Top Design: The Weekly Dish

September 18, 2008

Ready to dish about Top Design again this week? Here?s Becky from Hatch with the latest…

Top Design: The Weekly DishMiss Kelly and her wild and crazy hair.

Wow! Without giving anything away, I was devastated by who was sent home this week on Top Design. I think the judges made a terrible choice, and that they are letting the talent go while letting the slackers slip on by. As always, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION, so don’t read the comments if you haven’t caught the show yet and want to be surprised!

I LOVED this challenge. One of my favorite books is Confessions of a Window Dresser by Simon Doonan. Where was he??? I’ve seen him on the “coming up this season” teasers. So, my joy at this challenge was two-fold: One, not only did they design boutique windows, but two, they designed them for Project Runway alums. This included my all time favorite, Santino, and Andre, the subject of his Tim Gunn Red Lobster tales! Last year’s winner Jeffrey looked like a cross between an bandito and a 70’s actor from a dirty movie. Sweet Pea was as cool and helpful to her team as ever, as was Daniel, the man with 9 reality TV show lives.

A few comments on what went down:

Eddie seemed like he’d had ten gallons of coffee.

I knew Andre would pick Nathan as team leader, because it’s an unspoken agreement between bald men. I learned this from Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Andre still has whacked-out verbal diarrhea crazy talk problems. A boring gray dress does not say anything about an election, unless you are throwing in 1980s Cold War American stereotypes about Eastern Europeans and what they had to wear under Communist Rule.

Sweet Pea ordered up a fantasy butterfly cocoon thing. I’ve said it once and I’ve said it again: I avoid butterflies at all costs in design because they make me think of Mariah Carey.

OK, what designer hasn’t made several geeky trips to see showings of Blade Runner on the big screen? Wizit, Wizit, Wizit, let the rococo go go! Big Daddy said that Wizit was going for “Bloomingdales Foufou” which made me laugh. I love Big Daddy! I hope I run into him at IKEA really soon. Another great quote came from Preston, who was ordering Andrea to “put the bar in her butt…put her butt in the bar” regarding their mannequin.

Jonathan’s face during the Nathan/Shaz description of political turmoil was PRICELESS! If someone looked at me like that I would cry. Oh wait, that has happened, and I did cry.

I LOVED Preston and Andrea’s window. Black painted branches with crystals. They kept it minimal, they listened carefully to their client’s ideas, and they didn’t junk it up with a lot of craft store tchotchkes. It was also pretty easily executable in the time they were allotted.

So, enough from me. Did you think the right group won? If not, who was your pick? Do you think anyone who is left is coasting? Have you seen Blade Runner, or do you at least get the reference? What do you think of the very strict time constraints on this show? Do you think the results would be world’s better if the contestants had 12 more hours of work time or 1/2 hour more of shopping time? Do you have a favorite window display you’ve seen in your lifetime that has stayed in your brain forever? Do you ever refer to a piece of clothing as a frock? And of course, discuss amongst yourselves… Kelly and her hair!

(image from bravotv.com.)


  • Reply Leah September 18, 2008 at 4:57 pm

    I can’t believe big daddy is gone! I for sure thought Shazia was the obvious decision. She’s sweet but contributes very little, especially in the creative department.

    I think Preston and Andrea’s window should have won, although Natalie and Ondine’s butterfly window showed a great deal of effort for the allotted time, it just wasn’t that impressive to me.

    Wizit was adorable as usual.

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  • Reply decor8 September 18, 2008 at 5:00 pm

    I want to beat Becky up for that butterfly comment as um… they are all over my blog. :) J/K. Mariah Carey huh? Perhaps I should have a song file on my blog when you load it… “Sweet sweet fantasy bayyybayyyy….”

  • Reply Luka September 18, 2008 at 5:15 pm

    I thought Wisit was entertaining in the first episode, a little annoying in the second and now I think a jerk in the third. How could he stand idly by and let Big Daddy take it all on the chin while it was he, Wizit, who pushed for the exact look that the client did not want? Not good karma.

    I don’t want to come off as negative, I really don’t, but with the resumes of these people I’d expect to see a lot better design happening – even with small budgets and limited option. For some of these (ie the grey dress) a simple bright color behind it would have been far, far better than what they came up with. I think the HGTV Design Star contestants were more risk-taking and innovative. I don’t see anyone here who can paint or create on their own, it seems as if what they are good at is buying high end pieces and fitting them into a room together. Which is fine, I know that’s talent but it doesn’t work on a challenge-based TV show.

    I was impressed by Preston/Andrea’s window (and kudos for no mention of her being “Rick Schroeder’s wife” this episode) as well as the Sex & The City set designer’s window.

  • Reply Andi-a September 18, 2008 at 5:15 pm

    Yeah I saw last nights epi and it was pretty good. What the sam where they thinking? If trying to grab Kerry by the ankles through the tv screen would have worked we would never be without him, cause Lord knows I tried. I liked Wizit in the small doses I saw him before, but his name is so appropriate he makes me want to gasp oxygen just trying to listening to him whisper his ever gentle points. That should have been his head rolling. I wish Preston had taken more credit cause he really did direct Andrea. The butterflies were bothersome seeing the closer shot from Michaels and I wish they had one huge one and I wish the dress was pulled up by a paper crinoline in the back but the concept was good.

    Hey Becky I like bravo tv too for all these designy shows kinda gives me nostalgia for 80’s snl comes to real life. Do. you. find. your. self. speaking. like. this. after. watching. Rachel. Zoe. O. MG. ?? just curious:)

  • Reply Andy Mathis September 18, 2008 at 5:30 pm

    I missed the episode, so I’ll have to catch a rerun, but

    from that photo. . . I just want to know. . .

    Does Miss Kelly own a comb?

    Andy Mathiss last blog post: The view is so much better up here. . . .

  • Reply Beruska September 18, 2008 at 5:39 pm

    I loved yesterday’s challenge! I only wish they did have more time for shoppping and gathering all of their furniture. I think the final results would possibly be more unique? Preston and Andrea’s room was beautiful but then again, they had a whole poem written for them about what it should look like no? Still, really inspiring. Not really happy to see Big Daddy go, but oh well. Wizit….hilarious! Kelly……LOVELOVELOVELOVE her. Love her attitute, aura, style….and obviously she is georgeous, talented and so unique! Can you tell how much I really like her? :)

  • Reply emily September 18, 2008 at 5:56 pm

    this was the first episode that I’ve seen from this season, and i was also devastated by who went home. i think it should’ve been wisit, as he was the one who was not on board with the plan and led big daddy astray. oh big daddy!
    andre’s dress was totally uninspiring – it would’ve been really hard to come up with a design around that, so they had a difficult challenge from the start.
    what is up with kelly wearstler’s looks? i saw a photo from another episode and it looks like she’s in costume (for what, i’m not sure…).

  • Reply Leah September 18, 2008 at 5:58 pm

    I loved Preston and Andrea’s window — elegant, minimal, and beautiful. I think they should have won (although they got so much direction from their client that they can’t really claim it as their vision).

    I thought Nathan and Shaz’s window looked like ass, and worse than Wisit and Big Daddy’s. It was big mistep on Nathan’s part, but I think Shaz is the one who needs to go — she brings absolutely nothing to the table.

    I hope they get individual challenges next week so we can really discern what each of them is about as a designer. There are several whose aesthetic I still have no sense of. And I think it’s time for Andrea to walk her talk and show us what’s she’s made of.

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  • Reply Carey September 18, 2008 at 5:58 pm

    I’m deeply saddened by Big Daddy’s departure. He was my favorite so far, and I will miss his charm and one liners delivered in that perfect Southern drawl. Having watched the episode, I think Wisit should have gone home; however, given what the judges saw (which is none of the behind the scenes negotiating, etc.), and how Kerry was a stand-up, kind, gentleman who took the blame as the lead — what other choice did the judges have? Still, I want more Big Daddy.

  • Reply 315thomas September 18, 2008 at 6:07 pm

    ugh… i was so bummed that big daddy got sent home! he should have stood up for himself more.

    i did love this challenge though… it was fun to see all the project runway designers and their new designs. but, i have to ask, what was with all the broken mirrors? is there some connection between window displays and broken mirrors that i’m not getting? weird.

    oh yeah, and i too was extremely happy not to hear the words “i’m rick shroeder’s wife” this week!

  • Reply becky from hatch September 18, 2008 at 6:19 pm

    Sorry Hols, Butterflies will forever make me think of MC’s tacky place on MTV Cribs! I think she has a tattoo and a song about them too. My apologies to the monarchs.

    Leah, I thought Shazia should go. Or Wizit for not letting go of the Rococo. I will miss Big Daddy dearly – he had the best personality by far. I am not sure how a little wispy guy like Wizit could exert so much power over Big Daddy’s leadership, but I could see that Wizit wouldn’t let it go.

    Andi-A, my friend Kristen and I call each other after every Rachel Zoe episode and say SHUT IT DOWN! And SHUT. UP. RIGHT. NOW. It is Bananas!

    Luka, I’m with you on the unimpressed front, but that’s why I wonder if the time constraints are too tough. I think a lot of them try to tackle too much in too little time and the end result is a sloppy, unfinished project. I find these people to be of a much higher design caliber than the ones on Design Star though.

    Beruska, I love Kelly. Her fashion sense is like that of a real-life Carrie Bradshaw. Funky, mixed, and fearless.

    becky from hatchs last blog post: DP Customer Profile: Kelly Osborne?s Magazine Ready Home

  • Reply belledame September 18, 2008 at 6:43 pm

    shazia should have been the one to go. it was a shock that she wasn’t after what they said to her. and the butterfly team winning was a shot. that design just seemed to easy. i expected the judges to disdain it.

  • Reply simone September 18, 2008 at 6:55 pm

    *Sigh* – where to start?

    1) Off “whizit” head! If I have to suffer through his whiny voice 2 more weeks, I will be forced to turn off my t.v.! *gasp*

    2) Jeffrey- I thoroughly disliked him on Project Runway and I disliked him even more now. Not only does he look like Lil’ Wayne’s (rapper) cousin from Kansas – he is just so … vile in his manners

    3) Andi-a: I.feel.bananas.after.watching.rachael. zoe.

    4) My fave was the yellow dress with the black trees. I liked Sweet Peas window but it was a bit too “pretty.” The butterflies competed with the dress, no?

    5) I mean, Big Daddy has a nice accent n’all, but he should go home. He KNEW that the person to please was Jeffrey not WHIZIT yet he went against his professional judgement. What is with people standing up for themselves????

    Until next week!

  • Reply meredith September 18, 2008 at 7:07 pm

    I am rapidly becoming unimpressed with this season’s show. They got a high caliber group of designers who are putting shame to the profession. It reminds me of high school art class. I totally agree that with the resumes that these people have, they should be putting out A LOT better work than what I’ve seen.
    The judging this week was a joke! How could they let Big Daddy go when Shazia has done/shown no skill or drive whatsoever? I also think she pulled the race card in her argument which was totally a far stretch…but typical politics actually. Big Daddy did the honorable thing by not throwing Wisit under the bus, which by the way… in the design school I went to, it was MANDATORY that we see Blade Runner once a year.
    I never post comments usually but combined with my PMS and that horrible show last night, I had to say something!

  • Reply Annilee September 18, 2008 at 7:53 pm

    I liked the window challenge, but I’m disappointed with this group of designers in general. Who’s the stand-out? What’s up with the attitudes? Didn’t they know they were entering a contest where they would be given crazy challenges? Was Design Star better? Love the judges though…

  • Reply jennifer September 18, 2008 at 7:59 pm

    big daddy’s exit :: so so sad & untimely
    preston + andrea’s window :: so so lovely, but the designer guy gave him the cliff notes
    shaz :: really?
    wizit :: major entertainment value
    andrea :: (i agree with luka) bonus points for not saying “my husband is rick schroeder”
    jonathan :: those telling facial expressions are priceless
    kelly :: come on. she’s so far overboard, she’s surfaced on the other side. and in a sea of amazingness.

  • Reply Mamamiow September 18, 2008 at 8:36 pm

    I love your view on the last Top Design dish so much, I quickly come to hear more on this week episode. I agreed with Leah about Shazia, so far I haven’t seen anything good come out of her yet. Luck plays a lot of factor here, on the show…sadly. I’m sad to see Big Daddy go. He is a respectable leader, incorporate Wisit idea into his and all. I put myself in his shoes and ask what would I do. The way the result came out got me thinking, despite the fact that they promoting teamwork but the judge suggestion seems to lean toward individualism. You know, you’re leader should fight for what it’s right. Leader idea and view can’t be right all the time, can it? Then don’t call it a team, just simply assign another person as an assistant then. I love Preston and Andrea window as well. However, the winning window has more movement in it. It speaks and jumps out at you, while Preston’s work is just there…beautiful to look at.

  • Reply adam September 18, 2008 at 8:46 pm

    I’m really disappointed that the southerner got booted. In spite of the window, I thought he had real design chops, and it’s a shame that he left based largely on his failure to impose his vision on the other guy.

    I remain underwhelmed by the local favorite, the Martha Stewart guy. He’s exhausting to watch, and I’m not sure that all the energy adds up to a whole lot. I guess that remains to be seen.

    I agree with Luka. With only a few exceptions (one of whom got booted last night), the talent pool doesn’t seem that great.

  • Reply Linda Merrill from ::Surroundings:: September 18, 2008 at 9:18 pm

    Hi Becky – I too was so sorry to see Big Daddy go. I interviewed him this morning and he’s just lovely! And smart! Oh well, that’s way these shows go!

    Linda Merrill from ::Surroundings::s last blog post: Sneak Peak – A fantastic Boston condo for sale!

  • Reply Nicole September 18, 2008 at 9:40 pm

    I was so sad to see Big Daddy go home! I think he is talented & am sorry we didn’t get to see more from him, especially wish we had a chance to see him work alone.

    And your butterfly comment is SOOOO TRUE. All I can think of is Mariah Carey. Every. Time. I see a butterfly.

    Nicoles last blog post: Prints & Packaging

  • Reply Nicole September 18, 2008 at 9:42 pm

    Just read Holly’s post & had to leave another comment… your butterfies are not pink & sparkly and therefore are not part of the MC reference. Real butterflies are not Mimi-esque, just fake pastel &/or blinged out ones! :)

    Andy: giggling over here about the ‘does she own a comb?’ comment

    Nicoles last blog post: Prints & Packaging

  • Reply courtney September 18, 2008 at 10:18 pm

    so, daughter of a professional window dresser here…i grew up amongst mannequins, and i am a designer myself, so i was thrilled to see the designers take on this challenge. but i was so disappointed, because i thought they were all HORRIBLE. wasn’t that they didn’t try, but why make designers do a window without telling them what a window is ABOUT? also i thought that it was super lame that they only had the hardware store and michael’s to buy supplies from…the best window dressings happening right now are at anthro, and they’re using everything from old books to toilet paper rolls and it’s so beautiful and interesting. why not more like that? i find craft stores so uninspiring. anyone else?

  • Reply Terrah September 18, 2008 at 10:27 pm

    I thought the Indian girl was for sure going home… and I miss Big Daddy already. :( Ohsie wellsie…

    I have never seen Blade Runner either so I was quite lost on that as well…

    And about Miss Kelly… I understand that some of you are big fans of hers… but quite frankly I think she is a tacky ice cold biatch.

    Warmest regards from Texas,


    Terrahs last blog post: My Miracle Baby

  • Reply Tracey September 18, 2008 at 11:12 pm

    I was disappointed in the decision. Thought it should have been Shazia. At least Big Daddy took responsibility but you could tell he didn’t want to go. She was all, “Whatever.” I mean, not only has she shown nothing design wise, she also seems to have no passion.

    And Andi-a? I adore Rachel Zoe, hehe. I find myself saying “Must. Have.” now when I shop!

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  • Reply becky from hatch September 18, 2008 at 11:23 pm

    Hey you all, I forgot to add that I posted my notes on flickr again:


    I must also disclose that I was drinking Organic Peru from the San Francisco Coffee House while taking said notes.

  • Reply kelly September 19, 2008 at 12:08 am

    Blechhhh, I thought this had the makings of a great challenge and I was really disappointed. Didn’t really like what anyone came up with.

    I also cringed at the virulent butterflies and if Wizit used the word “rococo” one more time…

    Totally agree that Eddie seemed overstimulated. But I’ve kind of felt that way from the start.

    kellys last blog post: This takes the cake…

  • Reply Mia September 19, 2008 at 1:53 am

    I actually wish the contestants didn’t have such tight time constraints. I don’t think I can watch another shot of people running through a fabric/craft/furniture store and counting down the minutes as they run wildly through the isles. I feel like they would be better able to execute their designs if they had a bit more time. I did NOT think the right person went home. What is Shazia still doing there?! She has not shown any unique and or interesting talents whatsoever. And she seems like such a slacker! Big daddy’s window might’ve been too much for Jeffrey, but at least it didn’t look like the awful mess that was Shazia and Nathan’s window display from hell. Seriously guys, you thought a gray background would be a good idea for a gray dress? I liked Andrea’s and P’s design, but felt like it needed something. The colors were beautiful though. I really liked natalie and Ondine’s display, and loved how N pinned the dress to the wall. Kelly’s now looking like a crazy cat lady, maybe that’s the look she’s going for?

  • Reply paola September 19, 2008 at 1:56 am

    Great, great, great challenge. Much as she irriates me Preston and Andrea’s window should have won -much more simple and dramatic. I thought the butterfly affair was much too fussy.

    I was mortified when Big Daddy was sent home. Of all the ones in the bottom I thought he was least deserving of the auf. I have no idea why Shazia is still there.

    India was less grating this week and I loved her jacket. Kelly Wearstler is just ridiculous. Is it just a case of the Emperor’s New Hats with her, or do you seriously all think she looks good?

    I’m finding Eddie very irritating. He obviously thinks he’s the cat’s pyjamas just because he works for Martha but all I’ve seen him do so far is very ‘Martha lite’.

    That Simon Doonan book looks great. Did you know he takes fashion advice from my three-year-old? http://mirrormirror.typepad.com/mirror_mirror/2008/08/separated-at-bi.html

    paolas last blog post: Some updates

  • Reply Briana September 19, 2008 at 2:08 am

    I have only caught one episode of Top Design this season and it was the window challenge. I was seriously disappointed. I thought Big Daddy going was a HUGE mistake. I had only seen it once and he stood out. I could not agree more with Luka. A lot of the designs are a big let down. I kind of felt this way about the first season as well.

    Kelly W. is exciting to look at and I like hearing her opinions. I could really care less what Margaret has to say. She is so snotty and uptight.

    Looking forward to Jeff Lewis next week. That guy rules. Bravo hit a home run with him.

  • Reply Leah September 19, 2008 at 10:28 am

    Not really relevant to this discussion, but I thought you TD fans might be interested to know that Jonathan Adler and his one-and-only, Simon Doonan, got married in San Francisco yesterday: http://morewaystowastetime.blogspot.com/2008/09/thats-random-yay-for-love.html

    Yay for them!

    Leahs last blog post: That’s Random: Yay for Love!

  • Reply Mo September 19, 2008 at 11:48 am

    The real problem with the show is starting out with group projects. The judges see only the final result and the interviews. Trying to pick who to dump out of four people on two bad projects is just a crap shoot, and the judges appear to be aware of this.

    There should be some sort of solo work before going into the larger group projects. That way the judges would have some sense of the design sense of each of the contestants to better judge the contributions on group projects.

  • Reply nichole September 19, 2008 at 12:28 pm

    Very disappointed about Big Daddy’s departure.

    nicholes last blog post: Honey Tree Photography

  • Reply Cindy Corlett September 19, 2008 at 1:25 pm

    Where to begin???

    1. Big Daddy’s exit is tragic. If this show does a “fan favorite” thing we must be sure he wins.

    2. Wizit just irritated me so much this week. Ro-co-co – aaghhh!

    3. Andrea and Preston had such an advantage with Daniel’s poem. It had it all, the branches, the golden sand, the floating dress. It made a great window, but it was all from Daniel not A & P.

    4. I liked Andre so much better when all he did was cry. I mean really,
    my ugly gray dress is about political turmoil and uncertainty?? Get over yourself.

    5. Jeffrey has obviously been watching more than Blade Runner. He looks like a character out of Pulp Fiction. What a pompous weiner.

    6. I. cannot. watch. Rachael. Zoe. I only lasted 10 minutes. I agree with the TV review who said she looks like someone who sleeps until noon and then spends the rest of the day refusing solid food. As for me, I think she’s a waste of skin and air time.

    7. I agree with all of you who want to get rid of the team challenges. Let these people sink or swim on their own merits.

  • Reply becky from hatch September 19, 2008 at 1:33 pm

    I’m finding myself nodding and smiling at all of your comments. Two big issues for me with the show are indeed the group project thing and the time constraints. I imagine they are both production decisions, meant to up the drama factor. That’s why I liked the Pop Design quiz idea, though I haven’t seen one since the first episode. I have a feeling they may have been edited out due to the show’s 60-minute format (the first episode was an hour and 15 minutes long). Mo, I’m totally with you on jonesing for some individual competitions! The slackers like Shazia are slipping through because of the group projects.

    Nicole, I agree on your butterfly catagory. I add tattoo butterflies to your list!

    Leah, thanks for the news on JA and SD. Congrats to them! What a lovely couple!

    Courtney, I’m with you on the shops – Micheal’s makes me downright dizzy – the sparkles, the scrapbooks, the smell, the low ceiling and crowded aisles (at the Buckhead location anyway!). I can’t even walk in there to get the great deals on framing anymore!

    Kelly, I originally named this episode “ROCOCO – OH NO NO!”

    Mia, I agree on the gray and gray. I love to see gray with yellow.

    The crazy cat lady comment about KW made me think further about this week’s outfit. I think she’s kinda Carrie Bradshaw meets Gray Gardens.

    becky from hatchs last blog post: DP Customer Profile: Kelly Osborne?s Magazine Ready Home

  • Reply Maureen September 19, 2008 at 2:30 pm

    I thought this episode had some truly funny moments–shuch as when Wizit (another SP? here) waw “holding” the mirror. And when Big Daddy just smiled when he was miffed, “like any good southernor.”

    On the negative side, which I always feel guilty for after I finish writing, I will say that I thought they got the winner right (but yes it was given to them surprisingly by Daniel) and I liked the butterfly room, so there!!! I agree, when I saw the lone butterfly at the check out lane I gasped but they pulled it off by grouping them en masse and thankfully they weren’t all pink. I would have liked more close up shots of the rooms.

    Okay, I confuse them, but is it Jonathon Adler who helps them ala Tim Gunn? I’m love, love, loving him. He’s so sweet and yet helpful. I’m over the egos I see at the judging by Kelly W. and the other guy (gosh, I’m forgetting an icon’s name). I wish all creative types could have ego checks–me included–but it does seem to go with the territory. But Sweet Pea is a good role model for how to be semi-famous and down-to-earth, as was–is–Big Daddy. sigh.

  • Reply Cat September 19, 2008 at 3:34 pm

    1.) Big Daddy is such a gentleman (hard to find these days), hardworker, had the right vision and just b/c he would not throw Wissey under the bus he went home. TERRIBLE! HUGE MISTAKE, Wissey has got to go.
    2.) Someone from the horrible politcal window shld have gone home
    3.) How easy did Preston have it? The designer told them exactly what he wanted
    4.) Time Constraints are HORRIBLE! and just plain stupid. They don’t want to pay a crew, housing, expenses etc in order to provide more time

  • Reply becky from hatch September 19, 2008 at 5:55 pm

    Hi Maureen, Todd Oldham is the desk crit guy. He is wonderful. Jonathan Adler is the preppy judge.

    Cindy, did you ever see the outtakes show where they showed that Andre’s crying jag went on for about 12 minutes on the runway? He was delirious and making no sense whatsoever. I can tell you from those days I’d have to stand in front of the jury in grad school that with that lack of sleep going on I’d be close to crying over just about anything, but I’d at least not talk during it!

    I used some version of this picture on hatch months ago, but here is where I found it again:

    Linda, somehow I just found your bloggingtopdesign blog today. Everyone should check it out! I enjoyed your interview with Big Daddy as well!

    becky from hatchs last blog post: In Case You Missed It: Around the Web This Week

  • Reply jen September 19, 2008 at 8:11 pm

    I think that the time constraints are ridiculous. Are they real? they run through buying things they dont even use. This weeks challenge while exciting in idea is not really a good way to judge. They should all get the same elements and lets see how they do. Each team should have done all four dresses or the same dress same designer- that would level the playing field.
    A yellow or rainbow dress is a lot easier to dress in a window than a drab grey dress with a lot of hogwash from the designer. Poem really set the stage for the yellow dress. SO that was not the team design it was Daniel’s . It did look good – but its been done before.

    Maybe they should have created with dress and no interaction from dress designer? I love Big Daddy he was a hoot – he did drop the ball by letting in that roccoco – but really its a team effort. if the two members dont get involved the design suffers. I am still not sure what David Hocking had to do with mirrors?. Wouldnt graffitti been more to the point with red walls – like blood or fire? Teams are okay but each person has to be a leader sometimes and they should all have exactly the same challenge.
    I am not sure what the judge’s criteria is -seems to be arbitrary,
    Is this about design or about personalities? These people got in how? some of them dont seem to have a clue. Very one dimensional.

  • Reply Andrea Bell September 20, 2008 at 9:14 am

    No dissing Miss Kelly. She rocks every look she puts together. We need people like her in this world.

    They made the wrong choice. Even they knew that because as they were all looking at him they had a united puppy dog “I’m so sorry” look plastered all over their faces. It was some sort of political (perhaps like “the choice is never obvious, you may be next, we need to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats”) type decision. But that particular erring on the side of TV ratings part of the show is exactly what takes the enjoyment out of this type of thing for me. He should not have gone home. Period. It should have been Shazia (my choice) or Wizit.

    Preston should totally have received more credit there. I find Miss Schroeder to be a bit too high on her horse and I think it was because she set the tone after her first challenge. She’s good, but she seems to be lucking out with what the judges are taking notice of. I believe the colour choice went something like “what do you think of this?-Oh yes, that’s great” which doesn’t so much say it was hers. Just sayin. And they totally should have won. I liked the end result of the butterfly window but really, how hard is it to put three girly girls in a room and come up with the concept of butterflies swirling into the atmosphere? The (bleeping gorgeous) dress in Preston and Andrea’s design completely owned that window and everything about it perfectly supported it without *becoming* it. That is really difficult to do.

    Before they go any further they need to do an individual challenge to learn more about the people they are judging. It’s true that we still don’t have a clear picture of what each person’s aesthetic is and I feel that we really missed out on seeing what Big Daddy was capable of. He should take this fifteen minutes and do up a web show or something like that.

    Andrea Bells last blog post: My Castle In the Clouds…

  • Reply GMarc September 20, 2008 at 2:58 pm

    “I?ve said it once and I?ve said it again: I avoid butterflies at all costs in design because they make me think of Mariah Carey.”

    Oh, really? That butterfly in your logo/masthead was the first thing that caught my eye. I’m a first time reader of your blog, and that butterfly does create a certain image.

    Just sayin’……

  • Reply Andi-a September 20, 2008 at 5:21 pm

    Holly I really love narrow framed preserved butterfly studies, that I have yet to find a client who loves them as well.

    When I first saw Kelly Wearstlers book “Glamour” when it first came out, I wanted to drop to my knees in tears at Barnes and Noble, k not really but I was keeping myself from eye popping and drooling. If there was ever decor porn for those had hadnt gotten any in while it was that book for me. I hope I didn’t actually make any groans, but I remember so clearly thinking, “Now thats what I’m talking about!!” so I cant promise I didnt sound uhm excited. Kelly’s complete love of coutour fashion and her feather light poses do combine to what appears to be maybe a pretense and high maintainence woman. Really I think she’s like the one guy Karim Rashid she just really lives in her design world in her mind and doesn’t vere out to go run to Walmart for deodorant, sleep in the softest pants closest to the bed, or go to the state fair only as a serious food sampling event, as I do but I aint mad at her. If she wanted to show up stuffed into one leg of a tranny’s fishnet stockings I wouldn’t care because of how much inspiration and transformation to the design world she helped drop. I’m not saying she created the 60’s/Hollywood Regency/Halston/Funky Town/Extreme Extremism, but she did combine it well and shared the look on a massive level at just the right time. I think the whole damask rococo theme deal could point to wantabekelly but not sure how so just use this wallpaper. Geeesh so alllll that to say I’m cool with cold Kelly’s looks.

    Jonathan is way more not fun than I expected, but I do like his honest eye rolling. I love his aesthetic cause you can intrepret it in a big way or small like Holly’s vase the other day.

    Margeret I want to like so much because she is the editor of Elle but she always gives me a lady who lunches vibe, so I wonder if she is just the face at the mag and not in any real editing strain. I know that sounds real jugdemental and I hope I’m wrong, but I wonder if the magazine is so huge and successful in it’s niche that she is more of a spokes model while some amazing person really pulls it all together. K now saying it out loud it sounds ridiculous so I’m going to guess not.

    I still love India maybe because we have the same name except one letter. I like the dignity in which she talks with them, not any kind of you pulled me out of my mani pedi wax and buff for this kind of attitude.

    Is it just me or does anyone else feel like having a famous actors wife, a Martha Stewartide, and set decorator for Sex in City seem very rigged??? I dont get it, if it was just one we would think oh okay a token famous person for more publicity for the show, but it’s more like some evil sinister joke. It’s not that they seem so much more talented but they already have so many doors open to them.

    and Oh. My. Gosh. How. Funny. Are. You. All. About. Rachel. Zoe. Right. Now. ??? It. Is. Seriously. Too. Funny.

  • Reply Andi-a September 20, 2008 at 5:47 pm

    Oops Holly I forgot to finish my first point which is there are the botanical, then theres barbie glitter that Mariah gravitates to. Not that I think you were wanting a special secret butterfly lovers support group formed from your joke with Becky.

    Last week Kelly was all it’s both of their faults like we couldnt read production schedule all over that. And this week Wigit got to stand there and pee on himself after peeing all over the window and not get sent home. I learned from watching The Apprentice the judge or judges can form any argument as to why they chose to axe whoever, however the next week we are supposed to forget the lecture so they can pick who they want next or however the pre determined line up was set by the producers. I just don’t know at what point they decided Kerry wasn’t good tv. He probably waved hello to them too sincerely.

    Shazia maybe has some crazy hat they are waiting for her to put on and go nuts in, I dunno. Or they may be doing like top chef slowly eliminating the real contenders so that when they get near the end it looks like Andrea I mean whoever is the clear, obvious, and most deserving winner.

    I’m a real conspiracy theorist when it comes to important stuff like reality tv.

  • Reply becky from hatch September 21, 2008 at 3:20 pm

    Hi Guys!

    Jen, I assume the Hockney reference was related to his invention of the photo collage, which have a kaleidescope (OMG, how the heck do you spell that word?!) effect. If you google his name, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    GMarc, you need to read the comments a little more carefully. Holly has already scolded me for making fun of butterflies on her blog. I can’t help it that the MC episode of MTV Cribs is burned onto my brain forever. The best person featured was Snoop Dogg, who had a Ho-ho, Ding-dong, etc. vending machine in his house for all of his friends with the munchies.

    Andi-a, I like the high-caliber resumes on the contestants. Who knows, others besides those you have mentioned may have actually accomplished a lot more. Just b/c someone is married to an actor doesn’t really give her an edge, I don’t think. If anything, it’s made most of the commentors resent her. Some pretty lame contestants keep squeaking through, so it will be interesting to test out whether or not it seems rigged in the end. You’re right though, I’m sure the magical elves loved these name-dropping contestants for just that reason – associate the show with Martha Stewart, Carrie Bradshaw, and, um, Silver Spoons. :)

    I’m also with you on Jonathan. I love him, but mostly from his HILARIOUS writing. It comes across rather flat onscreen. I’m sure he has a fantastic personality, but it seems smothered on this show, as it did last season, and it’s disappointing. I love that line he has about his parents sending him off to camp, hoping for a tan, soccer phenom to emerge at the end of the summer, but instead, because he had a crush on the potting teacher, he came home a wan potter.

    Andrea Bell, I love Kelly too. Did you see the Oct. issue of Domino? Now that she’s made Hollywood Regency so popular with the masses, she’s moved on of course. Now it’s “Bravura Modern.” Her guest house is featured in the magazine.

    becky from hatchs last blog post: In Case You Missed It: Around the Web This Week

  • Reply Alison September 22, 2008 at 4:55 pm

    The broken mirror/drab gray dress and blade runner/wallpaper/blackwindo/mirror windows seemed equally appalling. I’m was quite surprised at the level of appalingness, to make up a word here. I mean, for reals? I hate to use the “I could do better” argument, but there was a serious lack of imagination going on. I’m glad that Andrea and Preston could make something decent out of Daniel’s terrible poem, and I do give props to Ondine and Natalie for making craft shop butterflies work. But seriously, where was the imagination? I think the contestants were scared of those meany Project Runway divas, Sweet Pea and Daniel’s good natures being the exceptions.

    Big Daddy was truly lovable. I will miss him.

    And God Bless the Kelly Wearstlers of the world for bring zing to my dull days.

    Alisons last blog post: Ms. Stewart Blogs

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