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Nebo Peklo: Prints + Home

June 25, 2007

I found some lovely home photos on flickr from Natalie Tweedie, aka Nebo Peklo, an artist/illustrator living in Glasgow, Scotland/UK. “My love of drawing flowers was born from studying printed textiles,” Natalie says. “If I was asked to describe my work and style I would say it was organic, linear, detailed, intricate, an abstract version of traditional flower and botanical studies with a contemporary use of line.” Most of us know about Natalie’s watercolor and gocco prints, but after spotting them “living” in her own home, I had to ask if I could show some on decor8. Her home sweet home has a lot of breathing space, and that’s quite refreshing as it’s a switch for me to see rooms that aren’t packed with color, pattern, and piled high with tschotskies for a change. Although in the right doses, accessories and lots of color can be wonderful adds, rooms can be equally pleasing if one decides to keep it simple. Some feel more creative in a minimalist space. Didn’t Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe once say, “Less is more”? Here are some thoughts from Natalie, along with some images of her favorite pieces of art, including her very own prints.

Nebo Peklo: Prints + Home “We recently decorated the living room and I picked the wallpaper to mirror the view of the trees from the window. The teak sideboard was found in a charity shop and I?ve had the original 60?s rocket lamp for nearly 16 years and it?s still going strong! Soon I hope to purchase hanging ?glow bowls? by artist Diana Fayt.” –Natalie Tweedie

Nebo Peklo: Prints + Home “My boyfriend and I bought our first flat last August and one of the main things that I love about my living room is the light from the windows and the view of the massive ash trees over the river. Having lived here nearly a year now I have seen the seasons change through the trees.” –Natalie Tweedie

Nebo Peklo: Prints + Home “On a recent trip to San Francisco I picked up the ?beauty? letterpress print by Hammerpress. It sits beside a small vase by Karin Eriksson whose work I love.” –Natalie Tweedie

Nebo Peklo: Prints + Home “I have a mini teak bureau that sits in my hallway and I like to use this to display some of the art I have. I have a ceramic log sculpture by Christine Buckton Tillman, a ?twins? collage artpiece by Dawbis, a Port2Port Press letterpressed calendar alongside some of my own artwork.” –Natalie Tweedie

Nebo Peklo: Prints + Home Nebo Peklo: Prints + Home “My bedroom is very plain, which I really like; I don?t like too much clutter or decoration in my bedroom. I made the duvet cover from original ?still in the box? linen set from the 50?s which my mum found in a charity shop. I love the bright fresh yellow of the bed linen and this love of yellow can be found in my recent artwork. I have Tord Boontje garland lampshades in both my bedrooms in copper and gold.” –Natalie Tweedie

Nebo Peklo: Prints + Home “This is one of my new gocco screenprints created with my ink line drawings of poppies layered in blues, teal and yellow ochre. This is available online at my shop and is a limited edition of 49. More details here.” –Natalie Tweedie

I love seeing work displayed in the home of the artist, so thank you Natalie for this glimpse into your home, and to enjoy your pretty prints! I also love that Natalie allows herself to build her space over time. I think this organic design process is really the key to having a home that truly reflects who you are as a person. Allow each room to grow as your own life unfolds, as you grow as a person, or couple. You don’t have to order everything all at once and rush the process, stressing over it, making your hunt for a chair an obsessive, life or death, issue. Allow for some breathing space while you develop your ideas. What you like today may not be worth the investment, because tomorrow, you may be onto something else. Whenever I’m about to jump in and make a big purchase, I bookmark the item and allow it to sit on my desktop for a month. I frequently look at it, print it out, carry it with me, and “live” with it for a month before deciding on whether or not I will purchase it. Maybe you can give yourself this option sometimes, too. If pulling together your home is a stressful event for you, you’re taking it too seriously and you may want to pull back and do something unrelated for awhile because your home will reflect whatever energy you are bringing into it. Sounds silly, but it’s so true. You attach memories with each purchase. Let those memories be sweet.

Thank you Natalie for showing us your prints and the corners of your home. She appears to be a lady that prefers quality over quantity, a good lesson for us all. I read somewhere that you should think of decorating your home, not as a decorator, but as a curator. I can’t recall who said that, but I absolutely love the thought.

(images from nebo peklo)


Beearo: Wood Wall Decals

June 25, 2007

Phil and Darrin Wilson, the brains behind Beearo, sent me an email over the weekend about their removable, self-adhesive real-wood veneers and I just love the idea and their product shots – great option for renters and home owners alike. I was happy to click around their site and find that their prices are affordable, especially since most super cool products I’m finding online these days are a bit out of limits for my budget. These decals interest me because you can arrange them however you’d like, and they peel off without harming the walls. Both are super important features to me. They are also very unique, not so much their designs, but the material – wood! I mean, that’s genius, don’t you think?

Beearo: Wood Wall Decals Beearo: Wood Wall Decals Beearo: Wood Wall Decals Beearo: Wood Wall Decals Beearo: Wood Wall Decals

Thanks Beearo for the tip!
(images from beearo)

Etsy Faves

*New* Feature – Fresh Finds: Etsy!

June 25, 2007

I’ve added a fun new widget called “Fresh Finds: Etsy” to decor8 located in the left column where I’ll show you some of my current etsy favorites. Just click on the mini views and you’ll land in the store where you’ll learn more about the item and the seller. I’ll try to update it often to get things fresh. :)

*New* Feature - Fresh Finds: Etsy!
This cool little widget was added for two reasons. First, because many of my friends that have an etsy store, like Marisa, have this widget on their own blogs showing their work and I really like it. I thought that there must be a way to have something like this on decor8 even though I don’t sell things on etsy, but have hundreds of sellers and favorites bookmarked on their site. After some research, I found a widget and it works perfectly. I haven’t noticed this “etsy favorites” widget on other design blogs yet, so if you’re interested in adding something like this to your blog and you need a quick tutorial, just email me and I’ll walk you through it. It’s a breeze, and helps all of us spread the love when it comes to supporting independent artists by purchasing handmade.

But wait, I said I have two reasons. The next has to do with you guys. Many sellers write in requesting that I feature their work on decor8, but with so many jewelry, handbag, and misc. items that sellers write in about, I just can’t do it all. My goal is to keep decor8 on track – it’s a a blog about the home – decorating, design, inspiration, and so on. I have to keep the focus on that. This widget allows me to share some of the great finds on etsy that I’m currently checking out that I’m not able to dedicate an entire post to – like all the amazing fashion accessories out there. Hope you enjoy it!

By the way… If you’re a seller (or simply an Etsy addict) and you have something that you think I’d like for my favorites, please email me with the link and I’ll certainly check it out. Thank you!


Happiness is…

June 24, 2007

Relaxing in your backyard, reading a great story or two, and enjoying the delicious sounds of Blonde Redhead on your iPod.

Happiness is... If you’ve not heard of Blonde Redhead before, my husband gave me this CD yesterday, 23, and it’s even better than their last… I bet most of you will love it. They’re currently touring over in Europe, but on August 5th they’ll be in Brooklyn, NY giving a free concert at McCarren park pool (same location as Renegade!).

Happiness is...
Hope you are all having an easy, breezy Sunday. See you tomorrow!

(images from holly becker for decor8)

Shopping + Products

Anthropologie: Coming to Burlington, MA (and 40% off in-store home items)

June 23, 2007

Just to let you know… A little birdie told me today that Anthropologie is coming to Burlington, MA and they’re seeking a Display Coordinator, Visual Manager, Department Manager, and more so if you’re local and super creative, go for it. Here’s a link where you can submit your resume and learn more about the Burlington positions. Also, I shopped their Boston store recently because my friend Brent told me that he scooped up this killer clock at the Minneapolis store on Thursday for under $100! They are having a huge 40% sale on already marked down merchandise in their home departments, so head to your nearest Anthro this weekend and go nuts. I picked up a large new doormat marked down from $48 to $9!

Anthropologie: Coming to Burlington, MA (and 40% off in-store home items)
And if you’re looking for new Anthro goodies online, why not pick up the Anthropologie: Coming to Burlington, MA (and 40% off in-store home items)
Wouldn’t it be fun to collect time pieces, timers, anything related to telling time? I think a collection on a shelf would be fun, maybe a theme – all in white. Or silver and white. Maybe yellow, red, and white. You could really have fun creating a little clock collection. You can get started with these from Anthropologie.

(images from anthropologie)


Amy Butler Contest Winners

June 22, 2007

Last minute change of plans! I have to run out for the afternoon on a project, so I won’t be near a computer at 4pm to post the results – so here are the winners of the decor8/Amy Butler Mood Board Contest for all the early birds tuning in. Drum roll please…

1st place: Studio Space by Starlee Matz (47.8% response)

Amy Butler Contest Winners
2nd place: Tea at Tiffany’s by Katherine Black (31.1% response)

Amy Butler Contest Winners
3rd place: Grey + Brown Living Room by Paula Gibbs (28.2% response)

Amy Butler Contest Winners
4th place: Ladies Only Tea Room by Jeska Pettitt (22% response)

Amy Butler Contest Winners
If you’re one of the winners, your 5 Amy Butler patterns will ship on Monday, June 25th. Please email me with your complete name and address so I can get them out to you promptly.

I’d like to thank Amy Butler for sponsoring this contest, and for all of the wonderful entries, it was inspiring for me to see all the designs of so many talented readers of this blog. :)

And since we all love surprises… I have a few extra patterns that I’d like to give away. I’ll randomly select a few winners based on your replies to this post. Here’s the topic: “What makes a house a home”. You can go as deep as you’d like on this one. I really want to hear some unique perspectives on this, so if you’d like to take part, please comment below. This contest will only run for today ONLY. Since I’ll be away from my desk until tonight, none of the responses will be shown below until after 6pm EST. I think this keeps it fair, as no one can peek at the comments of others for “help” on this. :) Your comment below will be approved and posted on the blog after 6pm. I’ll reveal the winners in the comments section tomorrow, Saturday, June 23rd. Have fun.

What makes a house a home to you?

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