in some amazing locations, from the West Indies to Turkey. I’ll take one in Istanbul (one of my dream destinations) and another someplace very tropical and secluded, please. Perhaps a beachfront abode in Cape Town, South Africa. I’ve had my eye on visiting there for a few years now… Or perhaps a spot in Marrakesh so I can run wild with the amazing Maryam, shopping the souks and carrying her luggage as she hops from one country to the next for her job. I would carry her bags and cook her meals and I’d even consider trimming the toenails on her peacocks if I could somehow be lucky enough to experience the world Maryam style. If you don’t already read her blog, drop everything, she’s an American living in Marrakesh and her stories are fascinating. I digress…

Back to John Stefanidis. I love looking at how he arranges things. Some of his clients seem to fancy colorful glassware and he’s certainly not afraid to show off their collections by utilizing every square inch of a space to incorporate their possessions, is he?

John Stefanidis Design & Textiles The chair in this bathroom is perfect as an unexpected touch. And with wall colors so rich and gorgeous, who needs art? Well, in the red room above, I guess they needed it, but in the images below, sometimes a simple mirror is all you need when your entire wall is a glowing canvas of color. The hot pink piping on the canopy bed paired with the yellow floral wallpaper has to be one of my favorite color combinations. If it could have a taste, it would surely be raspberry lemonade.

John Stefanidis Design & Textiles If you could pick a place to set up a house, or at least a second home, where would it be and why?

(images from john stefanidis design)

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