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coffee + cre8tive [feb 17 ’06]

Today, I’m inspired by this image designed by William Morrissey. The bold red + white floral pattern combined with the soft chiffon-like pink dancing across the image made me feel the strength of being a woman. Strong yet gentle. I love how bold and lovely it is.

This image inspires me to be more bold today, to just stand up and go for what I believe in, to go where no (wo)man has gone before, to strive to be totally, 100% FIERCE. But first, I’m heading to Starbucks and I need to go pick up some gallon water and buy some socks at Target.

See you guys soon! :)

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Jack and Lulu

You are about to learn 3 alarmingly scary things about my childhood.

1) I absolutely loved the Karate Kid movies and thought I would someday marry Ralph Macchio. I had posters and scrapbooks upon scrapbooks filled with his photos that I collected from Teen Beat magazine. When he married that nurse in real life, I was so upset that I cried for days. Really.

2) My mother and I designed an entire barbie dream house, complete with duvets, pillows, rugs, and mini-towels with trim, all handmade. I designed little clothing templates and she’d stay up sewing until the wee hours. Once a design freak, always a design freak, I guess.

3) I collected scratch and sniff stickers, including those nasty pizza ones, in a series of I don’t know how many photo albums, along with various other stickers ranging from Hello Kitty to puffy stickers.

Anyone else care to share?

Next topic. Based on the above #3, how did I miss these Jack + Lulu scatch and sniff cards? Aren’t they the cutest? I just spotted them for the first time today, and they smell positively yummy.

Available at Vellum in Boston, or online at Fred Flare.

Peppermint shown above.


ice cream


(photos from Jack & Lulu.)

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Jonathan Adler – Fun Read

If you were on Jonathan Adler’s earlier this morning checking out his groovy sale, did you happen to read his bio? I didn’t want you guys to miss it, it really made my day!

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Inside Avenue

Sometimes I really surprise myself with how lavish I can lean when it comes to interior design. On one side, I completely adore hardwood floors, exposed brick, clean lines, and open spaces. Then, polar opposite of that, I love floor-to-ceiling windows with vintage bubble glass, chandeliers, french doors opening to a wrought-iron patio, with a bedroom of black, white, tiffany blue, and mirrored furnishings on a dark walnut floor. Do you battle with loving both of these looks equally, too? I guess a lot of us do, since “vintage modern” is all the rage.

Inside Avenue is a great design haven for vintage modern lovers to select luxury and modern home furnishings and accessories. They’re located in beautiful Agoura Hills, California, which is about 20 minutes north of LA, with a stunning showroom and a great website for shopping from home. Some of their items are a bit on the expensive side, but then again, in a society where people consider $800 handbags and $200 pairs of jeans to be the norm, maybe you won’t bat a pretty little eyelash.

I love the circular pattern on this chandelier. I don’t usually go for gold/brass, but this is very lovely…

citrust nesting tables, $345, set of two

jardena bedding, $185-875 for complete set
the detailing at the bottom of the bedskirt is sooo pretty

verve bedding, $325-850
berry restful…

(top photo from inside home.)

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